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Why escorts should never skip foreplay

You’ve met up with your client. Now, it’s time to get started. But where should you start?

Today, we’re discussing foreplay and how it can add to your escorting experience. From the benefits of foreplay to how you can get the conversation started, we’re discussing every aspect sex workers need to know.

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How foreplay can add to the experience

Foreplay (aka “outercourse”) aims to heighten the sexual experience, boost intimacy, and build up to orgasm or penetrative sex.

It’s easy to skip over it and focus on getting your client to the end goal, but you might be doing them a disservice by missing out on outercourse. For example, foreplay can make the experience more pleasurable, help you bond with your client, and learn more about what they do or don’t enjoy.

After all, sex isn’t all about the final orgasm! And sessions shouldn’t be either.

What counts as foreplay?

Before we get further into the content, we’ll quickly define what we’re discussing as foreplay.

Foreplay is something that adds to sexual excitement and to arouse you before intercourse. This can include sharing fantasies, kicking, caressing each other, or touching your partner’s genitals.

Does foreplay always lead to penetrative sex?

No! Foreplay doesn’t always lead to penetrative sex. However, it is a common precursor to penetrative intercourse and can make the experience more pleasurable for people with vulvas.

You can engage in foreplay for the sake of foreplay if you want. It’s all about experimenting and discovering what turns you and your client on.

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Should you ask the client about their foreplay preferences?

You should ask clients for their preferences. At first, this might seem awkward. But like all aspects of sex work, you need to have a clear conversation about your expectations and boundaries before the session.

Some clients might love foreplay. So, finding this out beforehand will help you cater to their needs. This will also improve their overall satisfaction and leave you with better reviews and hopefully a big tip!

Likewise, some clients might not be keen on it. If you try to start the session with flirty foreplay, they might feel uncomfortable and not enjoy the meeting as much.

When in doubt, getting extra information is always advised!

Should you charge more for foreplay?

Rates and fees are a hot topic amongst sex workers. As a business owner, you have complete control over the price of your rates and how you divide them up. The answer to this question depends on how you do so.

For those who charge per hour, you shouldn’t add extra fees for foreplay. You should only charge a higher fee if you exceed the allotted time or agree upon a longer session. Depending on your personal boundaries, anything in the paid time shouldn’t cost extra.

In contrast, if you charge per service or sex act, you can charge for foreplay. For example, if a client has only paid for intercourse, they should pay extra if you also give a blowjob. This should all be negotiated beforehand, and everyone should give enthusiastic consent.

How foreplay can improve your sex work sessions

Still not sure whether to focus on the foreplay? Here is how foreplay can help you improve your escorting sessions.

1. Better long-term relationships with clients

Catering to a client’s foreplay needs is a great way to improve your overall relationship. Since you’re designing the services around what they want, they’ll be happier with your services and return again (and again). This secures you a long-term client and a stable income.

2. Improved client satisfaction

As we just mentioned, foreplay can make clients happier with your services. But there’s more to it than putting a smile on their face. Satisfying sex and orgasms can genuinely help to improve their health. That’s because orgasms can reduce stress, inflammation, and tension. The more you orgasm and destress through great sex, the better you’ll feel.

3. More tips & higher rates

If a client is pleased with a session, they’ll be more likely to tip. So, practice your skills to improve their experience!

Over time, you may even be able to up your rates. Clients will be so satisfied with your skills that they’ll be happy to continue seeing you and paying your fees. And if they don’t? You can keep networking and find new clients willing to pay your worth.

4. Great reviews & word of mouth

You may rely on reviews and ratings depending on how you book clients. A pleased client is likely to leave a rave review or spread the word about your talented services.

5. Higher personal enjoyment

Finally, adding foreplay into the mix can also affect your overall enjoyment – especially if a client decides they also want to give. It can even be a way for you to experiment and find new kinks for yourself. So, be open-minded and add foreplay to the menu.

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How to discuss foreplay with your client

Ready to talk about the topic but don’t know how to start? We’ve got it covered!

Before you start, take a few minutes to talk with your client. Ask them how they’re doing or what they’re in the mood for today. This can subtly open the conversation, and you can start sharing your desires with each other.

Don’t feel nervous. Clients are often even more nervous and looking to you to steer the session. As you’ve taken the lead, communicating clearly and asking them point-blank questions can help them ease into the session.

Why clear communication matters

Everyone has different expectations, and if you don’t discuss what services are on offer before you start, it’s easy to end up in an awkward situation.

Even if your client has paid per hour for the Girlfriend Experience or Porn Star Experience, take a moment to outline what you want to do in the session. Make sure you get their input and consent before anything continues. This way, you’ll both be excited and on the same page from the start.

The takeaway

Selecting your services as a sex worker is never easy. However, adding foreplay to your roster is always a great idea. Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to change it up. Remember, you never have to do anything you don’t want to. Be safe and have fun!

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