Essential tips for setting competitive rates as a professional escort

Payment is central to any career. But when you’re self-employed, telling clients your rate and demanding fair compensation can be more difficult.

Whether you’re worried about pushback on your fees or unsure of the standard market rate, setting and discussing escort services is a topic that no one speaks about. However, we’re on a mission to change this. It’s time to talk about setting rates as an escort and how you can ensure you get paid a fair wage for your work.

In this blog, we’re looking at what factors affect costs, how you can price your own services, and what you can do to get paid in a competitive industry.

Let’s dive in.

Key factors to consider when setting rates as an escort

Before setting your prices, step back and consider the factors that determine prices.

Here are the main factors escorts should consider:

Market demand

Firstly, how much market demand is there for your services?

When there’s high demand but few providers, you can charge higher rates because you have less competition and more buyers. However, in times when there are fewer clients and lots of escorts, you might have to lower your fees to attract customers and stand out against the rest.

Specialised services usually have higher demand and less competition. So, if you cater to niche kinks, you can generally charge more for your services. This isn’t the best route for everyone, though. If you don’t feel comfortable performing niche services, you don’t have to provide them.

Individual skills

Do you have skills that others don’t? You can likely charge more for them.

Similarly to the above point, supply and demand are critical when setting rates as an escort. If you can perform acts or skills that few other escorts can, you can charge higher prices for them as you have little competition.

For example, are you skilled in BDSM or “A-levels”? Not all escorts have these skills or want to participate in these acts, but if you do, you can set higher fees. But remember, you should never add skills to your repertoire if you don’t enjoy them. Your satisfaction and mental health are more important than any payment.


Like in most professions, escorts with more experience can charge higher rates.

Years of experience show clients that you know what you’re doing, provide trustworthy services, and know how to please clients. Some clients would rather pay a bit more for a guaranteed professional service that spends less with a newbie.

That doesn’t mean you’ll struggle to find clients if you’re new. But you should probably charge a little less than experienced escorts.

Client expectations

Some will pay more for a VIP or luxury escort experience. Think of the expectations you’re giving to your potential client. Are you advertising a high-class experience? If so, you might be able to charge a bit more, but you’ll have to deliver on the experience. This often requires expertise and links to the above point – escorts who have been in the industry for longer can command higher fees.


Location can affect escorting prices. Some areas have fewer escorts, meaning local escorts can charge more for their services. However, the opposite is also true. You’ll also find higher-paying clients in big cities, which reflects escorting rates in these places.


Finally, the way you market yourself can also affect your rates.

That’s right – though marketing doesn’t necessarily affect your services or experience, it gives clients a first impression of you. If your marketing is professional and clear, clients will be more likely to hire you over an unprofessional-looking escort.

So, spend some time on your website or directory profile. Use high-quality photos and check the grammar in your bio. These things might seem small, but they could make a big difference.

Practical strategies for researching & benchmarking industry rates

You’ve penned down the services you want to provide, have a website or social media page, and are ready to get started. But how do you know what the standard industry rates are?

You need an idea of what other escorts are charging to price your services. The best way to find out this information is from some market research. Aka, snoop on escorting websites and dive into the sex worker forums.

Look at what other escorts are charging and their age, services, and experience. Find similar escorts to you and see how much they charge. Though comparing yourself to others isn’t always suggested, when setting your rates it can be helpful.

Assessing your unique skills and qualities to determine the market value

Before choosing a specific fee or rate, you must assess your skills and qualities. This means you’ll need to decide on a service list and what services you don’t want to provide.

Will you specialise or offer kink services? If so, this could bump up your prices. Any prior sex industry experience can also raise your prices. For example, if you’ve created adult content online, participated in streaming, or worked in dance clubs.

How to strike the right balance between competitive rates and fair compensation

The toughest part of setting your prices is balancing competitive rates and a fair wage.

It can be tempting to price yourself lower than others to ensure you have lots of work. But this means you’ll have to work twice as hard to earn the same amount. At the same time, you don’t want to price your services so high that no one wants to pay them.

A good route is to weigh up your expenses to see how much money you need to survive. Now look at the average escort pricing. Can you afford to live on this? Always ensure your rates allow you to fund your lifestyle. If they don’t, you could end up burnt out.

Additional services to enhance value and command higher rates

Adding new skills and services to your clients can enhance your value and allow you to charge more.

For example, some escorts will offer “regular” services and more specialised ones – such as a “Girlfriend Experience” or “Pornstar Experience”. The latter two take more experience and work, so it costs more to experience. “VIP” experiences are another way to raise your rates.

Always remember that you can raise your rates at any time. Whether you’ve just celebrated another year as an escort or are in extra demand, raising your rates as your career progresses is essential. You can even increase your rates in line with inflation. As your own boss, it’s all up to you.

Communicating and negotiating rates with confidence

Once you’ve researched and determined your rates, it’s time to get to work. However, the final hurdle is often telling the client your rates. Feeling nervous at this stage is normal, but don’t step back and drop your rates. Your time and body are valuable assets, and to access them, clients must pay their worth.

Be clear and assertive when clients ask about costs. When describing your services, highlight your strengths and experience – show them why you’re worth the price.

If they push back or complain, it’s a sign they’re not the right client for you. Thousands of potential clients are out there, and many will pay top rates for a professional escort. So, thank the client for their interest and kindly tell them your rates are set in stone. It takes nerves to do so, but after sticking up for yourself once, you’ll feel much better, and you’ll demonstrate your value.

The takeaway

Determining and requesting your value is essential, no matter how awkward it feels. However, with some practice and research, showcasing your value and receiving the pay you deserve will become second nature. Now go get them.

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