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How to decide what services to offer as a sex worker

Starting your career as an escort is exciting. Soon you’ll be earning a living on your terms and building your own business.

But don’t rush the planning process. Spending time deciding on your sex worker services is crucial to a fulfilling sex work career. Putting thought and preparation into your services now will ensure they’re set up for success in the future.

Today, we’re looking at everything you need to consider when curating your services. From your personal boundaries to legal requirements, this guide provides an overview of everything you should know.

Get your notebook out, and let’s dive in.

The importance of service selection

Carefully selecting your services ensures they’re legal, safe, and enjoyable for both parties.

This protects your well-being, ensures a satisfying experience for your clients, and prevents you from burning out in the future. You won’t get very far if you don’t like providing the services on your list.

Aligning your offerings with your enjoyment and boundaries will leave you feeling empowered and much happier after working. After all, your job satisfaction and well-being should be top priorities – so plan for them from the beginning.

Top factors to consider when choosing your sex worker services

Are you planning your service list? Consider each factor below to ensure your services protect your boundaries and excite your clients.

Understanding your boundaries

We’ve already used the term “boundaries” in this blog, but why are we focusing on it so much?

Your boundaries protect you from doing work you don’t like. Boundaries consider your comfort levels, values, communication styles, working hours, and anything else that affects your overall well-being.

Using these factors to determine your service list lets you stay in control and assert your agency. They also protect you from clients who don’t respect your needs and prevent you from burning out— something you should always consider.

Reflecting on comfort levels

Assessing your comfort levels allows you to set boundaries and choose services that align with your enjoyment.

To reflect on your comfort levels, examine your personal experiences and what you do and don’t like. For example, if you don’t like oral sex in your personal life, it’s best to keep this off your service list as it’ll make you resent work in the long term.

It can also be helpful to discuss your experience with other sex workers, as you can use their wisdom and experiences to gauge your offerings.

Always remember that your comfort is crucial. You need to feel confident and comfortable to deliver high-quality services to your clients, boosting your reputation and business success.

sex work service

Considering legal and safety aspects

Laws and regulations should also be at the forefront of your service choices.

Examine your local sex work laws, types of services allowed, and age of consent to ensure your services comply. For example, in the UK, soliciting clients in public is illegal, so all communication should be done elsewhere.

Safety is another critical area to consider. You should always use protection when engaging in sexual services, as this protects you from any STIs. Ensure you look at your individual services and implement risk management strategies to protect everyone.

Explore sex work and legality in the UK here.

Evaluating market demand

Like clothes, specific sex worker services go in and out of fashion.

The more in-demand services will have more competitive prices, and therefore it might be harder to make money from them. Clients looking for more niche services will likely pay more as they’re harder to find. Many niche services are kink-based. Explore how to explore kinks and fetishes here.

To work out what’s in demand right now, browse your competition! Whether you look at other sex worker adverts, browse forums, or chat with your network, gauging which services are hot can help you formulate your own list.

Don’t shy away from in-demand services. Yes, there might be more sex workers offering them. But it also means clients are looking for them, thus increasing your bookings. However, if you don’t genuinely enjoy the in-vogue service, don’t compromise your safety and comfort to jump on a trend.

Professional goals and direction

To align your service list with your long-term career goals, determine where you want to go first.

For many sex workers, this is having a positive reputation and long-term clients. Therefore, ensuring your services are enjoyable for you is crucial. This way, you’ll be able to provide confident and sexy sessions that leave your clients happy and your reputation stellar.

However, you might also want to consider offering various services. This means you can attract a broad client base, leaving you less reliant on one specialised service. Diverse services also increase your potential earnings, leaving you with a more sustainable income.

Specialising vs generalising in sex worker services

You might even want to specialise in a specific area, such as BDSM or the Girlfriend Experience.

Specialising in one niche positions you as an expert, allows you to attract targeted clients, and tap into premium pricing. However, it also limits your client pool, reduces your flexibility, and might leave you with no work if there’s a dry spell.

Alternatively, you could keep your services general to appeal to a broad audience. This allows you to adapt to market demands and offers more income stability. But it means you won’t be an expert in any area, and your rates may need to be lower as you’re competing with many other sex workers.

sex work service

Client communication and consent

Once you’ve decided on your services, presenting them clearly and transparently to potential clients is vital.

For many sex workers, this could be via a clear online profile. However, many also ensure they present their services directly and early in client communications. This way, clients know their options very early on.

To ensure clients provide enthusiastic consent, you must ensure services are clearly explained, be open to answering questions, and create a space for clients to discuss their boundaries.

Staying flexible to adaptations

Once you’ve created your service list, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. Many sex workers edit and change their offerings over time to meet market demands or to reflect their personal interests. Some even edit their services based on client feedback, highlighting the ones clients enjoy the most and removing the ones with the least demand.

If you’re feeling bored with your services or aren’t receiving any requests, it might be time to switch things up. This isn’t a bad thing, though! Fine-tuning your services allows you to earn more and have a more fulfilling career.

The takeaway

Hopefully, this article has helped you take the first step towards a satisfying service list. Remember, you don’t have to offer the service if you’re uncomfortable with it. Now good luck, and don’t forget to check out the competition.

Read more about building your sex work brand here.

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