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Shower-friendly sex positions: A steamy guide

Shower sex is usually better in your head than in real life. It always sounds great – having you and your partner explore each other while the shower warms you up. However, when you try it, you might find yourselves scrambling to figure out which position works best for you.

That said, shower sex doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many sex positions ideal for shower sex that offer immense pleasure and keep you and your partner safe. And with Sex in the Shower Day tomorrow, why take a peek at some of these steamy sex positions that you and your partner should definitely try out!

Safety tips for shower sex

Before talking about the different shower-friendly sex positions, it’s best to address the safety concerns when having shower sex. Over 91% of sex-related injuries happen in the shower, which is why you and your partner must be extra careful when venturing into the bathroom together.

To start, you need to have a non-slip bathmat. While this sounds like a no-brainer, it’s easy to miss this detail when caught in the moment. A non-slip bathmat minimises the risk of injuries in the shower by preventing both you and your partner from slipping. On top of that, it makes getting into different positions much easier.

The next thing to do is to have a designated footstand. This is because you and your partner may have to raise a leg to get in the right position, and having a designated footstand makes it easier to figure out the most comfortable and pleasurable positions.

Lastly, you may think that water will lube you and your partner up while in the shower. But as anyone who’s had shower sex will tell you, that isn’t the case. Water dries up really fast, which is why you may find shower sex without proper lube uncomfortable.

That’s why we highly suggest bringing silicon-based or natural lubes with you when having shower sex, as they can make a major difference in your and your partner’s pleasure.

Once you’ve gotten these safety tips and have properly prepared your bathroom, you’re ready to have some steamy fun with your partner. Keep reading to discover the best sex positions for you and your partner in the shower.close up of a couple being intimate in the shower

The best shower-friendly sex positions for steamy fun

There are some sex positions that are best kept in the bedroom. Having sex in the shower can be a lot of fun, but you need to know the right positions. The wrong positions can feel uncomfortable and take away all the pleasure from shower sex, especially since you don’t have a bed or soft surface to lie down on.

But while shower sex looks different than bedroom sex, it can be exhilarating with the right partner. So, here are some of our favourite shower-friendly sex positions you may want to explore.

Stand and Deliver

This is probably the first position that comes to mind when you think of shower sex. The “stand-and-deliver” is a very simple position; all the receiver has to do is plant their feet firmly on the ground and bend over. It’s best to rest your arms on something as the receiver to support yourself, or you can rest your hands on the floor if you’re flexible enough.

The giver, on the other hand, must enter from behind. If the bathroom wall is close enough, they may rest their hands there for extra leverage while thrusting.

This is a great shower position as it allows for super deep g-spot penetration and allows for clitoral stimulation as well. Since this position is very pleasurable, it allows both parties to orgasm fairly quickly, making it a great option for those in a rush.

Partner on Top

Having the receiver hop on top of the giver is another great way to have shower sex. The most important thing to remember when doing this is to ensure the floors are clean and have a non-slippery surface to lay down on. That way, no one will slip or slide away while having sex, making the entire experience as safe as possible.

When the receiver is on top, they can control the stimulation as much as they want. It also involves less movement from both parties, which makes it a relatively safe position. On top of that, the receiver can opt to face their partner or face the opposite direction for a different sensation!

The Upstanding Citizen

This is a very fun and pleasurable position. However, since it requires the giver to lift their partner off their feet, it’s best saved for the end of the show, as you can easily get tired lifting up your partner. Additionally, you may want to have a shelf or seat nearby just for extra safety when practising this position.

A great way to try this position is to have the receiver lean against the shower wall. Then, the penetrator will enter from the front, and the receiver can start by wrapping one leg around their partner to allow them to enter easily. Then, the giver can lift their partner up once they feel more comfortable and stable in the position.

The Corkscrew

Laying down and being able to brace yourself is a great way to add stability and safety to shower sex. That’s why the corkscrew is another popular position when in the shower. To perform this position, you’ll need either a large-rimmed bathtub, a bench, or a large shelf for the receiver to lay down and press their thighs together.

Then, their partner can enter from behind while the receiver holds their legs tighter together while they thrust. This position allows for deep penetration and a tight grip around the giver, which is why it’s great for anyone looking to have steamy shower sex.

Face Off and the Chairman

If you have a chair or bench in your bathroom, this is another great sex position that gives the receiver control. To do this, simply have the penetrator sit down on a bench or chair and have the receiver sit on top of them. For a more intimate experience, you can face and hold each other. Or, you can have the receiver face the opposite direction, which is called “the chairman”.

Shower Head

Shower sex doesn’t have to be penetrative. In fact, many people enjoy shower sex the most when it’s oral. There are many ways to give or receive head in the shower, but one of the favourite ways of people is to have the giver on their knees while giving their partner oral.

Doggy Style

This is another all-time favourite sex position that’s easy, feels great and is safe and stable for the shower. You can opt for the classic doggy style with the receiver on their knees, you can both stand up, or you can even brace yourself against the wall as the receiver to make things even easier.

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The takeaway

While shower sex may seem alluring, it requires careful consideration of safety measures. Non-slip bathmats, designated footstands, and proper lubrication are essential for a pleasurable experience. With the right precautions and knowledge of shower-friendly positions, couples can spice up their intimate moments safely and enjoyably.

Do you want to spice things up with sex toys? Read our guide to shower-friendly sex toys now.

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