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Sploshing – A hot & messy sex fetish

We might have a slight tendency towards OCD, but we decided to think outside the box and investigate the world of sploshing. To our surprise, we found the thought of the mess and chaos didn’t faze us all.

What is sploshing?

Sploshing is a fetish that involves using food glorious food, and the messier the better. Although food is the centre of the kink, sploshing doesn’t necessarily involve eating – or even sex for that matter.

When you see the sheer volume of foodstuffs used, that begins to make more sense.

Sploshing is similar to, or part of, the wider category known as WAM, or Wet and Messy, but whereas WAM can be enjoyed with substances such as shaving foam, slime, and even mud, sploshing is ALL about the food.

Whipped cream, batter, custard, and trifle are all excellent choices for sploshing as they can literally be smeared or splatted on, and will deliciously drip off the body in ways that Sploshers will find irresistible.

Is sploshing a common kink?

It’s hard to put a percentage on the popularity of sploshing, but it’s fair to say it’s more common than many people realise. For example, have you ever licked champagne off your partner’s body?

Used squirty cream as a tasty part of foreplay? If so, then you have indulged in a form of sploshing, albeit a mild one.

Playing with messy food has appeal for both the splosher and the sploshee.

For the person being covered, it is a highly sensory experience; the different temperatures and textures of food can set the nerve endings on fire, as well as the sounds and smells associated with this kind of play.

For the person doing the sploshing, it is very much the visual aspect; the look of a naked, semi-clad, or fully-clothed person being absolutely covered in wet, gloopy, slippery food can be a huge turn on. And of course, they also benefit from the aroma and sound the foods make.

Woman's hand in a messy chocolate cake

How does sploshing compare to other fetishes?

Lots of fetishes can overlap with others, and sploshing is no different. Take food play, for example.

Many people who wouldn’t even consider themselves as being kinky will play with food at least once in their sex life.

Whether that’s using a cucumber or other phallic-shaped vegetable as a dildo, or maybe creating masterpieces on their partner’s bodies using chocolate body paint.

Sploshing just takes this up several notches; a no-holds barred food fest where anything goes.

Sploshing also has an overlap with Clothing Destruction, because while some people like to slather a naked body in messy food, others prefer the sight of food being layered onto clothes; the combination of playing with food and ruining clothes can be irresistible – have you ever tried to get a grease stain out of a cotton shirt?

What is the appeal of sploshing?

Sploshing appeals to different people for different reasons. First and foremost, it covers all five senses:

  • Touch: Whether you’re the one applying the food or the one who’s ‘wearing’ it, the sense of touch will be very much heightened. Different foods have different textures and temperatures so each food you try will feel different to the last
  • Taste: Well, it would be rude not to at least try the cream cake, wouldn’t it? Eating the food might not be your primary reason for indulging in sploshing, but it’s an added bonus, especially when you’re using cream, chocolate, syrup, and other decadent delights
  • Sight: Sploshing is very much a visual kink. If your subject is naked, the foods will stick to or drip off intimate parts of the body. If you are doing it fully clothed, certain foods will cause the fabric to become soaking wet, so it clings to curves and creates a wet t-shirt effect
  • Sound: There’s no getting away from it, smearing a body with gooey, messy foods will create a glorious soundtrack to the session. Moist edibles can sound exactly like their genital counterparts, which adds to the experience as a whole
  • Smell: Vanilla is used as a base note in many perfumes for a reason; it’s sensual, exotic, and comforting all at the same time, so playing with cakes and cream will bring all those qualities to the matter in hand. Alternatively, certain fruits might make you think of a tropical island, or maybe ice cream and jelly will bring you back to childhood

That last sentence is not as strange as it might seem in an article about a fetish, because according to experts, sploshing is deeply rooted in childhood.

Many children – in fact most – will have been taught not to play with their food (and even punished for disobeying) so indulging in sploshing is a way to rebel against that restriction.

It could also be a way for those who live quite an ordered, rigid adult life to kick back and release inner tensions and frustrations. Above all, it is fun; what could be more stress-busting than a food fight, after all?


Woman eating messy cake

What do the experts say?

There is surprisingly little written by experts, or sexperts, about sploshing, apart from the abovementioned link with childhood rules.

What many do agree on, though, is that sploshing is related to sitophilia, the erotic attraction to food, or sexual arousal from erotic situations involving food. While not all sitophilia practices can be considered sploshing – for example, figging – it is definitely a subset of the former.

Sploshing in movies and the media

Although there have been several movies made with food play included, there is a lack of titles which bring sploshing into the public forum. 9 ½ Weeks used food to great erotic effect, while the 2022 movie ‘Exploited’ touched on it, too.

Interestingly, it does seem as though sploshing is being hidden in plain sight in the guise of ‘cooking’ shows and videos, though.

Jason Derulo’s ‘Millimeal’ videos have found quite the fan base among the sploshing community. Featured on Instagram and TikTok, Derulo has a whole range of messy food videos that, on the surface, are just about cooking but include all the hallmarks of delightfully gooey, decadent food play, from pouring copious amounts of syrup from a great height, to drenching a plate of donuts with condensed milk while talking about ‘getting into the holes’.

The reason that this type of content feeds right into the kink is that sploshing doesn’t even have to end in sex; sometimes it is merely the pleasure of this type of food play that satisfies a hunger, so to speak.

How did sploshing become a TikTok trend?

The TikTok trend of messy food videos plays into Rule 34 perfectly; ‘if it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions’. Disguising the kink of sploshing as good ol’ fashioned food tutorials is the perfect way to exploit a fetish while being seemingly innocent of all charges.

Pristine white kitchens and worktops, perfectly manicured demonstrators, and vaguely orgasmic moans of appreciation mean that these videos allow anyone with aspirations of sploshing to watch their ‘porn’ without being furtive.

Check out TikTok’s MessyHot for a whole heap of videos of foodie fun, or if food and feet are your dream combination, take a peek at SploshinginmyCrocs for inspiration.

Cake sitting

We can’t talk about sploshing without mentioning one of the biggest parts of it; cake sitting. As the name implies, cake sitting involves lowering a butt onto a cake, usually naked or wearing a G-string.

The messier and creamier the cake is, the better the visual effect as those watching can see the cream, crumbs, and frosting being squished between butt cheeks, before the sitter spreads it all into their skin.

How do I explore sploshing?

If the idea of sploshing excites you, or even if you’re simply curious to see what the fuss is all about, we have some steps you can take to ease you into foodie fetish Heaven.

The first thing to do is start small, especially if your partner isn’t as open minded as you are.

As already mentioned, a lot of people have already dipped their toe into sploshing by licking cream off their lover’s body, so introducing something like that is a great first step, (do bear in mind, though, that cream can produce a decidedly un-sexy smell if it’s left for any length of time, so a couple’s shower afterwards is a good idea).

Once you’re used to that, it’s time to introduce something a little stickier and a little messier.

Some foods have the added bonus of being considered aphrodisiacs; opt for honey, chocolate sauce, or syrups and drizzle them from a height, then begin to rub them in to your lover’s skin, or have them do it themselves.

Man drinking milking dripping down his face

From there you can progress to pretty much anything you like. The best way to ensure you make as much mess as possible – because that is the whole point – is to have your partner sitting or standing so you can dump your delicacies on their head and neck.

That way it will begin to slide down their face and body, dripping off nipples and leaving delicious little trails in its wake.

With sploshing, less is definitely not more; you need a lot of food to really enjoy sploshing at its best, but it doesn’t have to be the same foods; in fact, mixing them up just adds to the fun.

Custard is thick and gloopy and makes an excellent choice. It’s also a fun base for other foods; use different colours for a full visual treat and watch the way the different shades all mix into each other.

Of course, there is nothing to say you have to use dessert-type foods. Baked beans are awesome for sploshing (plus you can get them really cheap so can afford to use loads), as is ketchup, savoury sauces, and even raw eggs as each one will ooze and slither down the body; it certainly helps with the visual excitement that egg white resembles bodily fluids, too.

By its very nature, sploshing gets incredibly messy so you will need to find somewhere to do it that is easy to clean up. The bathtub is a great place to splosh for obvious reasons (although don’t try and rinse solid foods such as beans down the drain), as is the shower.

Failing that you can make like Dexter and use lots of plastic sheeting to protect floors, walls, and bedding.

If you have a secluded garden then playing outside can be a great choice, especially if rain is forecast – just make sure your neighbours can’t see what’s going on; imagine that on the local Facebook page.

Safety first

Unlike some kinks – bondage, for example – sploshing is relatively risk-free, but there are still a few things to consider to ensure there are no mishaps.

  • Make sure you don’t use foods that your partner could be allergic to. If they react to peanuts, for example, don’t use the remnants of last night’s chicken satay
  • Be aware that foods inserted into the vagina can disrupt the PH balance and cause a nasty case of yeast (the non-edible kind). Sploshing doesn’t have to mean inserting foods at all; in fact, for many people the bodily orifices are never involved
  • Make sure foods are soft and smooth. Causing pain or injury is not what sploshing is about, but if you use foods that have seeds on – strawberries, for example – you might cause scrapes and scratches on their skin, which could even become infected
  • Stay away from peppers. It would take a very composed person not to try and wipe food from their eyes, and if peppers have made their way into your raunchy recipe, you could cause immense pain if it gets into their peepers.
  • A tepid bath or shower is better to clean up with if you have been using dairy foods. The heat from a hot shower will merely cook the dairy into the skin and it will take days to get the smell off, and that’s not a reminder you want

It seems a strange thing to say for such a messy kink, but sploshing is as close to good, clean, innocent fun as you could get. Super fun and a treat for all the senses, it doesn’t even have to involve sex at all, just food, and the messier the better.


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