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Amazing car sex tips so you can park up right now

Does the thought of getting frisky in the backseat of a car appeal to you? 

If the answer is yes, you’re not the only one, with our research revealing that outdoor sex was the 9th most searched fetish in the UK.

Such is the popularity of sexcapades in a motor, that a recent survey from Number1Plates revealed that an impressive 61% of people have confessed to having sex in their car.

So, if you’re looking for the thrill that comes with adventurous sex, read our tips on how to have amazing car sex and get the ride of your life.

Note: If you’re thinking about having car sex, it is strongly advised that you research the laws around this so you do not break them.


Sensual couple making love on car bonnet

Is it illegal to have sex in a car?

Before you begin your bumpy ride, you are likely wondering whether it’s illegal to have sex in a car? To put it simply, the answer is no. 

There isn’t a criminal law in the UK that specifically states that it’s illegal for people to have sex in a vehicle

However, you could break a series of other laws while having car sex, specifically relating to careless driving or outraging public decency.

If you are engaging in sexual activity in a car that is in a public area and within public view, then you can be prosecuted for a crime.

Similarly, you can break the law if you get caught engaging in sexual activity while driving due to potential driver distraction and the serious dangers this poses.

Prosecution for car sex is possible for a number of offences under the following:

  • The Sexual Offences Act 2003
  • The Criminal Justice Act 2003
  • The Public Order Act 1986
  • The common law office of outraging public decency (mentioned above)


Couples' hands on car window while having car sex

13 tips for better car sex 

There is no written manual on having sex in a car – it’s about what makes you feel safe and comfortable. 

But, you may find some of the below car sex tips useful to ensure you get the best out of your saucy motor antics.   

  • Establish consent – Car romp or not, establishing consent is vital before any sexual encounter. Asking your companion if they’re up for car sex before randomly driving into a secluded area and instigating sex right away can avoid misunderstandings and rejection. Sharing your expectations with one another can also ensure you both get the best out of the experience 
  • Park in a safe isolated area – As you don’t want to violate public-sex laws (more information above), you need to park in a place that is out of sight from passersby, whether your windows are tinted or not. However, make sure it’s not somewhere completely remote just in case an emergency arises
  • Wear comfortable & easily removable clothing – As you can imagine, car space can be quite restricting, so you want to wear something you can easily manoeuvre in. Think skirt, dress, t-shirt, or even crotchless pants for easier access. This approach means you don’t have to get stark naked too and can quickly cover yourself back up if you see or hear someone approaching
  • Set the right temperature – Provided you keep your groans low, don’t be afraid to open up a few windows or the sunroof to allow some cool air in. Or, take advantage of the AC, but double-check that your handbrake is on. If hot and sweaty sex turns you on, then turn up the heat

Woman with hands out of sunroof top enjoying car sex


  • Use dim lighting – If you’re not having car sex in broad daylight, it would be a bad idea to put on the car lights, as any passerby will likely spot you getting your groove on. Use a flashlight or phone light to see what you’re doing while setting an ambient atmosphere
  • Put on your sex playlist – Sexy songs are one thing that will help set the mood. When the volume is up, not only can the thumping and vibrations of the music heighten sensations, but it can muffle out any loud sex noises or other sounds you make. When playing music, think about what type of mood you’re trying to set. Wild sex goes hand in hand with some rock and roll, whereas slow and passionate sex works well with R’n’B music
  • Cover yourselves with a blanket – For less exposure, something as simple as a blanket can help conceal your sexual activity. Any passerby is likely to think you’re snuggling up in the back seat
  • Use or create your own car curtains – For extra privacy, why not just invest in some car curtains or make your own with some material or clothes. Nobody would be able to witness a thing, except maybe the car bobbing up and down. It could also give you a bit more freedom for where you park 
  • Indulge in car masturbation– Who said car sex had to be with a partner? You can enjoy some alone time (especially if you live with family or have roommates) while having a masturbation session in your motor. Bring your favourite sex toy, watch some erotic videos, or treat yourself to some live webcam entertainment

Man in car with pants at his feet


  • Make full use of your car accessories – Like a bit of bondage? Strap your companion in with a seat belt and tie them up with one of your loose garments, such as a t-shirt or scarf, to the headrest. Grab your sunglasses from the glove compartment and slip them on them to restrict their vision. Be as creative as you can for a hot car sex session
  • Convert your car into a sex haven– If you’ve got a fetish for car sex, then you might want to invest in some comfortable accessories to convert it into a little sex den when the need strikes. Try getting some pillows, blankets, towels, or even a car air bed
  • Corrupt every area of your car – There is limited space in cars, but there are ways to make it work for car sex. You can try reclining the driver or passenger seat or hop on over to the backseat where there’s more space. If you have adjustable backseats that can also recline, then it’s almost as comfortable as having sex in the bedroom. If you’re thinking about having sex on the car bonnet or roof, make sure this is in your own garage and not outside to avoid public indecency
  • Get into car-friendly sex positions – There’s no need to stress yourself out by trying sex positions that are less likely to work in a car. Find out some car sex positions that can give you the pleasure you need in a confined space (see more information below)

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Car sex safety

It’s all well and good trying to spice up your sex life in a car, but just like any adventurous ride, it should come with safety tips and precautions. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Do not have sex while driving or the car is moving
  • Make sure your parking brake is secure
  • Turn your car off
  • Avoid parking on a hill
  • Find a well-hidden location
  • Ideally, wait until it’s dark outside

5 best car sex positions 

So maybe Kama Sutra positions may be out of the question, but there are many different car sex positions that you could try in your vehicle.

Road Head

If you haven’t had full-on car sex, you might have tried Road Head. It’s an easy and car-convenient oral sex position. 

How to do it: While sitting down, lean over your partner and start giving him oral sex.

Note: Do not try this position while driving, as this can be a distraction and put yourself and other road users at risk.


You might have guessed it. The Cargirl is an imitation of the well-known Cowgirl position, except in a car. It’s perfect for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration.

How to do it: While your partner is sitting in the driver or passenger seat, climb on top and straddle them. You can recline the seat as far back as you like for a more stimulating angle.


Couple having sex in car in Cargirl sex position

Reverse Cargirl 

Like Cargirl, this position is the car version of Reverse Cowgirl. If a butt-view turns you on or you like to take control of the depth and pace of your partner’s thrusts, this position is for you.

How to do it: While your partner sits in any of the front or back seats, straddle them facing the opposite way. For extra control, you can grip onto the window or glove compartment as you move your hips.

Backseat Doggy 

Love doggy-style or anal sex? This rear-entry position takes place on the back seat of the car, great for hitting the g-spot or trying to achieve an intense orgasm.

How to do it: In the back seat of the car, the receiving partner gets on all fours and arches their back while the penetrating partner kneels from behind and thrusts. For extra control, you can use the headrests or car doors for leverage.


Sexy woman in black lingerie lying in doggy position on back seat of car

The Seashell 

Not only does The Seashell position take up less room in the car, but it permits a lot of g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

How to do it: On the backseat, the receiving partner lays on their back with their legs raised and ankles as close to their shoulders as possible. The penetrator enters from the missionary position.

Where to have car sex

While having car sex in a car wash or drive-in cinema might excite you, it’s really important to find a safe and very-well hidden place to avoid breaking the law.

For super-privacy, your best bet is to have car sex in your own garage. However, many people have car sex in other locations.

While we do not encourage this, below are some places people have car sex at their own risk:

  • Camping site
  • Empty parking lot
  • Underground parking
  • Deserted park or beach 
  • Woods

Woman laying on car bonnet in garage ready for car sex

Note: It is not recommended to park on private land or somebody’s else’s property to avoid breaking civil laws on trespassing.

Enjoy car sex today

Now you’re more clued up on how to have sex in a car, you’re ready for your alfresco fumble.

Remember, although car sex is not technically against the law in the UK, there are other criminal offences you can break in doing so.

Always do your research and ensure that you are in a location where you can not be seen should you decide to engage in car sex. 

Our car sex tips above will help you and your companion have the most pleasurable yet safest experience.

So, buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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