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From lingerie to profit: Monetising underwear fetishism for sex workers

The modern sex work industry is very different from what it used to be. Nowadays, sex workers can find various income streams when bringing their services online. And one way many sex workers have been increasing their profit is through underwear fetishism.

Many people worldwide have an underwear fetish and are more than willing to pay sex workers to receive used underwear and lingerie from them. And while this aspect of the sex work industry has been steadily growing, many sex workers are still unsure about how they can start monetising underwear fetishism.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

Today, we’re looking closely at underwear fetishism, what it is, and how sex workers can start monetising the fetish for themselves by selling used underwear.

Read on to learn more.

What is underwear fetishism?

As the name suggests, underwear fetishism is a fetish wherein people get a certain level of sexual arousal and excitement from underwear. This could be panties, briefs, thongs, bras, lingerie, pantyhose, and other undergarments.

And just like any other type of fetish, underwear fetishism can differ for everyone.

For example, many people get aroused simply by wearing certain types of underwear or wearing the undergarments of someone else. Other times, the person may get aroused from looking at the underwear or smelling it after it has been worn. And sometimes, the arousal comes from the act of watching another person put their underwear on or take it off.

People can often confuse underwear fetishism with pantyhose fetish. These two fetishes are fairly similar, but for people who have the fetish, they can be very different. And even if they are directly related, they may look very different in the sex work industry.

What does this have to do with sex work?

Underwear fetishism is present with every type of sexuality. So, there are people that are turned on by women’s underwear, while there’s also a group of individuals who get aroused by the thought, image, or sensation of men’s underwear.

This is why sex workers have started monetising underwear fetishism in many different ways. The most common form of monetising this fetish is selling used underwear to others on the internet. For some, it may involve live-streaming themselves putting on or taking off their underwear for paying subscribers.

The point is, since underwear fetishism can take many different forms, sex workers are spoiled for options when it comes to ways to monetise this fetish. And if you’re a sex worker looking to increase your income streams, this might be an exciting prospect for you.

That said, getting into the world of monetised underwear fetishism is far from simple. As mentioned earlier, it’s a fetish that takes on many forms. So, aside from finding your ideal market, you need to determine what you’re willing to do, your boundaries, and the logistics of monetising the fetish yourself.

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How can sex workers monetise their underwear through fetish services

While the market for selling used underwear has boomed in recent years, the internet isn’t the only place people are monetising the fetish. For example, underwear fetishism is very big in Japan, and you can even find vending machines in the country that sell used underwear.

There are many ways that sex workers can monetise an underwear fetish. However, the most common way of doing this is by selling your underwear through different marketplaces online. And while there are many clients you can find on these platforms who are more than ready to pay for your used underwear, getting into the market and finding success can take a lot of time and effort.

So, here are a few tips you can keep in mind when trying to monetise underwear fetishism to increase your chances of success:

Finding the right marketplace

The first thing you need to do is find a place to advertise your services or your product. You can post ads for used underwear or underwear fetish services in many places. However, finding the right one for your market and your type of fetishism is important. That way, you can easily reach the right people who are willing to pay for your used underwear.

To find the right marketplace, you must first decide how you will monetise your underwear. You can sell basic used underwear you have worn for some time. Or you can tap into even more specific underwear fetishes, such as soiled underwear, which also has a pretty large market.

From there, you can go online and search for the right marketplaces. Ideally, you want to advertise your services or products on a platform that advertises similar ones. That way, you know people are going to that specific marketplace or platform to find your service.

Understanding the community

Regardless of which fetish you want to monetise, it’s important to understand the community. Like many other fetishes, underwear fetishism encompasses a wide range of sexual desires and fantasies. So, if you’re a sex worker planning to enter this market, you must understand the community.

Try and learn about the different sub-fetishes in the community. As mentioned earlier, some people may be attracted to basic underwear, others may want you to sell or wear specific lingerie, while others may ask you to do certain things to the underwear before sending it to them.

Once you learn about the different parts of the community, you can decide how you want to sell used underwear in a way that’s comfortable for you. Again, while there are many people who will pay for soiled underwear, it may not be something you’re comfortable with.

At the end of the day, always remember that you should only offer services you are comfortable with. This is how you can make entering this area of the sex work industry much easier and smoother for yourself.

Figure out the logistics

When you start selling used underwear online, there are many things you need to consider. To start, you need to determine which underwear you plan to use and sell. While you can always start with a couple of pieces you have at home, you’ll eventually have to buy new pieces you can wear and sell online. Ideally, it’s important to have a source for high-quality, well-designed, and affordable underwear to keep the practice sustainable.

Additionally, we highly recommend figuring out your shipping method and the areas you want to service. For example, you can focus on marketing your services locally and shipping to clients within the country. Or you can choose to go international and mail the used underwear overseas.

However, if you decide to go international, it’s important to find the best way to ship your used underwear over long distances in a way that won’t cost you too much.

Risks associated with selling your underwear

Since selling used underwear is an online transaction, you still face the risk of buyers not paying after receiving the product. It is important to ensure you sell the underwear on trusted websites with certain protections for buyers and sellers.

Additionally, since this is an area of sex work, there’s always the risk of clients taking things too far. This could include trying to find out where you live or digging around for personal information about yourself that you don’t share as a sex worker. This is why taking as many precautions as necessary to protect yourself is crucial.

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Common misconceptions about underwear fetishism

The biggest misconception about underwear fetishism is that everyone with the fetish is male. While many men have the fetish, the same number of women and non-binary individuals also have the fetish. This means that you don’t have to be a female-identifying sex worker to sell your used underwear.

That said, the market contains a large number of men, so you may have an easier time selling used underwear when you identify as female. Additionally, the garments that people are attracted to aren’t always “sexy’’ by common definition. In fact, there’s a huge market for used underwear that doesn’t fall under the typical “sexy lingerie” title.

Where can sex workers discuss monetising their underwear with other professionals?

If you’re a sex worker that wants to discuss selling your underwear with other professionals, consider going on forums such as Reddit. However, there are also secret groups and pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter that you can join, though they may be harder to find.


Selling your used underwear to satisfy peoples’ underwear fetish is a great way to increase your income as a sex worker. However, getting into the market can be quite difficult. So, make sure to do your research and take your time. That way, it will be much easier for you to start making money by selling used underwear online.

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