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Sexual well-being in sex work: Masturbation as a positive self-care practice

Do you consider masturbation as a form of self-care?

When we talk about self-care, it’s easy to think of face masks, binge-watching Netflix, and taking time to journal. But these aren’t the only ways to release stress and improve our moods. Masturbation is also a vital wellness strategy, and it’s time to discuss it.

In this blog, we’re looking at how masturbation can boost your self-care routine and tips for adding it to your schedule.

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How can masturbation contribute to sexual well-being for sex workers?

Masturbation can help to improve stress levels and sexual well-being for everyone, including sex workers. This positive action is surrounded by stigma, but it comes with an endless list of physical and mental benefits — ones that boost self-esteem, and sexual enjoyment, reduce stress, and it can even help you sleep.

Regular masturbation sessions act as a self-care tool, making you feel better and more mindful. Sex experts recommend masturbating regularly to feel its advantages, but you’ll feel relaxed after just one session. A healthy masturbation habit can improve your well-being tenfold.

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Common misconceptions about masturbation

Though masturbation offers many advantages, it’s still a very taboo subject. Talking about masturbation is awkward and makes many feel embarrassed. But it’s time to break the stigma.

Here are some of the common misconceptions that aren’t true:

  • Masturbation leads to decreased sexual satisfaction
  • Masturbation is only for single people
  • Only sex addicts masturbate
  • Masturbation is only for men
  • Masturbation can reduce fertility

All these misconceptions aren’t true and don’t have any scientific basis. Sadly, due to the shame around the topic, it isn’t discussed enough, and many don’t know the actual positive impacts of masturbating.

Overcoming the general misconceptions

Overcoming the common misconceptions about masturbation is an important step to start enjoying its benefits.

First, it’s helpful to educate yourself on the facts and science behind masturbation. Countless studies prove masturbation’s benefits and how it links to well-being. Explore these to learn more about how they can improve your life.

It’s also helpful to read about others’ experiences with masturbation in online magazines or blogs. More and more influencers and wellness writers are coming forward with opinions to dismantle stereotypes.

You can also work with a sex-positive therapist or a sex educator to learn more about the truth and to reduce any personal shame you feel.

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Prioritising your own pleasure and self-care at work

For sex workers, sexual well-being crosses between their personal and professional lives. Therefore, prioritising pleasure and self-care in work is essential for anyone in the adult industry.

Alongside practising masturbation for its many benefits, sex workers can start to establish work boundaries. These prioritise pleasure as they draw a line that clients can’t pass. From certain sex acts to non-contact hours, your boundaries are there to protect your peace.

Regular breaks from work to recharge and rest can also heighten pleasure at work. Working until you’re burnt out is a quick way to feel exhausted. Taking time off work allows you to find more pleasure and enjoyment, as you’re not approaching the job from low energy levels.

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The best strategies for incorporating masturbation into your self-care routine

Building a personalised self-care routine is a great way to improve work satisfaction and boost your overall well-being. From taking up new hobbies to meditating, self-care encompasses many different aspects — including masturbation.

If you’re new to masturbation, adding it to your self-care routine might feel challenging. It’s best to set a specific time in your schedule that’s 100% dedicated to self-care. Blocking out time lets you completely check out work and enjoy the moment.

It’s also helpful to practise mindfulness while you masturbate. Focus on the moment and the different sensations. Remember, an orgasm is a bonus but not the goal. Enjoy the experience and try new things. You might find a new kink.

Don’t skip post-masturbation care. For example, a warm bath or journalling can help you reflect on the session and collect your thoughts.

Navigating shame or guilt surrounding masturbation

For some, masturbation is linked to shame and guilt. To navigate these challenging emotions, remind yourself that masturbating is normal, and there are many benefits and science-backed information to prove it.

It’s also recommended to explore masturbation gradually. If you’re not experienced, it might not be best to start with a toy. Slow exposure to pleasuring yourself could be a better route to satisfaction. Opt for toys and accessories if you feel drawn to them, not because you “should”.

Talking with a professional sex therapist or counsellor can help you work through any heavy feelings. Sex-positive therapists create safe spaces for you to discuss your desires and worries.

How to communicate desires and boundaries surrounding masturbation to clients

Sometimes, masturbation can be used within sex work sessions. If you’re working with a client and want to incorporate masturbation into the session, use these techniques to ensure a positive experience:

  • Ensure all communication is open and clear
  • Set expectations and boundaries before you start
  • Ensure both parties give active consent
  • Talk and provide feedback throughout the session
  • Use affirmative language to show what you’re enjoying
  • Actively listen to a client’s desires and boundaries
  • Have a self-care plan for when you finish

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Masturbation and its benefits to sexual health and well-being

Masturbation provides us with numerous well-being and sexual health benefits. From learning more about our desires to improving sleep and stress levels, it’s an excellent tool for any self-care toolkit.

How masturbation can be a positive aspect of sex work

Exploring masturbation teaches you what sensations you enjoy. You can use this knowledge to improve your sexual experiences with clients as you have more knowledge and self-awareness about your own desires.

Masturbation can also develop your services and allow you to cater to a broader range of clients. For example, some clients may want to explore mutual masturbation or watch someone else masturbate.

Masturbation also allows sex workers to take control of their own pleasure and define their boundaries. Thanks to self-exploration, you’ll be able to set better boundaries for a more positive experience.

Ten reasons you should add masturbation to your self-care routine

Want to know the top benefits? Here are ten reasons masturbation can improve your self-care routine:

  1. Masturbation improves your mood via dopamine and endorphin releases
  2. It can release stress and tension
  3. Masturbation improves sleep quality and the ability to fall asleep
  4. Improves sexual satisfaction and libido
  5. Allows for sexual exploration and discovering new desires
  6. Better pelvic floor muscle tone
  7. Masturbation can relieve menstrual cramps, headaches, and other muscle tensions
  8. Improves body confidence and self-esteem
  9. Regular masturbation has been proven to regulate hormone levels
  10. Helps your practice self-care and kindness to yourself

The takeaway

Masturbation is a powerful tool that can empower you to take control of your desires while simultaneously reducing stress, pain, and other issues. This practice has many benefits, but it’s crucial to work through any misconceptions or guilt before you get started. This way, you’ll have a more positive experience that offers advantages throughout your work and personal life.

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