IncomeMax and Vivastreet partnership

IncomeMax & Vivastreet partnership: What is Bounce Back and how does it benefit you?

Are you a sex worker in need of financial support?

We’re proud to have partnered up with IncomeMax, expert financial advisors helping you to find new income.

Interested? Sign up here or read on to discover more about IncomeMax and how it can help you successfully manage your finances.


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Who is IncomeMax?

Established in 2009, IncomeMax is a social enterprise that helps people maximise their household income.

Whether you’re employed or living on a low income, they offer financial advice and help customers claim additional support.

Did you know that:

94% of IncomeMax customers find the benefits advice element of our service helpful and we identify millions of pounds of missing income each year?


Their services are free and confidential with friendly and highly-trained experts.

IncomeMax & Vivastreet partnership

At Vivastreet, we understand that the pandemic has severely impacted sex workers, both mentally and financially. 

This is why we’ve partnered with IncomeMax to help our customers receive the financial support they need.

So far, we’ve made 592 (and counting) referrals to IncomeMax, of which new income has been found for 77% of our customers.

This partnership will allow us to help sex workers achieve better financial stability.

What is IncomeMax Bounce Back & its benefits?

IncomeMax Bounce Back is a brand new service providing expert financial post-pandemic support.

They share helpful advice and guidance to improve your financial wellbeing, such as how to increase your income, reduce bills, and deal with debts.

The benefits of IncomeMax Bounce Back includes:

  • Budgeting support
  • Energy & water bill reduction
  • Grants
  • Benefits
  • Debt advice
  • Community support
  • Emergency help

IncomeMax plans to launch a digital messaging service for Bounce Back, so those in need of help can chat directly with an IncomeMax advisor.


IncomeMax Bounce Back service

IncomeMax Bounce Back case studies

IncomeMax has extensive experience in financial services, so far

generating £30 million of extra income for almost 80,000 of their customers.


Thanks to their financial expertise, below are a few successful case studies showcasing the outstanding support they have offered some of their customers.

Case study one:

A customer explained to IncomeMax that she was no longer working due to several health conditions. 

She was already claiming Universal Credit, but was struggling to afford her rent, food and bills, and had started to fall behind with her payments. 

She had applied for a food parcel to be sent out to her, and luckily it was due to arrive the next morning.

IncomeMax completed a benefit check for her and discussed extra elements in her Universal Credit that she could apply for, as well as payments to help with her rent and Council Tax and local welfare schemes that may be able to help with energy, food and furniture.

She was very grateful that IncomeMax was there to support her.


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Case study two:

A customer was financially struggling from unemployment due to the pandemic. 

She had no recourse to public funds, so was unable to access the benefits system. 

She had also mentioned that she had not eaten in days and had no money at all.

Her local food bank explained they were unable to help her as she had no recourse to public funds and they did not have enough food to help her due to high demand.

IncomeMax contacted her local welfare scheme and managed to put an application through to get her a food parcel delivered. 

They tried to contact her to arrange a delivery, but unfortunately, she was so weak and tired she missed the phone call. This meant that she “rejected” the help and was told she could not reapply for a few days.

After calling a range of different food charities who all explained they were unable to help, IncomeMax finally had a breakthrough with a local charity.

They explained that IncomeMax would have to fill out an application form for the customer and they would deliver food the same day, which proved to be successful.


Food donation outside front door


For more life-changing IncomeMax case studies, click here.

How to get financial support from IncomeMax Bounce Back

You can get financial help from IncomeMax Bounce Back in three easy steps:

  • Register with IncomeMax Bounce Back by signing up
  • Read through IncomeMax’s checklist and resources to maximising your income
  • Chat to an IncomeMax expert online or by phone

Want to boost your finances? Get the support you need and sign up today.

Note: The deadline for signup is 8th August 2021.


Seeking more financial support? Check out these useful resources below.

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