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Blindfold sex: The simple way to spice up your sex life

Elevating your sex life doesn’t have a be a long, drawn-out process.

Couples often find themselves looking for new sensations and kinks after some time. If you’re ready to step up your sex life but not ready to plunge into toys, meet the humble blindfold. This simple sex addition has been spicing up bedrooms for decades without fuss.

While you can buy sex-specific blindfolds, you can also use clothing or sleep masks you already own. Simple, easy, and sexy.

How do you get started with blindfolded sex if you have no experience? And what happens during blindfold sex? We’re here to help. Keep reading for our complete guide to blindfold sex, including the top benefits, positions, and more.

What is blindfold sex?

Blindfold sex is simply engaging in sexual acts or intercourse with a blindfold. One partner usually wears a blindfold, obscuring their eyes and forcing them to rely on other senses. This typically elevates the experiences and heightens arousal for both parties.

Though blindfold sex always includes a blindfold, you don’t have to use it throughout the entire length of your play. Some couples enjoy leaving the blindfold on throughout foreplay and intercourse, whereas others use it to increase arousal before penetration.

Blindfold sex isn’t just limited to one partner, though. You can also experiment by taking turns wearing the blindfold, or in some cases, both partners enjoy wearing blindfolds at the same time. This play is all about experimentation and sensual touches.

If you don’t own a blindfold, don’t stress! Many online retailers offer sex-optimized blindfolds, but you can buy discreet masks too. If you have a sleep mask hanging around your bedroom, consider using this before investing in a new one. Alternatively, partners also make do with ties, clothing, or any other fabric that can cover your eyes.

Why is blindfold sex so hot?

What’s so hot about covering your eyes? Surely this makes the experience more tricky?

Well, not exactly. When your eyes are covered, sex can become more exciting as the anticipation rises. Without vision, you don’t know what’s coming next. While this experience isn’t for everyone, for many surrendering their power is a complete turn on.

Here are some of the elements that make blindfold sex so hot:

  • Power dynamics. When one partner can’t see, there’s a switch in power dynamics. This doesn’t have to be the focus of the play, but if you’re turned on by submission or dominance, you can use the blindfold to take your power up a notch. For those who are interested in light BDSM, blindfolds are a popular place to start
  • Excitement and arousal. The excitement of the unknown results in arousal for many participants. If you want to be surprised by your partner’s touches, a blindfold might be your next step. Alternatively, more dominant partners enjoy seeing their loved one vulnerable and anticipating their next move
  • Heightened senses. When you remove one sense, your others grow stronger. This means that when the blindfold takes your sight, your touch, taste, and smell become even stronger. Many blindfold fans pair their play with different textures, soft touches, and sometimes food
  • Trust. Finally, blindfolded sex can improve trust in your relationship. Like any power play, you have to lean in and trust your partner when submitting to them. This can make you feel closer to your partner, and the trust can open the door for kinkier experiences


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How does blindfold sex feel?

We’ve mentioned that blindfolded sex can heighten your senses, but how does this feel?

Covering your eyes forces you to rely on the way your partner feels. Your body wants to know what’s happening, so it uses sound and touch to navigate the situation. This means your experience will feel even more intense.

For many, this makes sex feel even more pleasurable. Partners also tend to feel heightened arousal, primarily when the blindfold is used in foreplay.

If you want to engage in sense-based play, we recommend varying the speed and intensity of foreplay. Try some long and soft touches, and then introduce faster and firmer touches. You can also introduce tongue play by licking and kissing your partner’s body. The variation of caresses will keep them on their toes. Many blindfold users enjoy pairing blindfolds with oral sex, intercourse or even erotic wrestling.

The key here is experimentation. Blindfold sex feels different for each participant, so take it slow and try different combinations. If you’re new to this type of play, start slow and build up to rougher actions.

Always discuss your desires with your partner beforehand. Consent is fundamental, but this discussion can also examine which touches you want to try. Communication improves the way sex feels, so don’t skip this step.

Reasons you should incorporate blindfolds in your play

Still unsure whether blindfolded sex is for you? It’s essential to consider your options before starting play. Remember, blindfold sex is about taking your pleasure to another level and should never cross your boundaries.

Here are some common reasons for adding a blindfold to the bedroom:

  • An entry into kink and BDSM. While this won’t be everyone’s reason to try blindfold sex, many couples use this practice as a stepping stone into kinkier sex. A blindfold is simple yet gives you a taste of power play and submission. Or, if you’re the dominant party, you can see how it feels to have your partner at your mercy. Just make sure you have an open conversation about boundaries before diving in
  • Refreshing your sex life. Have you noticed that your sex life has become a repetitive routine? We’ve all been there, and there’s no shame. However, you can put this cycle to a stop by adding some exciting blindfold play to the bedroom
  • Exploring new sensations. Blindfolds make it easier to experience new feelings that your regular intercourse wouldn’t. Whether you want to feel the anticipation of gentle touches or perhaps you want to explore heightened taste, a blindfold is the best place to start

Safewords and blindfolded sex

Like any sexual situation, blindfold sex needs some prior consideration. Here at Vivastreet, we believe that sex is always better with communication, and consent is always a must.

With this in mind, you might want to sit down and discuss your limits and desires before throwing a blindfold on. This will clear up how far you’re willing to go, and the clear information will improve the trust and pleasure between you and your partner.

Additionally, many couples like to add a safeword into blindfold sex. A common misconception is that safewords are only for hardcore scenarios. In fact, a safeword can be used in slow and intimate sex too. This will add an extra layer of protection for the partner who can’t see, making them feel more at ease if they want to take the blindfold off.

Alongside safewords and consent, you might want to clear your space of any potential trip hazards or sharp objects. Safety is sexy.

How to use blindfolds during sex

Have you got your blindfold ready? It’s time to get started.

When you’re ready to start the blindfold play, you have endless options at your fingertips. We’ll narrow these down into the top three choices.

Firstly, some partners enjoy placing the blindfold on their partner from the very start of the experience. This allows them to engage in foreplay and anticipation from the get-go. If this route sounds good, consider going down on your partner while they can’t see. Taking it slow is a sure way to build arousal and anticipation.

Another popular way to introduce a blindfold is at the start of intercourse. Like foreplay, the sensations of penetrations can be heightened by removing your vision. However, try one of the top blindfold sex positions below for a comfortable experience.

The third way to add blindfolds to play is by both parties wearing them. Covering both partners’ eyes often removes any pressure and releases inhibitions. Wear blindfolds and start touching yourselves, listening to your partner as you go. Move from masturbation to touching each other and enjoy how the experience builds.


couple having sex with the woman wearing a blindfold

The best positions to try with a blindfold

Did you know some sex positions are better for blindfold sex? Here are some must-try options for first-timers:

  • On your front. Have the blindfolded partner lie on their front. The second partner can then take their time caressing them with different touches, temperatures, and speeds. This can build into penetration from behind, comfortable and deep
  • Cowgirl. Cowgirl is a well-known position, and adding a blindfold can make the experience even more enjoyable. This is a versatile position, and either party can enjoy it without vision. However, we suggest a blindfold for the penetrating partner to increase their arousal
  • The chair. Ask your blindfolded partner to sit on a chair and start to worship their body. Here you can start with slow touches, licking, dirty talk, oral, and eventually build up to penetration. If you’re looking for a slow entry to BDSM, this is the position for you

Heighten your senses

Will you be putting a blindfold on for an intense orgasm anytime soon? Going without might sound scary to some. Yet allowing yourself to trust your partner and other senses pays off. Just remember to discuss your desires and boundaries first. Consent is a must, even if you can’t see.

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