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Connecting with nature: A guide to safe outdoor sex

There’s a high chance you’re going exploring this summer.

After two years of staying home, people are grasping at every opportunity they have to go on an adventure. And for many people, this means going into the outdoors and exploring the beauty of nature.

But there’s one aspect of many outdoor adventures we usually overlook: outdoor sex. A lot of us have had a couple of experiences having sex outside of our homes, but there are also a ton of people who have gotten caught doing it, which isn’t as fun.

So, is there a way to have outdoor sex safely?

Well, yes. Granted, there’s always an element of risk to having sex outdoors. However, there are a couple of ways to make the most of the outdoor experience without dealing with the ugly side of outdoor sex.

And in this article, we’ll be going through the details and legality of outdoor sex, including a couple of tips to help you out during your next adventure.

Note: We do not endorse outdoor sex. Even though it is not explicitly illegal in the UK, there are laws against public indecency and outraging public decency that could apply if someone is caught engaging in sexual activity in a public place.

Outdoor sex: Why is it so exciting?

Before anything else, we have to examine why people enjoy outdoor sex so much. If there’s such a high risk of getting caught, why go through all the trouble in the first place?

Well, for many people, the risk is exactly what turns them on. When you have sex outdoors, you’re in a new and unfamiliar location, and that’s really exciting. Checking if there are people around, looking for the right spot, and seeing your partner in this new environment make for an incredible experience.

Outdoor sex takes many forms. Some people enjoy sex in parks and on beaches, while many people like having sex in their cars.

With that said, we know this isn’t for everyone. So, if your partner isn’t too keen on trying it out or if you aren’t too excited and your partner is, there’s nothing wrong with having a proper conversation about it.

But if both you and your partner want to try having sex outdoors, there are a couple of ways to do it safely. We’ll get into the tips for outdoor sex later on, but for now, just understand that outdoor sex is exciting, and arousing, and can add a lot of spice to a relationship.

Is it legal?

This depends on where you live. In the United Kingdom laws regarding sex in public are “open to interpretation”, however, there is a possibility of being prosecuted for a number of offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and Public Order Act 1986, such as exposure or outraging public decency. 

Outraging public decency is a more serious offence that involves acts that are grossly offensive, such as exposing oneself in public with the intention of causing shock or distress. It’s worth noting that laws can vary by region and that local bylaws or specific areas designated as public spaces may have their own rules regarding public decency. So while outdoor sex may not be explicitly illegal, it’s important to be aware of local laws and considerate of others when engaging in sexual activity outside of private spaces.


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Can you have outdoor sex without breaking any laws?

Generally, if you have sex outdoors, you risk breaking the law. If anyone sees you having sex and reports you, charges could be pressed. This is why it’s very important to read your local rules on outdoor sex and accept the risk and potential consequences before you try it out.

The bottom line is, there’s no way to have outdoor sex without breaking the law as there is always a risk of being caught.

Best locations for outdoor sex

The thing about outdoor sex is that your possibilities are endless. There are tons of places you can explore with your partner, and they all make for a great time. However, here are some of the places we think are the best spots for outdoor sex.

The beach

This is probably the most popular outdoor space for couples to have sex. At this point, sex on the beach has become kind of a cliche. However, the sand, the sound of the waves, and the relaxing ocean breeze make for a great time. On top of that, seeing your partner in the sun while having sex can make for a very arousing experience.

The forest

This is ideal for couples who want to have a bit more privacy and coverage while still having a great view. Something about seeing your partner with a beautiful forest scene in the background is irresistible.

The balcony

This is a great place for beginners to try having outdoor sex. If you have a balcony at home, whether a high-rise or low-rise, it could be a great place to give outdoor sex a go. On top of that, if someone starts feeling uncomfortable or you’re spotted, there’s a quick place where the two of you can retreat.

The tent

This is ideal for people who want more privacy when having sex. If you have a tent while camping, it could be a great place to have a lot of fun with your partner.

The car

Car sex can be tough, but it does give you a semi-private place to get it on in public. With that said, you still have to choose the right parking spot to ensure people won’t accidentally catch the two of you in the car.

Best positions for outdoor sex

Here are some great positions to try out if you and your partner want to have sex outdoors.

Lawn mower

This is a pretty unique position that most people have never seen before, but it’s great for having sex outdoors. This involves the receiver placing their hands on the ground and getting into a downward dog-like position. From there, the giver can penetrate them from behind for a stable and pleasurable experience.

Tree pose

If you’re in the forest, you can use the tree to stabilise the receiver during sex. This is another position for rear penetration and is a great way to utilise the environment when having sex.

Reverse cowgirl

This is a pretty common position. However, it’s great for outdoor sex because the soft grass in the forest or sand on the beach can make it more comfortable for couples who don’t really enjoy the position in the bedroom.

Fire hydrant

This is great for oral sex. This involves one person standing up while the other gets on their knees to give them oral sex.


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Tips for great outdoor sex

No matter where or how you do it, outdoor sex can be risky, but that’s all part of the fun. But here are a couple of ways to alleviate the risk while still having a great time with your partner.

Understand the risks

First of all, it’s very important to know what you’re getting into. This is why we recommend reading up on your local laws and understanding that if you get caught, you can offend people, and you risk receiving misdemeanour charges.

This is why most people prefer having quickies outdoors, as it will reduce the risk. However, always understand that there’s a chance that someone will see you, and you two get caught.

Keep the lights off

If you’re in a tent in the forest having sex at night, we recommend keeping the lights off. This is true even if you’re having sex in the forest or beach late at night. If you have lights on, you attract more attention and put yourself in a position where you can get caught.

With that said, keeping the lights off can be very erotic on its own. It adds a whole new layer of mystery to the encounter and maybe something the two of you haven’t tried before.

Explore side trails and paths

When looking for a spot where you can have sex, it’s best to stay off the beaten path. The most popular trail will likely have other people walking by at any time. And even if you think that no one will see you, you don’t want to have sex in a place where people could easily spot you.

Remember, many types of people could catch you while having sex outdoors, and if you have sex on the main trail, the chances increase significantly.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the side trails. It can even make the whole experience more memorable for you and your partner, as finding the right spot to have sex is a whole new experience on its own!

Make the most out of the experience

Lastly, we recommend making the most out of the experience. Now, this doesn’t mean having sex for hours in a very risky spot. However, we recommend exploring the different ways to use the environment around you. For example, you can use trees, benches, and other things around you to make sex more enjoyable and interesting.

And lastly, make sure to soak in all the fun and excitement while having sex. It’s not every day that you get to have sex outside, so don’t forget to make the most out of it.

Are you ready to connect with nature?

Having sex outdoors can be a whole lot of fun. Granted, it’s pretty risky, and one of the first things you need to do before trying it out for the first time is to accept the risk. Then after that, you can start exploring ways to have safe sex when trying things away from your home.

Wherever you choose to have sex, understand that you might get caught. That’s why you don’t rush when choosing the right spot. But once you find the spot, all you and your partner have to do is find the right position and get ready for an experience the two of you will never forget.

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