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7 sex positions to make the most out of small spaces

When was the last time you enjoyed an intimate romp in a small location?

If you have a taste for car sex or live in a smaller apartment, you’ll already be familiar with sex in small places. But don’t think of this as limiting. Getting creative with the space you have can lead to some of the best sex of your life. Go big or go home doesn’t count here. We’re all about enjoying the space you have.

Sex in limited space isn’t always easy, but you can get straight to the pleasure when you have tried and tested tricks. So, keep reading, whether you’re ready to learn more sex positions or work out the best way for you and your partner to get down and dirty.

In this article, we’re discussing the best places to try small space sex and the best sex positions you can use. Ready to get started? Scroll down to learn more.

What is sex in small spaces?

Sex in small places might sound odd, but it just refers to places where you can’t lay down and take up a lot of room. For example, we’re looking at car sex, camping sex, and even twin-sized beds. King-size beds don’t count here!

If you’ve moved home or are looking for a new way to spice up your sex life, your usual sex positions might not fit into your new environment. So, it’s best to learn some new positions to make sure you can have a thrilling time.

Why do people enjoy sex in small places?

Though claustrophobics might not like the sound of sex in small places, this experience can heighten the pleasure. Let’s look at some of the key advantages of small space sex.

  • Extra intimacy. Let’s face it; small spaces will bring you and your partner closer together physically – but also intimately too. Discovering ways to get closer while having intercourse can lead to you two sharing more trust and connection.
  • Improves communication. As sex positions become more interesting, you’ll also have to communicate more. Communication during sex is essential, so if you’re still learning and growing small space, sex will improve your abilities.
  • Increased sexual desire. Changing up the way you have sex will always add an exciting spark. This can lead to increased sexual desire and extra fun while enjoying each other’s bodies.
  • New turn-ons. Also, trying new positions might lead to you finding out you have a new turn-on. Whether it’s being pressed up against each other or holding each other up, you’ll likely discover a new favourite position.

Does this sound good to you? Keep reading to learn about the top places to have sex and the best sex positions that go with them.


couple having sex in a tent camping

Top small spaces to have sex

If you’re still unsure which locations count as small places, here’s our complete list. Note some of these down and use them for a quiet day.

Car sex

Car sex is a steamy classic. This involves you and your partner going at it while in your car. Of course, this type of sex can come with risks, so make sure you’re in a private area with no one else around before you get started. This means secluded places only or in the dark. You don’t want a neighbour stumbling upon your session.

Shower sex

Want to try out a small sex position in your own home? Take things to the shower. Most showers offer an enclosed space for you and your partner to enjoy. This is the best place to try out new positions, as you’ll be in the privacy of your home, plus you can add water into the play for some sensual fun. Baths are also great spots to try these positions too.

Camping sex

Who says you can’t enjoy small-place sex while on holiday? Consider bringing a tent if you’re a fan of the great outdoors or interested in getting away for a few nights. Camping sex will leave you two enough privacy to enjoy intercourse, but it also comes with the thrill of being outdoors. A win-win.

Chair sex

Though chairs aren’t technically a small space, you can play a game and limit your intercourse to the chair. This is a great way to change your usual sex routine with space limitations, and chairs are known for their wide variety of pleasurable positions. This also goes for couches, ideal for an afternoon romp.

Twin beds

Finally, if you’ve found yourself staying in a twin bed for an evening, don’t dismay. Smaller beds and bunk beds allow for some seriously steamy positions. Just make sure you’re clued up on the best sex positions before you get started.

Best sex positions for small spaces

Ready to learn more? Here’s our ultimate list of seven best sex positions for small spaces.

1. Kneeling doggy

First on our list is a kneeling doggy. This position is perfect for car sex and can be used on the couch or a chair. To get started, one partner should kneel on their knees with their body draped over the inside of the car or the chair. The second partner can crouch down and penetrate them from behind. This position works for anal and vaginal sex, so make sure you have some lube on hand.

2. Compact missionary

Compact missionary, also referred to as the launch pad, is ideal for couches, cars, or anywhere where both of you can’t fit on the surface. This position mimics missionary. However, the partner on top will have to place one foot on the floor – balancing them as they can’t fit on. The second partner should bend their knees up to get them as far out of the way as possible. This position allows for deep penetration.

3. Sitting on the lap

Need to make the most of one chair? Try sitting on your partner’s lap. This position sees the penetrating partner sitting on the chair while the other straddles their lap. If you like slow grinding and intimate eye contact, this position is perfect for you. Sitting on your partner’s lap will bring you two closer than ever before. This position can also be used on the edge of a bed if needed.

Want to switch it up? Try turning your partner around into a reverse-cowgirl pose for an alternative angle.

4. One leg up

When it comes to shower sex, you’ll find that the best positions are standing options. Standing sex isn’t as common, so this is ideal for partners looking for a way to spice up their sex life.

The one leg up position involves the penetrating partner holding their partner’s leg up while the two are pressed together. This stance allows for easy penetration access, but you need to make sure you can balance while grinding. If you want to add some extra sensations to this position, use a detachable shower head to stimulate each other’s sensitive areas.

5. Laying down penetration

Sex in a tent offers more lengthways space than height. This rules out any standing positions, but that doesn’t mean sex isn’t fulfilling. To make the most of any area where you have to lay down, consider laying down penetration.

In this position, one partner should completely lay down on their front. The penetrating partner should crouch or lay on top and penetrate from behind. This is another position that works well for both vaginal and anal sex.

6. 69

The 69-sex position is a classic, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. If you’re interested in camping sex or looking to make the most of a twin bed situation, make sure you consider this favourite.

To add some extra heat, use pillows to hold your heads up and turn onto your sides. This is more comfortable than one person being on top. Whether you use this for foreplay or non-penetrative sex, it’s a must-try every time.

7. Spooning sex

Who doesn’t like cuddling? Spooning is a go-to position for many, especially before going to sleep. However, this position doesn’t take up much space and can lead to some saucy grinding.

Whether you’re in a twin bed or a tent, lay down on your side and ensure the penetrating partner is behind the other. This position allows for rear penetration, and both partners should slowly grind into each other. Extra intimacy can be added through breathy neck kisses, fondling, and dirty talk right into your partner’s ear.


couple hugging and kissing in the shower

Sex in small spaces can be a lot of fun

Who said sex in small places isn’t exciting? Not only do these unique positions bring you and your partner closer together, but they also add new fun to your standard sex routine. Try to swap your big bed for a small place every now and then and watch the excitement unfold.

Will you be adding these positions to your next session? Let us know.

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