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Could erotic wrestling be your new favourite foreplay?

There’s something about wrestling that makes you feel… Alive. Maybe it’s the primal nature of two people battling for dominance, or perhaps it’s the rush of adrenaline as your bodies clash.

One thing is certain – wrestling can add some serious spice to your sex life. And if you’re after a new way to get turned on, why not give wrestling a try? Who knows, you may find yourself with a new favourite foreplay activity.

What is erotic wrestling?

Erotic wrestling is a type of competitive wrestling that combines the skill and athleticism of traditional wrestling with the sensuality and eroticism of other forms of body contact. While there are no specific rules governing erotic wrestling, it typically involves two partners who attempt to dominate each other through a combination of physical strength and sexual prowess.

Erotic wrestling can be performed with or without clothing, and partners usually get turned on by dominance, worship, and costumes.

Whether played as a form of foreplay or simply as an exploration of dominance and submission, erotic wrestling can be an exhilarating and sensual experience for all involved.

Who is into erotic wrestling?

Erotic wrestling is a popular form of foreplay for many couples. It combines the excitement of competition with the sensual thrill of touching and being touched by your partner.

Generally speaking, individuals interested in BDSM, femdom, or bondage, to name only a few, are into erotic wrestling. Of course, anyone could gain some enthusiasm about erotic wrestling. Instead of using sex toys or accessories that BDSM requires, the dominant partner uses Judo or Jiu-jitsu, as well as other aspects of wrestling.

After all, it’s not because of its name that erotic wrestling can’t be a fun way to make your intimate life spicier.

Is erotic wrestling tied to femdom?

The popularity of erotic wrestling has surged in recent years as more and more people are drawn to the sensual and physical pleasures of the sport. While there is no definitive answer to whether erotic wrestling is tied to femdom, a few key factors suggest a strong connection between the two.

First, many erotic wrestlers identify as dominant women, or “femdoms”. This is likely due to the fact that erotic wrestling emphasises power dynamics and domination/submission play.

In addition, many femdoms enjoy the physicality of erotic wrestling, as it allows them to take control and subdue their opponents. Finally, many submissive men find the sexual tension and arousal accompanying erotic wrestling extremely pleasurable. All of these factors suggest a strong connection between erotic wrestling and femdom.


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Types of erotic wrestling

In the world of erotic wrestling, you can enjoy many different types, all with their exciting twists. You could uncover your new favourite type of matchup. If you’re curious and want to know all of them, read on for a full overview.

Nude wrestling

Nude wrestling is perhaps one of the most sensual and intimate activities that two people can engage in. Both participants are completely exposed physically and emotionally, creating a unique level of trust and intimacy.

And while the physical contact can be incredibly erotic, the mental and emotional connection truly makes nude wrestling special. To make it work, each participant must be completely focused on the other, reading their body language and reacting accordingly.

And to take it to the next level, why not add some hot massage oil to the experience? This will open the doors to intercourse or oral sex. It is a unique plan to explore each other’s bodies.

Strip wrestling

Strip wrestling is another erotic wrestling type that you can do with a partner. In strip wrestling, partners start out clothed and remove the opponent’s clothing as they wrestle sensually.

This can be done in a slow and teasing way, or it can be done in a more energic manner – whatever you prefer, there’s undoubtedly an option when it comes to sexual wrestling.

Either way, it is a great, sexy option to get close to your partner while enjoying the physicality of wrestling.

Bondage wrestling

As anyone who has ever watched professional wrestling knows, the sport can be incredibly erotic. The wrestlers’ bodies are highly trained and toned, and they often wear tight clothing that accentuates their muscles and curves.

And what better option to make it even more unique than adding bondage to the game?

Bondage is consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic stimulation. Ropes, cuffs, bondage tape, self-adhesive bandages, or other physical accessories may be used for this purpose.

The attraction of bondage makes the restrained person vulnerable to various sex acts, including vaginal, anal or oral sex, by oral contact with the mouth or breasts, fingering or penetration by toys.

Spectator wrestling

Spectator wrestling is another type that is less intense yet still exciting. It’s a bit like playing pretend, except with an added element of nudity and physicality.

And unlike other forms of foreplay, it doesn’t require any special equipment or props. All you need is your imagination.

Have your partner disrobe and then take on an imaginary opponent to get started. You can sit back and enjoy the show as he wrestles and grapples with his invisible foe. Or, if you’re feeling frisky, you can join in and lend a helping hand.

How can erotic wrestling benefit a relationship?

While most people see wrestling as purely physical activity, it can also be an approach to spice up your love life – It’s fun and flirtatious, and it adds some excitement to your sexual activity.

However, it requires both partners to be fully engaged, and it can help to create a stronger emotional connection between both. And sex releases hormones that decrease stress and anxiety, which is the perfect addition to the sport.

Lastly, performing other positions is the ultimate solution to feeling more connected to your other half.

How to bring up the idea to your partner?

To bring up the idea of wrestling benefits to your partner, you will need to have a conversation about it. It’s a pretty uncommon kink, and if they didn’t show interest in it beforehand, talk about what you both want to get out of the experience.

Be clear about what you hope to accomplish and why you think wrestling would benefit you. If your partner is resistant to the idea, try to find common ground. For example, if they are worried about getting hurt, suggest that you can start with softly grappling, which is a nice compromise.

Of course, some reassurance that you’ll be careful and stop if either of you gets too uncomfortable is paramount, just like BDSM aftercare.


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How to get started?

Erotic wrestling is the perfect activity to combine physicality, sensuality, and a healthy dose of competition for couples. If you’re new to erotic wrestling, there are a few things to consider to get started.

First, talk to your partner about it and give it a try; playing very soft at first – wrestling poses can easily and quickly become uncomfortable.

Next, clear a floor space where you can move around freely. Needless to say, erotic wrestling is not one of these positions that you can do in small spaces.

Start by getting into a wrestling stance, then go for it – grab, grapple, and tickle your partner until someone emerges victorious and wins a hot, sensual prize. Remember, the goal is to have fun – so don’t take things too seriously and be sure to communicate with your partner throughout.

How to be safe?

Many people enjoy the thrill of wrestling, but few realise that erotic wrestling can be just as exciting and safe.

To avoid getting hurt, ensure you and your partner are on the same page about what kind of wrestling you’ll be doing. This will help to prevent any misunderstandings (or injuries) later on.

Choosing a comfortable place to wrestle is also essential to be comfortable. A padded mat or thick carpet is ideal for protecting you from any slip.

Lastly, some light cardio will help to get your muscles prepared for the physical activity ahead.

Get your game face on

Let’s be honest; sometimes, the missionary or other classic positions can get a little boring. Are you on the hunt for fresh, unique ideas to increase the heat in bed?

Why not try something new? Wrestling could be the perfect way to add excitement to your intimate life. Not only is it a great workout, but it’s also a lot of fun. And who knows, you might find that wrestling is your new favourite foreplay.

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