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Shower-friendly BDSM toys: Exploring kinks in the bathroom

The shower is a great place to explore your kinks and sexual desires, whether you’re alone or with a partner. That said, many people view shower sex as something that’s more fun in theory than in practice.

While this can be true, adding a few shower-friendly sex toys to your shower can elevate the experience to new levels. So, let’s take a close look at five of our favourite shower-friendly sex toys that bring tons of fun and pleasure to your showering experience. Just make sure you treat yourself to one before Sex in the Shower Day comes.

Let’s dive in!

The Womanizer Wave

Studies show that seven out of 10 women masturbate in the shower, which is why the Womanizer Wave is the number one pick on our list. This is a sex toy that also functions as a shower head, making it a very convenient option for anyone looking for a subtle yet effective sex toy.

Basically, the Wave is a high-end showerhead that offers various pressure and spray settings. It sprays a concentrated stream of water on the clitoris, and it’s a great toy to use alone or with a partner. The Powder Rain, Pleasure Whirl, and Pleasure Jet settings deliver different streams, which allow you to experiment with gentle to intense stimulation.

On top of that, the shower head is easy to install. All it takes is a few minutes with zero tools, and your shower head is ready to go.

One of our favourite features of this toy is that you don’t have to use it every time you shower. If you aren’t in the mood to make things extra steamy, you can use the shower head like you would any other shower head, making it a practical and pleasurable addition to your bathroom.

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The Satisfyer Pro 2

Whether you’re pleasuring yourself alone or you’re with a partner, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great pick for any person with a clitoris looking for a shower sex toy. This is a suction vibrator, so you can concentrate all the pleasure directly on your clitoris, offering intense pleasure and strong orgasms.

The vacuum technology offers a sensation that you don’t get with a regular vibrator. On top of that, it comes with 11 different intensity settings, so you can tweak the toy to work for your specific needs.

This is a very powerful vibrator that also works silently. So, if you’re looking for something subtle that won’t attract that much attention, this is also a great pick. A common complaint from customers is that it has a fairly short battery life, which is something you need to remember if you decide on this option.

IMO Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring

This is a great option for those with a penis as it provides your partner with a different type of stimulation without getting in the way of your own stimulation. This silicone cock ring fits around the entire penis with a comfortable and stretchy silicone material. That way, it easily stretches to any size, so you don’t have to worry about a tight or loose fit.

It has a ribbed texture that extends to the base, which could enhance the pleasure of the person being penetrated. It also vibrates at the base, which can stimulate the clitoris and other parts of the body while you’re having sex with your partner.

This toy also works when it isn’t wrapped around a penis. This means that you can also use it for solo clitoral stimulation if your partner isn’t present. And since it’s on this list, it’s completely submersible, meaning you won’t have to worry about damaging the toy by using it in the shower.

The Lelo Hugo

Moving on to a different sex toy category, let’s take a look at the Lelo Hugo. This is a prostate vibrator that comes with a remote and eight different intensity settings. It’s made of high-quality silicone, which means that it will last you a long time and offers a comfortable fit when in use.

Customer reviews rave about how comfortable this massager is, even for first-timers. It’s not that big, which makes it easy to insert with the right amount of lube. On top of that, users report that they can wear the device for hours without feeling discomfort, which can make for a lot of fun when you add the remote to this equation.

This is a waterproof sex toy, which means it’s definitely prepared for the shower. It also has a graduated design, which means your body will hold the vibrator in place while having sex, making it a great option for couples or solo pleasure.

Double-ended Glass Dildo

Capping off our list is the glass beaded dildo that is great for solo pleasure, couples and both vaginal and anal play. This glass toy has no electronic parts, so it works great in the shower. On top of that, the beads are well-made, which makes this a great pick for those who want to stick pretty toys inside of them.

This is a premium-looking toy that’s great for those who aren’t familiar with sex toys, as it has no moving parts and is really easy to use. So, if you’re looking for a basic sex toy to make showers a bit steamier, this is a great pick.

An array of tasteful BDSM toys designed for shower use

What to look for when buying shower sex toys

There are many sex toys on the market right now, so it may be hard to find the one you and your partner need for your shower. So, here’s a quick guide to some of the things to look out for when buying shower sex toys:

Submersible, not splash-proof

To start, you have to make sure that your sex toys are submersible, not just splashproof. A splashproof sex toy can withstand some water and liquid, like if the person using it squirts. However, it won’t be able to handle prolonged water exposure like if you use it in the shower. A submersible toy, on the other hand, easily handles water and can even be used underwater, which is why this is the toy you should get for shower sex.


Next up is durability. You want the toy to last you a long time, so make sure it’s made of high-grade materials. For example, the silicone toys on our list are made of great materials, which means they can last you many years without breaking, so you can have a lot of steamy shower sex with your partner or explore pleasure alone.


Sex toys come in many shapes and sizes. On top of that, they come with different features such as vibrations, remote controls, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. We recommend taking the time to understand what you and your partner want from your sex toy and figuring out the best option from there. That’s why it’s critical that you and your partner openly communicate about your sexual needs and desires.

The takeaway

And that caps off our list of shower-friendly BDSM toys. These toys are great for adding a new layer of pleasure and fun when having shower sex, whether you’re looking for a powerful prostate massager or a simple vibrator for everyday use. So, the only thing left to do is determine which option is the best for you and your partner!

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