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How to change attitudes to sex work in 2024?

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Are you eating clean? Trying to stay more organised? Or are you focusing on helping others and promoting sex positivity?

Today, we’re looking at how you can take small steps to change attitudes to sex work in 2024.

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Why the new year is the perfect time to change attitudes to sex work and sex positivity

Every year, January the 1st rolls around and offers us a brand-new slate. To many, a new year means endless possibilities and the chance to start new habits and reinvent themselves.

However, while the new year is a great time to dive deep and work on yourself, you can also work on helping others. After you’ve set your own goals, consider what you can do to help change attitudes to sex work and sex-positivity in 2024.

Each year, we make great strides in advocating for sex workers. But the journey never ends! There are always more ways to educate others and campaign for sex worker rights. Keep reading to learn how to help the community and make your mark in 2024.

What is sex positivity?

Sex positivity refers to an open and non-judgemental approach to sexuality. It promotes the idea of safe and consensual sex for all orientations and expressions. The main components include body positivity, stigmatisation, sex worker positivity, gender inclusivity, consent, and accessible education.

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How to change attitudes to sex work in 2024

Before we jump in, it’s important to note that changing attitudes to sex work is no easy feat. It’s a complex process that takes lots of hard work and time. But rather than feeling overwhelmed, focus on making small steps and working with those closest to you to make a difference.

The key goals are to address stigmas, challenge societal norms, and promote empathy and understanding for sex workers. Here are our top five tips for making a change and promoting sex positivity in 2024:

1. Start the dialogue

The first step we must take in 2024 is simply beginning the conversation. Whether that’s talking to your friends and family, raising awareness online, or working with a local organisation, making noise is the first step.

This can be as simple as correcting others if they use outdated terms or informing those who ask questions. However, if you’re comfortable, you might also want to bring up the topic to give sex workers and the sex positivity movement more visibility.

Other ways to start the conversation include:

  • Sharing helpful infographics on social media
  • Sending your friends educational blogs
  • Talking about issues sex workers face with your friends
  • Recommending books or TV shows about sex positivity

2. Advocate for rights and legal reforms

Another way to change attitudes to sex work is by changing the laws. Of course, this isn’t a goal you can achieve in one day. But working to advocate for sex workers is the best way to ensure sex work is decriminalised and regulated.

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3. Promote consent and safe sex

Changing attitudes towards sex workers is linked with sex positivity, and promoting safe sex and consent is crucial to this movement. So, while talking about sex work, make sure you also discuss these topics to help raise awareness and educate others.

You might want to talk about the importance of consent in romantic relationships and client-escort dynamics. You can also talk about the importance of listening when someone says no. It’s critical to acknowledge that sex workers have agency and the right to say no, regardless of their profession.

4. Listen to sex workers

Next, you should take some time to listen to sex worker’s stories. It’s great to read academic texts and content from organisations, but if you’re not listening to escorts and sex workers, you’re not hearing their thoughts and feelings.

Start following sex workers on social media, watch videos from sex workers, read books by sex workers, and attend talks with sex workers as speakers. From working conditions to labour rights, sex workers know the industry best and we can follow their lead.

5. Donate or work with professional organisations

There are many professional organisations that support sex workers in the UK. But to keep doing good work, these organisations need donations and volunteers.

If you have the time or money, consider helping these organisations in 2024. For example, NUM is an organisation that provides UK sex workers access to justice and protection while striving to end violence for sex workers across the nation. You can donate to this cause online.

Other UK-based organisations and charities include:

Other ways to change attitudes to sex work

Looking for more ideas? Here’s a quick list of alternative ways you can champion sex positivity and sex worker rights:

  • Take sex positivity-related classes
  • Compile and share educational resources
  • Promote sex-positive media
  • Get involved in local community initiatives
  • Talk to people with different views

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What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed

With so many ways to get started, feeling overwhelmed is natural. However, even small steps help to change attitudes toward sex work.

If you can only share infographics or discuss problems with your friends, that’s still a step forward. Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend events or donate. As long as you’re taking small steps, you’re making a better future for sex workers with less discrimination.

Make sure you practise self-care along the journey. The more you look after yourself, the more energy and clarity you’ll have to stand up for others.

The takeaway

While the new year is a great time to make changes, you don’t have to wait until the clock chimes to get started. The present moment is the best time to take action.

Bookmark this page or send it to your friends to spread the word. We’re all in this together. Let’s get started.

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