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New year, new sexual adventures: Exploring new sexual experiences in the new year

The new year is in full swing, and what better way to welcome a new era than exploring your sexuality and trying out new sexual experiences?

Sex is a major part of most people’s adult lives. But sometimes, we can get stuck in a rut where we’re not trying out anything new or adventurous when it comes to sex. And this new year, it might finally be time to change that.

Today, we’ll talk about trying new sexual experiences, whether it’s with yourself or with your partner. We’ll discuss how you can do so safely, how to effectively communicate your desire to try new something new, and a couple of different sexual experiences you may want to try out.

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How do you safely and comfortably explore new sexual experiences?

If you’re looking to try new sexual experiences as a single person, the key is knowledge. It’s important to learn as much as you can about new sexual experiences you want to try, whether that be a new kink, different ways to masturbate, or exploring sex with more than one partner.

The more you know about a certain sexual experience, the more you can judge if it’s something you are comfortable with. Additionally, when trying out a new sexual experience, it’s best to do it with someone you trust if it requires a partner, that way you won’t feel tense or uncomfortable.

If you’re with a partner, then you need to communicate your desire to try new things in the bedroom. Like any aspect of a relationship, communication plays a huge role in ensuring everyone is on the same page and comfortable with new sexual endeavours.

Communication and its role in new sexual experiences

If you have a partner and want to try a new sexual experience with them, communication is incredibly important. You shouldn’t overlook the importance of communication when trying something new and you should never surprise your partner with a sexual experience without asking for their consent and if they are comfortable with it.

Trying out new sexual experiences with your partner can be really fun and exciting. However, if you don’t communicate with your partner properly beforehand, it could lead to a huge misunderstanding down the line.

So, make sure to talk to your partner about the thing you want to try out. And if you aren’t quite sure what new sexual experience you want to try, then you can talk with your partner and explore the possibilities together.

With whom can you explore new sexual experiences?

Whatever new experience you are looking to explore, there are many ways to do so.


You don’t always need a partner to try something new. For example, if you’re interested in a new kink or fetish, you can always look at ways to explore it on your own through masturbation or just by trying out the kink by yourself.

With an escort

And if you don’t have a regular sexual partner, you can even hire an escort for the job. There are many escorts and sex workers that specialise in certain kinks and experiences. And most of the time, it’s just a matter of finding the places where they advertise their services.

When you explore a new sexual experience with an escort, don’t hesitate to ask them about what to expect and what actually happens. This allows you to better prepare for the experience and go into it with the right knowledge.

With a partner

While exploring new sexual experiences with your partner is generally easy, it requires effective and comprehensive communication. This is what allows you and your partner to stay on the same page and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the new experiences that you’re trying out.

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How to incorporate new sexual experiences into a relationship

If you’re in a relationship, you may have a hard time bringing up new sexual experiences with your partner. After all, you’re never sure if your partner also wants to try these experiences. However, you’ll never be able to try new things in the bedroom unless you talk to your partner.

When talking about possible new things to try with your partner, it’s important that you have an open conversation about them. During your talk, make sure that neither you nor your partner is passing judgment on the other because of their desire or hesitation about trying something new.

It’s very important that you remain open and honest with your partner about what you want to try out. And if they suggest something that you aren’t entirely comfortable with, don’t be afraid to let them know so you can talk it out and determine how to proceed as a couple. Not all of these conversations will be easy, but they will be necessary for maintaining a healthy relationship.

How to explore new sexual experiences ethically and with consent

The best way to explore sexual experiences ethically and consensually is through communication. You should never surprise your partner with a new sexual experience as you are never sure if they will be game to try it out or if they are comfortable with the experience in the first place.

While it’s important to try new sexual experiences in a relationship, you or your partner should never feel pressured to do so. This is why the first step in exploring new sexual experiences in a relationship is an open and honest conversation with your partner.

When you talk to your partner about the things you want to try, you can also establish the boundary and the things that you aren’t too comfortable with. It’s important that everyone involved respects each other’s boundaries when trying new sexual experiences.

This is why before you try something new in the bedroom, talk to your partner to establish any boundaries and safe words. That way, everyone remains safe and comfortable when trying out something new, which can sometimes be nerve-wracking.

The more comfortable everyone is before you try something new, the better. So, don’t skip over the initial conversation with your partner, as it will play a big role in how both of you feel about the new sexual experience.

12 new sexual experiences to explore this year

There are many ways you can explore your sexuality in the new year. We live in an era where you can always find a community for certain sexual experiences or information about the experiences. That said, since there are so many ways to explore your sexuality, it can be overwhelming.

So, here are 12 new sexual experiences that you may want to try out this year with your partner:

Sex parties

Sex parties can be a really fun and adventurous experience that you can try by yourself or with your partner. If you’re interested in attending one yourself, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find one. You can check out our guide to sex parties and how to find them here.

Erotic massage

If you’re looking for a sensual experience between you and your partner, an erotic massage is a great way to explore each other’s bodies and erogenous zones. You can even try looking for escorts that offer erotic massages if you want to try it and you don’t have a partner.

Exploring kinks and fetishes

Everyone has their kinks and fetishes. Some of them have been present for a while, but others may have only started to pique their interest recently. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons this new year, it might be a great time to start opening up and exploring your kinks and fetishes.

Threesome sex

Threesomes can be a very fun and unforgettable experience. That said, having and setting up a threesome can be quite a task. So, you might want to look up guides to having threesomes before setting one up yourself.

Muscle worship

Muscle worship is a very fun and interesting sexual experience that you might want to try out. These experiences involve worshipping the large and toned muscles of a bodybuilder, and you’ll be able to find lots of places to try this out in the UK.

New sex positions

Another way to spice up your sex life this year would be to try out new sex positions. We even have a cool list of new and hot sex positions that you might want to try out the next time you get intimate with your partner.

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Temperature play

Playing around with the temperature when getting intimate with someone can be really fun. Hot and cold temperature play is very exciting, and it might be something you want to try out.

Mirror sex

Mirror sex can be really hot and show you parts of your and your partner’s body that you won’t usually see. This is a great way to make the sex feel new and fresh again, so it’s something you might want to try out.

Blindfold sex

If you want to start spicing things up slowly, blindfold sex is a simple but really sexy thing you can try out in the bedroom.

Sex swing

Looking to incorporate new and unique sex positions when getting intimate? Then installing a sex swing can be a lot of fun for you and your partner.

Impact play

Impact play is a great introduction to BDSM that you can try out with your partner. However, make sure to start slow and establish clear boundaries and safe words to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Holiday sex

Nothing can beat sex on vacation. So, you might want to consider taking a vacation with your partner where you plan to have sex in new and hot ways!


With the new year finally here, it might be time to finally start exploring new sexual adventures! While it can be scary, it’s also a lot of fun, so don’t hesitate to try out new sexual experiences if they present themselves this year.

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