Interested in trying anal sex? Don’t skip anal training

If you’re interested in trying anal play, the first step is anal training. No, that’s not a euphemism; it’s actual prep work. Before you even think about penetration, you need to ensure your mind and body are on board with the idea.

Here’s everything you need to know about anal training (yes, you do need it).

What is anal training?

Anal training is exactly what it sounds like – exercising your anus with different exercises and using different tools to get your butt ready for anal sex.

Typically, when people think of anal sex training, they only think of it as a way to prepare the anus for anal play. And while that is one benefit of anal training, it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, there are many benefits to be gained from engaging in regular anal sex training.

Perhaps most importantly, it can help to increase pleasure during anal play. This is because the more accustomed the anus is to being penetrated, the more relaxed the muscles will be, leading to increased blood flow and more sensitive nerve endings. As a result, both men and women can experience heightened pleasure during anal play.

What are the benefits of anal training?

Anal training has a lot of benefits. For one, regular anal sex training can help to reduce the risk of pain during anal play. The muscles will be more relaxed and better able to accommodate penetration.

As a result, couples who engage in regular anal training can enjoy pain-free anal play. By learning how to relax your muscles and control your breathing, you can reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Additionally, anal sex training can help you achieve a better orgasm. Since the anus is full of nerve endings, stimulating it can lead to intense pleasure.

On top of that, anal sex training can help you last longer during anal sex. Learning to control your arousal can prolong the experience and make it even more enjoyable for you and your partner.

Finally, regular anal sex training can also help to reduce the risk of fistulas and other health problems. Well-trained muscles are better able to constrict and expel waste material, reducing the likelihood that waste material will build up and cause health problems. Consequently, couples who engage in regular anal training can enjoy improved anal health.

What do you need for anal training?

In case the idea of anal training starts to appeal to you, and you’re interested in anal play, the first thing you’ll need is good quality lube. You see, the anus is not self-lubricating, so you’ll need something to help reduce friction. Silicone-based lubes tend to be the best for anal play, as they last longer and feel smoother than water-based lubes.

You’ll also need some sort of anal toy – this can be anything from a dildo to a butt plug. Start with something small and gradually work your way up to bigger sizes. Using toys made from body-safe materials such as silicone or glass is also important. These materials are non-porous, so they won’t harbour bacteria as some cheaper materials can.

It’s worth noting that there are anal training kits available on the market in different sizes, from small (2 inches) to very big (8+ inches), and they will save you some money.

Finally, make sure you clean your toys thoroughly before and after use. Anal training kits are a great way to get started with anal play. They typically come with everything you need, including lube, toys, and instructions.


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How long does anal training take?

Anal training is a process of gradually stretching and widening the anal opening and muscles in preparation for anal sex. It can take several weeks of regular training before the anal opening and muscles are able to comfortably accommodate penetration, especially for big sizes.

However, the amount of time required will vary from person to person, depending on their individual anatomy and size. And, of course, since pegging has become a trend, it could take a bit longer for men compared to women.

Although it takes some patience and effort, most people who undergo anal training find that it is well worth the effort, as it can lead to more pleasurable and enjoyable anal sex experiences.

How to start anal training?

So, you want to start anal training? Well, first things first: make sure you’re really ready for it. This isn’t something to take lightly – it takes a lot of patience and preparation to do it safely and enjoyably. But if you’re committed, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Talk about it beforehand

You might be thinking, “Duh, of course, we talked about it beforehand”, but the thing is, a lot of people don’t. They just sort of… go for it. And that is a terrible idea.

Not only do you need to make sure you’re both physically and mentally prepared for anal play, but you also need to make sure you’re on the same page about things like lube, condoms, and safewords. Otherwise, things can get pretty awkward pretty quickly.

Start with something small

You’re going to want to start small – like, really small. We’re talking toys or fingers here; no one’s going into this cold turkey (again, bad idea). Once you’re both comfortable with that level of intensity, then you can move on to something bigger.

As mentioned previously, there are anal training kits available online in different sizes, and it is a great idea to start with that – some kits will go as small as 2 inches.

Clean your butt

Part of the preparation is cleaning your anus, preventing bacteria from staying on your sex toys or, even worse, on your partner’s intimate area. And naturally, make you feel more comfortable.

That being said, during anal sex, some people constantly think about the smell or cleanliness, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. This is the anus’ natural function, and your partner should expect some smell out of it, despite not being ideal.

Use lube – lots of it

Lube is essential for anal play; there’s just no getting around that fact. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate the way the vagina does, so you’ll need some outside help in that department. Apply lube generously to your and your partner’s body; it’ll make things much more comfortable for everyone involved.

The best lube for anal sex is silicone-based but water-based is a good alternative, even if you will need to use a lot of it.

Warm up with some foreplay first

You might be eager to just get down to business but trust us – you’re going to want to take things slowly at first. Engage in some other activities before moving on to anal play; this will help everyone relax and get into the right mindset for what’s about to come next. Besides, foreplay is its own form of fun. Don’t skip it because you’re anxious about getting to the main event.

How to anal train solo

When it comes to anal play, there is nothing better than anal training to get things started. Anal training solo is the perfect way to explore your limits and find out what feels good for you. Plus, it’s a great way to get yourself prepared for anal sex with a partner.

Here’s how to do it:

Start by lubing up a finger or two and gently inserting them into your anus. Experiment with different kinds of motions and speeds until you find something that feels good. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

Invest in a quality anal toy like a butt plug or anal beads. Start with the smallest size and work your way up. Again, lube is your friend here. Take things slowly and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Once you’re comfortable with larger toys, it’s time to try anal sex with a partner. Make sure you communicate with your partner about what feels good for you.


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How to anal train with a partner

Communication is key if training solo isn’t your thing, and you prefer getting started with your partner. You and your partner need to be on the same page about what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. After all, when you and they are aroused, it’s easy for things to slip and go the way they shouldn’t.

Once you’ve established that, there are a few different ways you can approach anal training. For beginners, start with something small, like a finger or a slim vibrator. Insert it slowly and carefully, making sure your partner is relaxed and turned on.

It is not a good idea for the penis owner to penetrate the other partner without training as this could be painful and even cause an anal fissure.

Once they’re used to the feeling of something being inside their anus, they can move on to something larger. Remember to go slowly, use plenty of lube, and stop if either of you feels uncomfortable. With a little patience and practice, anal training can be a fun and thrilling way to explore your sexuality with your partner.

Tips for anal training

The first thing you need to do is relax. This isn’t a race, and there’s no finish line. Take your time warming up with some foreplay first – both mental and physical.

Once you’re both hot, it’s time to get lubed up, which is key for anal training (or any anal play, really). Apply lube generously to your anus and your partner’s penis, fingers, or sex toy. The more the better. Remember that the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so you’ll need to reapply lube throughout your anal adventures.

Now that you’re all lubed up and ready to go, it’s time to start exploring. Start slow with just one finger or a small sex toy. Listen to your body and breathe through any discomfort. If something feels good, let your partner know. If it feels uncomfortable, also let them know so they can adjust accordingly. With time, patience, and communication, you’ll be enjoying anal play in no time.

Going from anal training to anal sex

If you’re new to anal play, the thought of anal sex may be daunting. But with a little preparation and the right attitude, anal sex can be fun, exciting, and intense. The key to enjoying anal sex is relaxation. Before you get started, take some time to relax your mind and body.

A relaxing bath or massage can help to get you in the mood. Once you’re feeling clean and relaxed, it’s time to focus on the physical preparation.

First, you’ll need to use an anal training kit to gradually stretch and prepare your anus for penetration – we recommend spending at least 10 to 15 minutes on it. This will help to reduce any discomfort during anal sex.

If your partner has a big penis, then you will want to get your anus ready and get a bigger sized-sex toy first, which could take 1 or 2 weeks. The whole point is the sensation and to make it feel good, not to experience any pain.

When you’re ready, lube up both yourself and your partner and introduce it slowly and carefully.


Remember, communication is key in anything related to sex, including anal training. Make sure you talk things over with your partner before making any moves; that way, there won’t be any surprises (or pain) later on. And last but not least, have fun. This is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone involved, so enjoy yourself.

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