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How to build the ultimate sex room

What rooms do you have in your house?

Thanks to Netflix’s ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ documentary, everyone’s talking about these cheeky rooms. To many, sex rooms are a new concept. But happy couples have been enjoying these unique spaces for years. What’s better than a room for pure pleasure?

Whether you’ve just enjoyed Netflix’s new documentary or perhaps you’re interested in creating your own sex-positive space, keep reading. We’re discussing everything you need to know about creating your own sex room.

You don’t need to be an expert to create one, so let’s delve into the world of fantasy and desire.

What is a sex room?

One of the best aspects about sex rooms is their purpose is totally up to you. While they are used for sex (as the name suggests), you can get creative with your personal space.

A sex room doesn’t have to be a complete dungeon. It can be a luxe bedroom with a comfortable bed and chic decor. Alternatively, you can create a thrilling dungeon in your own home too. There aren’t any rules, just turn-ons and positive spaces.

When someone mentions sex rooms, most minds go straight to 50 Shades of Grey or BDSM. While this is ideal for some, it can put others off. Luckily, the Netflix show is changing our perception of sex rooms and promoting these fun spaces to mainstream audiences.

Will you be planning any home renovations this year?


room interior for bdsm play, Dominance and submission toys


Why build a sex room?

Sex rooms are ideal for reigniting the spark in your relationship.

If your love life needs some oomph, or perhaps you want a dedicated area to get naughty, a sex room is here to fulfil your needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of building a sex room:

An intimate area to reconnect

Say goodbye to your phone, emails, and the stresses of modern life. They provide an oasis away from your day-to-day problems. Stress is a major libido killer, and a dedicated space allows you to remove anxiety and say hello to more pleasure.

A space for experimentation

When you have a space dedicated to pleasure, it allows your mind to run wild. Many owners feel more open-minded in their sex rooms, ideal for anyone ready to dip their toes into the BDSM and kink worlds.

Toy storage

Like our last benefit, sex rooms are the perfect place to store your toys. Forget accidentally leaving your paddle in the bathroom. It’ll feel right at home in your purpose-built sex room.

Reduces repetition

Any couple that’s been together for a while will know that sex can become routine. If you’re passionate about keeping loving fresh, a sex room will help you.

More relaxation

The better sex you’re having, the less anxious and stressed you’ll be. Like exercise, sex provides an outlet for frustration resulting in a healthier and happier you.

Increases creativity

Sex rooms are also known to increase creativity. Whether you get creative through decoration or through making love, you’ll find new inspiration in no time.

All walks of life can enjoy sex rooms. Whether you’re married, single, polyamorous, kinky, or vanilla – you could benefit from a sex room. These rooms are here to help you promote intimacy, connection, and sexual fantasies in a safe and exciting environment.

What should every sex room have?

Curious about building your own sex room? Make sure you stock it up with all the essentials.

Of course, sex toys are an essentials. When considering what to include in your room, make sure the latest toys are on your list. Standard options include vibrators, dildos, and anal beads. However, you can add some extra kink to your list with an introduction to bondage set.

If you’re ready to completely embrace kink, make sure you add some handcuffs or Shibari rope to your room. Restraints are a popular sex room staple, allowing you and your partner to play with boundaries and dominance.

Another popular option for a sex room includes candles. Whether you use these for intimate lighting or invest in some body-safe candles for wax play, they can bring you and your partner to a new level of intimacy. Just remember to buy soy candles if you intend to use them on your skin.

Make sure you also have plenty of lube in your sex room. Lube is essential for comfortable and pleasurable sex. Keeping lube on hand will save you the effort of finding a hidden bottle in the heat of the moment. Consider adding different tastes and textures for unique play.

Finally, every sex room should have a bed or a couch-type piece for you to sit on. Let’s face it; beds are ideal for sex. However, you can replace a standard bed with a chaise lounge, a tantric chair, or some bean bags. It’s all up to you.


Sexy woman in lace eye cover and red lips with young lover, foreplay in hotel room


How to build a sex room?

All stocked up on sex room goodies? It’s time to start building your sex room.


When it comes to arranging the space, the first step is to decide on the location. Do you have a spare room with no purpose? Or are you going to give your bedroom a complete decor change?

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need an extra room to build a sex-positive space. Once you know where you’re building your room, it’s easier to identify decor.


The next step is to choose a decor theme. Common options include a BDSM theme, a luxury chic bedroom, or a vibrant and fun colourful theme. Choose whatever theme makes you feel most comfortable. A visual mood board can help you in this stage of the planning process.

The decor

Next, start purchasing decor and furniture. This can include textured rugs, patterned wallpaper, or some naughty art. Scented candles and mood lighting are also popular for sex rooms, adding an intimate atmosphere. If you’re feeling confident, you might want to take some sensual or arty photos of yourself and your partner to hang on the wall too.

When building a sex room, adding fun textures into the mix is a great way to play with your senses. From satin sheets to leather furniture, incorporate textures you wouldn’t usually use in your home.

The kinky stuff

Additionally, now is the time to invest in some kink elements – if you want to. This could include a full mirror on the ceiling or a bed frame that works well with handcuffs. Get creative and think about your deepest fantasies, now is the time to bring them to life. Experienced kinksters might want to add a sex swing or a pony bench for extra fun.

Remember to discuss your decor and furniture options with your partner. Mixing two tastes can bring challenges, but you both need to feel comfortable in your room. Like sex, clear communication is the best way to achieve a fulfilling decision.

How to discuss a sex room with your partner

Have you been dreaming of a sex room for a while but haven’t told your partner? It might seem embarrassing to want a sex room, but this isn’t true.

The best way to approach the topic is simply to be confident and ask. Asking straightforward questions is essential. With any sex-related conversations, communication needs to be crystal clear. This allows you to get your desires across and learn more about your partner.

Making love is at the centre of most relationships, so your partner will likely jump at the chance to take your intercourse up a notch.

Can you have a sex room if you have kids?

Another common worry about sex rooms is “What if we have children?”. As we all know, having kids doesn’t mean you have to give up sex. At the same time, some sex rooms are definitely not child-friendly.

While some spare bedroom sex rooms go undetected, kink-focused rooms are tougher to maintain. Luckily, there are many options if you need a discrete kink room. For example, some adult stores now offer blow-up sex furniture. These are ideal for moments when you have the home to yourself and are easily deflated for secret storage.

Choose opulent fabrics, sophisticated decor, and intimate lighting if you want to hide it in plain sight. This will make your room more romantic, but it will hide its purpose well. There’s no shame in a sex room, but we totally understand wanting to keep yours under wraps.

Will you be building your own sex room?

Is a home renovation project on the cards for you in the future? Sex rooms are the perfect addition to any home. The main focus of a sex room is to encourage you to feel comfortable and aroused. If it doesn’t bring joy, it’s got to go.

Forget the old misconceptions about these rooms. They’re spaces to connect with your partner and to enjoy new levels of pleasure. So, what will your theme be?

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