positive aspects of working as an escort

The positive aspects of working as an escort

Escorting is one of the oldest professions in the world.

The oldest record of sex work is in 2400 BCE, proving this career has been around for thousands of years. However, despite the profession’s long history, it’s still surrounded by myths and misconceptions.

Today, we’re raising awareness of the positive aspects of working as an escort. We’re also outlining common misconceptions and how to stay safe while working to give you a complete view of the job.

Keep reading to learn more about escorting and how escorts can stay safe and positive while working.

What are the positive aspects of working as an escort?

To kick off the article, we’re looking at the advantages and positive aspects of working as an escort. Too often, the media and society focus on the negative parts of this career. While there are pros and cons, looking at both sides of the story is essential.

Financial freedom

Escorts earn money on a self-employed basis. This means there’s no wage cap on earnings, and if you want to pick up a few extra hours or clients, you can. For some, this financial freedom feels better than a typical salary arrangement and is therefore one of the most positive aspects of working as an escort.

Of course, to maintain a steady income, escorts must book regular work, and there can be slow periods. But this freedom to pick and choose clients is a luxury many escorts enjoy.

Some escorts utilise this freedom by working part-time alongside another job. This helps them top up their savings and manage their money without entering another formal salaried job.

Flexible schedule

Alongside financial freedom, escorts have the freedom to structure their own schedules. Flexibility is a popular part of the job, as you don’t have to work to a strict schedule like in a 9-5.

For example, you can schedule clients in the evenings if you’re not a morning person. Alternatively, you can book morning clients if you’re an early riser – and yes, morning sessions are more popular than you’d expect.

The nature of self-employed work also allows escorts to take time off as needed. As long as escorts are savvy with savings and have enough cash flow to cover their needs, this can be a very freeing arrangement.

Self-discovery and personal growth

Sex work, like many unique careers, opens a world of new experiences.

Escorting often leads to endless self-discovery and personal growth, mainly because you’re working with many different people and in charge of your own time. This setup allows escorts to experiment with what they do and don’t like, thus giving them more knowledge about themselves.

Business skills

When you think of escorting, what skills come to mind?

People tend to forget all of the behind-the-scenes talent needed to run a thriving escorting business. From tax returns and accounts to marketing and graphic design, escorts often spin more plates than you realise. This leaves them well-positioned to transfer to another industry or create another business of their own.

Common challenges escorts face

While there are a lot of positive aspects of working as an escort, to keep a balanced view, addressing common challenges escorts face is essential.

Here are some of the challenges and misconceptions escorts experience today:

  • Stigma and judgement from society due to myths and misconceptions
  • Security and safety when meeting challenging clients
  • Emotionally draining work
  • Establishing boundaries with clients
  • Facing “grey” area legalities
  • Creating a healthy work-life balance
  • Maintaining financial stability in slow periods
  • Burnout due to demands of the job
  • Lack of support due to stigma surrounding the job

How to overcome these challenges

Though unpleasant, escorts can overcome these tough challenges. From working with sex worker-positive organisations to reading book resources, there are many tools escorts can use to create a fulfilling work life.

Great UK escort resources and organisations include:

Importance of boundaries in escorting

Another popular way to overcome the client challenges associated with escorting is to establish and maintain firm boundaries. Boundaries protect you and the client, and they also navigate the expectations of the session. These should be set before you engage in any sexual acts or even book the session.

Boundaries can include no client calls after a specific time, which sexual acts you are okay with, or where you want to be touched. If a client tries to push your boundaries, it’s a sign they’re not the right match for you.

Staying safe while working

Escorts can take additional steps to stay safe while working with clients. Safety steps are practical ways to avoid any issues, and all escorts should consider implementing these techniques.

Popular sex worker safety techniques include:

  • Screening clients
  • Maintaining clear communication
  • Using informed consent
  • Learning self-defence techniques
  • Carrying safety equipment

Jump to our full sex worker safety blog to learn more.

How to build a supportive community of industry peers

A community of fellow escorts is essential to managing the stress of the job. Venting and discussing issues with like-minded sex workers can help reduce the job’s emotional impacts, and you’ll likely learn some industry tips.

If you work alone, it can be hard to find other escorts. Luckily, social media and forums make finding friends and colleagues easy. Escorts can use these resources to further their businesses and make some work friends, whether you want to start a general discussion or ask a specific work-related question.

Maintaining a positive mindset and avoiding burnout

Burnout is a serious issue faced by many escorts, and the best way to avoid it is to implement strong self-care prevention strategies before it happens.

Taking time off work is vital to avoid burnout, as this gives your mind and body time to breathe after a busy week. You should also ensure you take vacation weeks, as these are the best way to reset your mind.

Another great strategy is to practise self-care after client sessions. This could be a long hot bath or an indulgent meal for some. But it could also be simple deep breathing exercises or a brisk walk. Find a practice that grounds you and use it to de-stress after a long day.

The takeaway

Working as an escort comes with a range of benefits and drawbacks. Educating yourself on both sides of the job is essential, as this will give you a complete and unbiased understanding of sex work. Also, escorts should use this information to create self-soothing strategies and safety plans to minimise any issues on the job. Prevention is key!

Want to learn more about the industry? Explore our sex worker-focused blogs here.

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