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Temperature play: A guide to turnin’ up the heat

While the idea of playing with temperature may seem intimidating to some, adding a little heat (or cold) to your sex life can be a lot of fun.

Erotically speaking, there are countless options to spice up or freeze, for that matter, your intimate moment, and it couldn’t be any more exciting. Add ice cream, warming lube, ice cubes, or even warm water to your private time, and you could have the best sex in your life.

This guide will teach you the basics of temperature play, including how to get started and what to watch out for. So, if you’re ready to add a little temperature drop or increase to your sexuality, keep reading.

What is temperature play?

Temperature play is all about exploring different temperatures during sex. This can mean anything from using ice cubes to cool down your partner’s skin to using heated massage oils to add a bit of heat.

Temperature play can be a fun way to mix things up in the bedroom and add an extra element of excitement. It can also be a great way to experiment with different sensations and discover what you and your partner enjoy.

Why not start with a simple ice cube if you want to add some temperature play to your sex life? Run it over your partner’s chest and see how they react.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try using warming lube or heating oil to give them a sensual massage. Additionally, taking a bath and adding the shower head to warm, pleasant water on the vulva is an incredible way to enjoy the moment more.

In short, temperature play is the act of adding an activity related to colder or warmer temperatures into your intimacy.

Why is temperature play so hot (or cold)?

When it comes to temperature play, both extremes can be equally appealing. For some, the thrill of icy cold sensations can be just as intoxicating as the heat of a blazing fire.

The key is to find what works for you and your partner and to explore all the possibilities. Whether you’re experimenting with ice cubes or heated massage oils, temperature play can create new excitement for your sex life.

And best of all, it’s relatively easy to get started. So why not turn up the heat (or cool things down) and see what all the fuss is about? You might find that temperature play is your new favourite way to get busy.

Benefits of temperature play

Temperature play can be a fun and sensual way to add new excitement to your sexuality, whether with a partner or solo. By experimenting with different temperatures, you can create new sensations and explore new ways of (literally) heating things up in the bedroom and outside.

Cold can be especially tempting, providing a sharp contrast to the warmth of your partner’s skin. Ice cubes can be used to trace patterns on your body, or you can try dipping your sex toys in cold water for a truly unforgettable experience.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can let some ice cream melt on your partner’s chest or alternate hot and cold using freezing hands and hot kisses. Just be sure to start slowly and use a low temperature until you get a feel for how your body responds.

On top of that, temperature play is a healthy way to stay connected with your partner and is an excellent alternative to other sexual games. Of course, it will eventually improve patience in both partners while exploring each other’s bodies.

With a bit of creativity, temperature play can add a whole new dimension of pleasure to the bedroom.


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How to try cold temperature play

Temperature play is a fun way to experiment with sensation during sex. To try it, take your partner’s body temperature down a notch by incorporating some cold elements into your sex play. There’s more; let’s go through the best ways to try cold temperature play.

Keep your sex toys cool

Chilling your sex toys made of stainless steel or glass before using them is the perfect way to start temperature play. Before enjoying yourself or your partner with them, placing them in the refrigerator or dipping them in a glass of ice water to let them absorb the chill is the easiest way.

You could also put on a blindfold to increase the sense of surprise in temperature play. This will create an entertaining effect and excitement, as your partner wouldn’t see where the sex toy is going.

Play with frozen food

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be. There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life during the colder months. One way to do this is by incorporating frozen food into your temperature play.

Whether you’re splashing ice on your partner’s face or chest or popsicles to get a little oral action, frozen food can add an extra level of excitement to your bedroom activities. Whipped cream straight from the fridge naturally also works.

Not only will it make things more fun, but it can also help you stay cool during those steamy summer nights.

Use ice cubes

Anyone who’s ever given or received a massage knows that temperature can make all the difference. The same can be said for temperature play in the bedroom. To get started with temperature play, start with ice cubes.

Tease your partner by running them lightly over their body, avoiding their most sensitive areas at first. Once they’re begging for more, you can add some more before moving on to heated massage oil and alternating hot and cold – get ready to love it.

Try a cold towel

Cold towels can provide an exciting way to add variety to your sex life. The cold sensation can be very arousing, and it can heighten your other senses.

Place it in the freezer or ice water for a few minutes, take it out, and apply it to their neck and other parts. Even the intimate parts work if you want to take the experience to the next level.

You can also use it to cool down your partner’s hot spots, such as the nipples or genitals. With creativity, you can find many ways to incorporate a cold towel into your sex life and take your intimacy to new heights.

Prepare a cold bath

Cold can cause an increase in blood flow, leading to heightened sensitivity and arousal. And what could be more exciting than bringing your partner to new levels of pleasure? To get started, fill a large basin or tub with cold water.

This is the perfect continuation if you’ve already tried chilled sex toys or ice cubes.

Add some ice cubes for extra chill. Then invite your partner to take a dip. You may want to start with just a few minutes at first to acclimate. But once you get going, the possibilities are endless – mutual masturbation, kisses and touches to stay warm, using sex toys, and more. So go ahead and experiment. With a little imagination, you can quickly turn up the heat.

How to try hot temperature play

Colder sensations are definitely a good way to explore temperature play, but for winter months, there’s nothing better than hot feelings. Let’s see how you can make your sexual partner go absolutely crazy.

Massage with warm oils

A massage with warm oils is one of the most sensual and luxurious experiences you can give your other half. The nutrients in oils are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

The warmth of the oils relaxes muscles and eases tension, and the combination of massage and heat can be a massive turn-on, especially after cold temperature play.

Warm up your sex toys and enhance the experience

Warmer sex toys can enhance the experience of temperature play. The added warmth can increase the passion, making the skin more sensitive to the touch. This can lead to a more intense orgasm.

On top of that, you can use warm sex toys with a partner or solo – there are no limits.

However, selecting a toy made from body-safe materials that have been properly tested is important. When used properly, warm sex toys can provide an enjoyable and exciting experience for all involved.

Wax play is worth trying

Wax play is a type of temperature play that can be extremely pleasurable. The sensation of hot wax being applied to the skin can be intense, but it can also be very sensual and relaxing.

Incorporating candles is pretty safe, and dripping a few wax drops on your partner’s back or your legs is a cool experiment you should consider.

That said, it’s essential to remember that regular candles aren’t made for sexual activities. Instead, massage candles, which are available on the market, are your safest bet. Try LELO flickering massage candle or the LOVE PLAY seduction candle; these are safe options that will keep you going until the very end.

Use warming lube

Warming lube can add an extra element of excitement, giving you and your partner a new way to explore each other. Apply the lube to your or your partner’s body and enjoy the sensations as the lube starts to heat up.

You can experiment with different temperatures to find what you like best – the warmer the room, the warmer and more aroused you’ll feel. Just be sure to use just a bit of lube to start with to avoid any discomfort.

Apply warm water to the vulva

Applying warm water to the vulva can enhance sensation and increase arousal during sex. You can please your partner in the shower, or you could enjoy it as a solo satisfaction.

The warm water can help to relax the muscles and ease tension in the body, making it easier for both partners to reach an orgasm. Experiment with different temperatures and sensations on the shower head, and pay attention to what gets you hot. You can find new ways to turn up the heat in the shower or bathtub with some exploration.


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Are there any risks with temperature play?

As you now understand, temperature play is a fantastic option to give your sexual activities an extra spark. But is it safe?

There are a few risks to consider before you heat things up or cool them down. First and foremost, read all the ingredients and safety rules on any product before using it, may it be a warming lube, a massage candle, or else.

Secondly, be mindful of the temperature. It’s easy to burn yourself (remember that ice burns shouldn’t be underestimated), so slowly increasing or decreasing the temperature is paramount to being safe.

Before applying any product to your or your partner’s skin, try it on a small area, such as your hand, to see if any allergic reaction occurs. You might get too excited too quickly, so try it beforehand and not during action.

Take things slow

Now that you understand the basics of temperature play and how to get started, it’s time to experiment and find out what gets your motor running. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a little spice or ice in your sex life; there are endless possibilities for how you can incorporate temperature play with a partner or solo.

Always start slowly and communicate with your partner(s) throughout to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. What are you waiting for? Time to heat (or freeze) things up.

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