Man and woman having quickie sex on kitchen table

What is quickie sex and is it romantic?

You’d expect that a lockdown would vastly improve people’s love lives. After all, having all day to roll around in bed with one another sounds ideal, right?

Yet, 66% of those aged 18-24 said their sex lives declined in 2020. And even outside of the pandemic, there are bound to be couples who find their life behind bedroom doors a little lacklustre.

Out of all the things to get things hot and steamy, you wouldn’t expect quickies to top the list. 

But truth be told, quickie sex can offer something new and exciting to your relationship and sex life.

What is quickie sex and can it be romantic? Read on to find out.

What is quickie sex?

Quickie sex is exactly what it sounds like: sex that’s fast and brief.

How long does a quickie take? Well, that would really depend on the couple.

If a normal session for you is 1-2 hours, then 30 minutes would be considered a quickie. 

On the other hand, if 30 minutes is a normal session, then perhaps 5-10 minutes would be a quickie for you.

Basically, quickie sex involves little to no foreplay and often arises from a spontaneous sexual desire. 

Penetration isn’t always involved either. So long as you both have an orgasm, or are satisfied with the short sexual encounter, then you’ve had a quickie, even if you’ve only had oral sex.


Man and woman having quickie sex on bedroom floor

How to have quickie sex

What’s fantastic about quickies is there are no hard-and-fast rules on how to have them, as it’s different for everyone. 

Speedy sex can be done in so many ways to keep the passion alive in a relationship, so it’s really up to you and your partner to figure things out.

However, here are some frisky tips on how to have quickie sex.

Sext to build up sexual tension

Just because quicky sex is short and sweet, doesn’t mean you can’t build up to it. 

In fact, if you have a slow burn during the whole day, it can make your quickie all the more explosive.

Sexting can be a wonderful way to tease your partner about what you want to do to them sexually.

You can send them flirty emojis, have dirty talk through voice messages, or send them provocative photos of yourself to remind them what they’re in for later on. 

If one (or both) of you have to work before you can ravage each other at home, then sexting can be a great way to pass the time.

Pick the right clothes

We’re not just talking about lingerie either. The point of quickie sex is so that you can, for example, have a rapid romp before work.

If you have to take off layers of tight clothes and undo lots of buttons, the momentum you have going for your quickie can die instantly when you’re fumbling with your clothing.

Try to pick easy-to-remove clothing that’s still sexy, such as dresses and skirts. 

For an extra naughty touch, go commando; if you don’t have underwear on, not only will that be a pleasant surprise for your partner, but you can get down to business there and then.

Masturbate beforehand

A quickie can be more enjoyable if you warm up the engine before, so to speak. Masturbation can be especially helpful if you find it takes you a while to get aroused.

If you’re already turned on before the big event, then you can jump into a quickie without worrying that things will be uncomfortable, awkward, or even painful.


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The best quickie sex positions

We Brits have our favourite sex positions, but which ones are the best for quickie sex? Below are some quickie positions for inspiration.

Doggy Style

By far, one of the best positions for quickies is Doggy Style. Not only is it raw and animalistic, but it’s easy to start and finish too.

It’s even easier if you’re not wearing underwear, as you just have to pull away and rearrange your clothing within a few seconds to avoid being caught.

All you have to do is bend your partner over (maybe on a table so they have something to grab), pull down their pants, and go crazy.


Cowgirl’s a good position if you can sit down and/or you’re in a tight space. Your partner can then jump right on top and ride you.

Not only does this give them complete control, but the regular cowgirl position can give you an intense look into each other’s eyes.


Feeling lazy but still want a quickie? Then spooning can do the trick.

Lie down on a comfortable surface and feel free to kiss, lick, and/or bite your partner’s body while you’re going at it. 

Because you’re both flat on the ground, this position can put you out of people’s sight for a clandestine quickie.


When you want to have a quickie, it may not be in the most comfortable place. So you may have to modify some of the above positions to make them work while standing.

For example, if you’re in an alleyway, Doggy Style won’t work since your partner can’t get on all fours. But they can stand against the wall with their back facing you while you penetrate them for a modified standing Doggy position.


Man and woman about to have quickie sex on sofa

Where to have quickie sex

Now you have some understanding of what a quickie is, how to prepare for one, and the best positions. But where should you have quickies?

If you’re stumped here, then below are some ideas you can try out.

On the kitchen floor

Has your partner ever looked so sexy while cooking that you just wanted to tear their clothes off, right there and then? Well, what’s stopping you?

The next time your sexual desire goes into overdrive, grab them and collapse in a sweaty mess on the floor. 

If you live with other people, this will also put you out of sight, so no one will even know you’ve had a quickie right there.

On the kitchen counter

If your kitchen floor isn’t the cleanest surface around, and there’s no one else home, then get hot and heavy on the kitchen counter instead. Your partner can sit on the counter and you can indulge in some stand-up missionary sex. Or you can kneel and give them oral (or vice versa).

The next time you’re in the kitchen and see the counter, you’ll get a smile on your face when those sexy memories pop up.

On the couch

Maybe you’re both just sitting on the couch, absentmindedly watching TV or playing on your phones. While adverts are on, make it a fun game to complete a quickie before the show comes back!

The best position here is cowgirl, although you can make others (like missionary and doggy) work if you put your mind to it.

In the shower

A great way to spice up your love life is to jump in the shower and surprise your partner while they’re in there. With the hot water falling and the steam rising, this will help you get in the mood fast.

Doggy style standing up works best here, although if you have a shower seat, then cowgirl will work well too.


In bed

It might seem painfully obvious, but you can have a quickie right in your bed. 

The best time for a quickie is when you first wake up before getting ready for work. Morning sex can help get you fired up for the day.

If your partner’s slow to wake up, pop under the sheets and give them some oral for a morning surprise. And if things progress, you can try a number of penetrative sex positions and finish up before your coffee’s even done!


Now, we’re not saying get down and dirty wherever you want. 

Yes, there’s the small thrill of possibly getting caught, but you don’t want that to happen, as you can get into legal trouble.

While some quickies can be spontaneous, remember to be smart about it and sure not to break the law. Like car sex, you can have an exciting time without putting your freedom at risk.

Enjoy quickie sex

Quickie sex may not have been on your radar before, but after reading this article, it certainly should be. 

Considering that you can get some sneaky sessions in and have a whole day of build-up, quickies can be an excellent way to revive your sex life. 

Want to learn more about sex? Then check out our article with sexologist Gigi Engle where she tackles orgasm questions.

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