What can you expect from a muscle worship session?

Muscles are attractive to many, but for some, admiring muscles via online photos isn’t enough.

Welcome to the world of muscle worship. Muscle worship, or muscle fetish, focuses on appreciating and admiring the bodybuilder’s physique. So, if you’ve noticed that you find super muscular bodies more attractive than others, you’re in the right place. Strength is essential here.

But what does muscle worship actually mean? And what occurs in a session? If you’re curious about the world of muscle worship, keep reading. We’ve discovered everything you need to know about these sessions before you get started.

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What is muscle worship?

Before we jump into muscle worship sessions, let’s quickly define it.

Also called ‘sthenolagnia’, this fetish describes being aroused by muscles. Whether you’re new to muscle worship or not, the term can seem confusing. While it covers admiring muscles, it’s usually associated with private sessions where worshipers caress and enjoy a bodybuilder’s muscles.

Muscle worship does cover both men’s and women’s muscles, but the term usually refers to female bodybuilders. This is likely because women naturally have smaller muscles, and it’s rarer to see women with prominent pecks.

Some worshipers also enjoy feeling small or powerless next to the bodybuilder. This links to power play and can go hand in hand with other power-related kinks. In this culture, male worshippers are called ‘schmoes’, and dominant bodybuilder women are ‘goddesses’.

A brief history

Muscle worshipping might seem like it’s appeared out of nowhere – but this isn’t true. There’s always been an appeal and attraction to female bodybuilders, but the sport is only coming into the limelight.

Schmoes have recently gotten lucky, too. The well-known International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness removed the women’s heavy-weight class from global competitions. This includes the Arnold Classic, the World Championships, and the Olympia.

This iconic category has been replaced by ‘Women’s Bikini’, focusing on more petite, more feminine, and lighter women. With this change, larger bodybuilding athletes lose their spots in the rankings and need to find an alternative source of income.

There’s barely enough money in the top sports for female bodybuilders, so there’s no wonder women are turning to muscle worship sessions for extra cash on the side. This is especially important when bodybuilders are splashing upwards of £200 on groceries weekly to stay in shape.


back view of a female bodybuilder


What is a muscle worship session?

As the name suggests, muscle worship sessions are about showing admiration for bodybuilders’ figures and devotion to muscles.

Typically, schmoes organise meetings with bodybuilders online for a fee. These sessions usually take place in a hotel or Airbnb for safety, but some bodybuilders also offer home packages.

If you’ve ever dreamt of caressing your favourite bodybuilder up close, a session will make those dreams a reality. Here you can finally explore those large muscles in person.

Popular bodybuilders travel worldwide to meet fans interested in their bespoke services. With so much interest in this area, there’s no wonder many female bodybuilders are ditching competitions to pursue worshipping full-time.

What happens in a session?

Sessions involve anything that shows appreciation for muscles. For some, this is just looking, but for many, this involves touching muscles too.

This commonly includes massaging, kissing, rubbing, licking, and general close touching. Some like to take it further and offer “wrestling” or “cuddling”, giving the schmoe a more involved experience.

Many sessions involve an element of power, usually with the bodybuilder as the dominating presence. This can include dirty talk, holding schmoes in wrestling grips, or humiliating positions. Sessions have also been rumoured to include “pillow fights”, “mild domination”, and fantasy roleplaying that caters to the schmoe’s personal kinks.

Do muscle worship sessions involve sex?

If you’ve been wondering whether sex takes place during a muscle worship session, don’t worry, this is the most asked question about the appointments.

The honest answer is sexual activities do happen sometimes, but not every time. Sex depends on the female bodybuilder, price, and general atmosphere of the worship session. Actions can range from handjobs to penetrative sex, but these aren’t always advertised clearly due to the taboo nature of the sessions.

Some bodybuilders give a hard no, whereas others are happy to provide extra services if the vibes of the client are good.

Even though some sessions do include sex, the session’s primary focus is still muscles. Unlike other forms of escorting, these women provide a unique physique and a powerful presence. The attraction here is to their muscles; hence they can charge higher prices.

How much can a session cost?

Although there are more female bodybuilders than ever, these sessions are very expensive. They can start from £200 an hour, but some of the most famous bodybuilders can even charge over £1,000. Extremely muscular females aren’t common, so these high prices aren’t surprising. Of course, more “sensual” sessions cost much more, and the price/type of session will be agreed upon beforehand.


tattooed woman after workout session in old warehouse


LGBTQ+ muscle worshipping

While we’ve focused on the dynamic between female bodybuilders and schmoes, they’re not the only pairing on the muscle worship scene.

Muscle worship is very prevalent in the LGBTQ+ scene – especially among gay males. Bodybuilding is a popular pastime for gay men, and many men enjoy paying for worship sessions too.

An extensive range of muscle worship porn is also available for gay men. Like heterosexual content, this fetish tends to cross over into powerplay and dominating dynamics.

Where can you find muscle worship sessions?

While you might be able to bag a muscle worship session by hanging around bodybuilding competitions, arranging meetings online is much easier.

Apart from Twitter, many forums are dedicated to worship, and Saradas is the largest one around. With over 30,000 members, you can meet like-minded schmoes and get in contact with real female athletes.

On the Saradas board, you can explore discussion threads and photos, and read the experiences of others. So, whether you want to book a worship session today or want to browse images of muscle goddesses, Saradas is a great place to start.


Muscle worship could be for you if you’ve been drawn to the beauty of female bodybuilders. From gentle caresses to simulated wrestling, these sessions are here to bring fantasies to life in a safe and anonymous environment.

However, communicate consent openly before planning a session. Communication is more important than ever, especially when it comes to relaxing and having a great time.

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