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Wax play: Turn up the heat and do it safely

Spicing up your sex life is a great way to make sex more enjoyable, and it can bring you closer to your partner.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get a bit kinkier in the bedroom, look no further. Next time you’re getting down to it, consider bringing some wax play into your love life. This kinky trick involves playing with heat and sensations, allowing you to experience different feelings.

Whether you’ve experimented with different kinks or are new to trying kinks, wax play is a popular addition to most bedrooms. Plus, this can be an excellent place to start if you feel your love life coming to a standstill.

In this article, we’re delving into what wax play really is, how you can get started, and how you can enjoy safe fun. Ready to get going?

What is wax play?

We’ll quickly introduce you to this saucy activity if you’ve never heard of wax play before.

Wax play is the act of dripping melted candle wax onto your partner or yourself in an intimate atmosphere. This results in heightened pleasure and a slight burning sensation on the skin. Some consider it to be a part of BDSM, but it doesn’t always have to be. The heat and thrill of wax play does lend itself to BDSM, but you can be gentle with it too.

However, if you want to indulge in some extra kinky wax play, restraints and blindfolds can take the sensations up a notch. If you’re trying it for the first time, it’s recommended to take it slow and gently build up to extreme scenarios.

How is wax play enjoyable?

Those who haven’t indulged in wax play might be confused. How is pouring wax on yourself enjoyable? Isn’t it painful and messy?

It provides an extra thrill, heightening your senses and adding anticipation to intercourse. Waiting for the heat and sensation can enhance arousal and give you a rush of pleasure. Wax is often used in foreplay to set the mood, ensuring both parties are aroused before any penetration.

Is wax play dangerous?

Since it involves naked flames and high temperatures, it can be dangerous. But, if you research well before playing, you can have a safe and fulfilling time.

Some dangers may involve wax splattering into your eyes or other sensitive areas. When using wax candles, it’s essential to use a steady hand to control where the wax is poured. This can minimise the risk of wax getting into any sensitive body parts.

Additionally, wax that’s too hot can cause serious burns. You can’t just use any wax candles. Body-safe candles are needed. Body-safe candles are usually made from soy, as this melts at 46-57C. Beeswax, microcrystalline wax, and stearin aren’t safe for wax play.

Always research the candles you’re using before getting started to avoid injuries.


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Benefits of wax play

So, wax can make your sex life more thrilling. But what are the other benefits of wax play, and why is this hot play so popular?

  • Candles can set the mood. Alongside adding unique sensations, lighting candles before you become intimate can soften the mood. This usually reduces anxiety and improves sexual pleasure.
  • Temperature play. Different temperatures evoke different reactions. If you start experimenting with heat and ice, you might find you like to be touched at a specific temperature. Knowing more about your turn-ons will benefit your arousal.
  • Trust building. Since wax play comes with some danger, it also involves an element of trust. If your partner is dripping wax on you, it adds vulnerability and trust to your relationship.
  • Broadens mindsets. Wax play is a significant first step towards spicy sex. It is a perfect place to start if you and your partner want to add kinkier elements to your sex life.
  • Better foreplay. Foreplay is a crucial element of sex, but it can often become repetitive. Body-safe candles can introduce a whole new world of pleasure to your intimate moments.

How to prepare for wax play

If you’ve decided that it’s time to enjoy some heat, make sure you take steps to prepare.

Choose safe candles

Firstly, invest in a body-safe candle or a soy candle. Not all candles provide skin-safe wax, so it’s better to buy a candle specifically for wax play. This will remove the risk of any burns during the play.

Prepare your skin

It’s also advisable to apply lotions or oils to your skin before you start playing. You can use a standard moisturiser or massage oil. This prevents any wax irritation, and it makes wax easier to clean off at the end. Plus, massage oils can add another sensual element to your intimate session.

Communicate well

Finally, make sure you and your partner openly communicate your desires before playing. Wax play is intimate and needs trust, so sit down before you start and share your boundaries. Discuss the body areas you’re okay with having wax on, and pick a safe word in case you want to stop. Make sure communication is clear throughout the play too.

What happens during wax play

Now that you’ve bought your skin-safe wax, you’re ready to play. But what’s the best way to start?

Starting slow is always the best method when getting down and dirty with wax. Set the mood by dimming the lights and embracing your partner as you usually would during foreplay. When you’re ready, start lighting the candles and slowly drip wax onto a less sensitive area of your body – such as the back or shoulders.

Take time to enjoy how the wax feels on your skin. When you’re comfortable, gradually move to sensitive areas like the stomach or inner thighs. Never pour wax on your genitals or face.

How to mix wax play and sex

It’s not advised to use wax during penetrative sex. This involves more movement and could lead to burns or wax in areas that it shouldn’t be.

Instead, use it as a sensual foreplay element. Mix the dripping wax with gentle touches and kisses. You can also pair it with kissing, and it’s a great way to become aroused before sexual intercourse.

The ultimate guide to safe wax play

If you’re worried about the danger, don’t worry. There are some extra tips to ensure you stay safe while having fun.

  • Don’t increase your pouring height too much. Pouring over a meter can cause a splashback and burn you or your partner.
  • Allow the candle to burn for 20-30 minutes. This allows the wax to melt, and you can test the temperature and start when it feels warm enough for you.
  • Test the wax first. Always dip a finger into the wax and wipe it on your forearm. This will let you know if the temperature is too hot.
  • Don’t pour too close to the skin. While higher pouring heights come with the risk of splashes, going closer than 10cm increases the risk of burns. Hot pieces of wax from the candle can also fall out when too close.
  • Avoid sensitive areas. We’ve already mentioned this, but we’re stating it again. Don’t pour wax directly on your genitals, face, or inside your body.
  • Blow out the flame when you start. Pouring from a lit candle increases the risk of burns.
  • Play away from flammable materials. Fire is a hazard, but you can minimise your risk by removing flammable hair products, tissues, or blankets. Assess your home for flammable materials and remove them before starting.
  • Keep warm water close by. If any burns do occur, warm water is there to take away the pain. If the burn is severe, always contact a medical professional.
  • Don’t leave candles unattended. Never leave a candle burning alone. Accidents can happen, so be extra careful.


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How to clean up after wax play

Cleaning up after wax play is just as crucial as preparing for it. Once your session has come to an end, allow the wax to cool down. When the wax cools, it becomes hard and is much easier to clean off.

When you’ve cleaned the hardened wax off, wash with a damp towel and jump into the shower. If you have any irritation, apply some soothing moisturiser or aloe vera for some relief.

Ready to turn the heat up?

Will you be turning the heat up in your home? Wax play and body-safe candles can add a spicy element to any love life. However, this sensual play doesn’t come without risk. Make sure you research well before playing, and always talk to your partner before. If you both consent, get ready for a night of exciting sensations.

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