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Holiday sex: How to have a steamy summer

Nothing beats vacation sex. There’s something about being far from home that allows us to let loose and explore our desires.

Whether you’re in a fancy hotel or enjoying some time in the great outdoors, there’s always time for a raunchy moment with your partner. Just make sure you are clued up with all the holiday sex tips.

But how can you make the most of your holiday sex this year? If you’ve booked a holiday, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Make sure you’re up to date on the best sex positions and tips for your vacation.

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Why should you experiment on holiday?

Holiday sex is known for being more exciting than sex at home. While it sounds silly that a simple change in scenery opens us up to better sex, it’s true. Think about the last time you had sex on holiday vs the last time you had sex at home – one’s probably better.

When we’re far from work and family life stresses, our minds are more at ease. To enjoy sex, your mind needs to be in it as much as your body does. Often, it’s easy to get caught up worrying about the dishes, appointments, or other daily issues. However, these problems aren’t in your thoughts when you’re away.

A clear mind leads to more fulfilling sex. More energy and fewer stressors make sex more pleasurable, and it can also lead to experimentation. So, if you’re ready to give your sex life a boost, take this as your sign to book a vacation.

Benefits of holiday sex

Sure, there are plenty of benefits of having sex in general, but are you planning a holiday? Here are the top benefits of holiday sex you can look forward to.

  • A deeper connection. With fewer stresses, sex is often more carefree and pleasurable. This can also lead to a deeper connection with your partner, improving your relationship.
  • Sex in new places. Whether you opt for beach sex, hotel sex, or camping sex, holidays allow you to get naughty in a new environment.
  • New positions. If you’re away from home, you might find yourself getting creative with sex positions. Hotel rooms give you a lot of options without the worry of your neighbours seeing.
  • Time to experiment. In daily life, we’re all on busy schedules. Holidays are for unwinding, allowing you to experiment and indulge in longer foreplay sessions.
  • Sex whenever you want. Similar to our last point, you have more time on vacations. This means you don’t have to wait until date night to get naughty. If you fancy a morning romp, you can go for it – if your partner consents.


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How to prepare for holiday sex

There are many boxes to tick when you’re gearing up for your holiday. Swimsuit? Check. Sun cream? Yes. Lube? Packed.

It’s easy to get lost in the general holiday preparation. But, if you want to have awesome holiday sex, you might want to dedicate some time preparing for this too. Here are some of our favourite tips to ensure your sex is out of this world when away.

Bring protection

First, make sure you remember your protection. If you and your partner use condoms, pack these first. The last thing you want is to arrive at the hotel, get hot and heavy, and then realise you don’t have your protection. This also goes for birth control pills or any additional contraceptive methods you’re using.

If you’re not with a partner but are planning to meet singles while away, don’t rely on shops abroad. Of course, all countries sell protection. However, you never know when you’ll meet a sex partner, so always turn up prepared.

Pack your toys

Are you a toy connoisseur? If so, don’t leave your stash at home. Holidays are the best time to get creative in the bedroom, including any toys, old or new.

When it comes to travelling with toys, don’t be embarrassed by security – they’ve seen it all before. Just remember to pack any toys in a clean bag and bring some toy cleaner and lube.

Talk about your desires

Finally, it’s also recommended that you discuss any new desires with your partner. If you know there’s a new position you want to try, consider bringing this up beforehand. Sit down with your partner and discuss any holiday sex desires. You never know. Your partner might surprise you with some of their own hidden desires too.

How to have better vacation sex?

Holiday sex is all about relaxing and enjoying each other’s presence. But you can use some tips and tricks to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some popular tricks you can use to ensure your vacation sex is hotter than ever.

  • Treat yourself to lingerie. If you don’t feel like your best self on vacation, what’s the point? Many ladies and gents enjoy dressing up in new clothes on vacation, and this includes sexy lingerie too.
  • Make a list. Lists and vacations go hand in hand, and not only for packing. If there are multiple positions or places you want to experiment, jot them down. This way, you’ll be as fulfilled as possible.
  • Consider taking things outside. Are you camping this year? Nothing adds more excitement to sex than doing it in nature. Just make sure your camping sex is consensual, and no one else is around.
  • Pick an adults-only destination. Are you on a mission to have better sex? A family resort might not be the best location for you. Adults-only hotels are a great option for couples who want to let loose.
  • Turn your emails off. A key component of holiday sex is being stress-free. If you constantly check your phone, life’s stresses might creep in and lower your mojo.

Where to have holiday sex?

A key perk of holiday sex is your freedom to get naughty. Let’s face it, the perfect time to be adventurous is when you’re away from home.

Popular holiday spots include:

  • On the beach
  • While hiking
  • In a tent
  • In the pool or sea
  • On a balcony
  • In a nightclub

Sex in these places isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy being adventurous, it can be a real turn-on. However, beach sex or camping sex isn’t for everyone. If you’re curious about intercourse in these places, make sure your partner also consents.

Also, getting sexual outdoors doesn’t just involve you. It’s important to make sure you’re alone when things start getting hot.


couple having sex on holiday


The best positions for holiday sex

Forget missionary. It’s time to stretch and get limber. Like trying new toys and places, a holiday is a perfect time to try new positions too.

If you’re in a hotel room, consider experimenting with the bed. A popular option for this is the face-off. This position includes one partner sitting on the edge of the bed while the other sits on their lap. The key to enjoying this position is subtle rocking movements, allowing you two to get intimate while away.

Are you dreaming of some saucy beach sex? Doggy style is a beach favourite. While it’s not revolutionary, it’s perfect for enjoying the view while enjoying your partner. The most important tip for all beach sex positions is to bring a towel. Sand gets everywhere, so make sure you’re as protected as possible. Also, unless you’re on an empty beach, it can be better to wait until the evening to get down in the sand.

Camping sex is another vacation favourite, but tent sex positions can be difficult. When getting sexual in a tent, it’s often best to keep it simple. There’s not much space, so a classic reverse cowgirl can be very effective.

Dos & don’ts of vacation sex

Finally, remember these crucial tips to ensure your holiday sex is the best.

  • Don’t overdo the PDA. While vacations are an ideal time to let loose, not everyone wants to see you go at it. Keep intimate touches private.
  • Do bring lots of lube. Here at Vivastreet, we’re big fans of lube. Make sure yours is packed before you leave.
  • Do sleep naked. There’s nothing more freeing or sensual than sleeping with your skin against your partners.
  • Don’t make a mess. Hotel rooms are yours for your trip but going too wild can leave you with extra fees to pay.
  • Don’t forget any protection. We’ve already spoken about the importance of protection, but it’s so important we’ll mention it again. Unless you’re ready for a surprise, bring those condoms.

Enjoy the summer fun

Is your flight booked yet? If not, do it now. Holiday sex will open you up to new experiences and sensations and promote a higher intimacy level between you and your partner.

So, what’s on your vacation list? Let us know in the comments.

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