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All you need to know about a tickle kink

Tickling isn’t something we think of as sexy. But with the right mood and partner, it can be a game changer in the bedroom.

Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered why tickling feels so good or whether your partner would let you tickle them after dark.

In this article, we’re looking at tickle fetishes and what they involve.

Let’s go!

What is tickling and why does it feel good?

Tickling is a strange sensation. It feels good to some and unpleasant to others, but either way, it produces a distinct reaction.

The act of tickling involves light or quick touches to sensitive areas of the body. For many, it produces a sensation that causes giggling or laughter, but for others, it may feel very uncomfortable.

The feeling caused by tickling often depends on the situation’s context. In a relaxed setting, you might find it more pleasant, whereas an accidental tickle in a serious meeting isn’t acceptable.

Researchers aren’t sure exactly why tickling causes laughter or feels good. But there are a few theories that are likely to be true:

  • Endorphin releases – Tickling likely causes a release of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that act as mood elevators and natural painkillers. This could cause a pleasurable feeling
  • Reflex response – Tickling may also cause a reflex response, which explains the involuntary laughter and muscle contractions. Some researchers think these reflexes have evolved as a way for humans to protect themselves from potential threats
  • Sensory stimulation – Since tickling activates the nerve endings in your skin, it causes sensory stimulation. An intense sensory experience can cause both pleasure and discomfort
  • Social connections – Tickling is associated with positive social interactions in many cultures, such as among friends or parents and children. It’s often a way to bond, play, and reinforce relationships

While most people have positive experiences with tickling, it’s critical to remember that many also find it unpleasant. You may also grow more or less tickling with age or depending on your mood and the social context.

What is a tickle kink?

A tickle kink is when you experience sexual feelings when being tickled or tickling someone else. Knismophilia is the actual name for this fetish, but it can look different for everyone.

Some people find light touches and tickles to be a turn-on but don’t want to be tickled during intercourse. However, others prefer heavy or vigorous tickling as a part of humiliation.

Similarly, some experience pleasure from tickling others. This could be because they enjoy seeing their partner laugh or smile or because they’re dominant and want to take control of the situation.

So, if you find tickling sexy, you might have a tickle kink – and this is much more common than you’d expect.

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Is a tickle kink part of BDSM?

As soon as something becomes a “kink”, many assume it’s part of the BDSM scene. If someone only enjoys light touches as a part of foreplay, it doesn’t sit under the BDSM umbrella. However, if you pair your tickling desires with power dynamics and other classic bondage techniques, it can become part of your BDSM practice.

Within the BDSM community, there is a type of play called “tickle torture”. This is where a submissive is tied down or constrained and tickled until they can’t take it anymore. Since tickling causes involuntary responses, the submissive loses control and can’t speak or focus. Hand signals usually replace safewords in this type of play.

How can you add tickling into your sex life?

Are you ready to try something new? Here are a few exciting ways to add laughter and fun to your bedroom:

  • Start with light touches in foreplay – You don’t have to jump in with tickle torture. Slowly touch your partner during foreplay and see which parts of their body elicit a response. If something feels good, keep exploring that area
  • Use different touches and objects – Different touches and objects can cause different feelings. For example, a feather offers a lighter touch than your fingers
  • Consider adding in some restraints – If you are interested in BDSM, consider adding some handcuffs to keep your partner restrained while they’re tickled. This can make the play even sexier

Tickling and boundaries

If you’re new to tickling, starting slow and listening to your partner is critical. Remember that anyone can say no and stop the play at any time, and you should never get started without enthusiastic consent from your partner.

Where is the most ticklish part of your body?

The most ticklish part of the body depends on who you’re asking. However, most consider the soles of their feet to be the most sensitive area.

Other highly ticklish areas you can experiment with include:

  • Palm of the hands
  • Belly
  • Sides of your torso
  • Ribs
  • Midriff
  • Underarms
  • Back of the knee
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Perineum

Note these down before you get started! Focusing on these body parts will bring out the best sensations and the most laughs.

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How do you tell your partner you enjoy tickling?

As with any kinks and fetishes, telling your partner about your desires is the best way to level up your sex life and enjoy a more intimate bond. However, talking about kinks is very vulnerable, and you might feel too nervous to open up.

Here are some suggestions for talking to your partner about adding tickling to the bedroom:

  • Use I-statements to explain how the kink makes you feel (e.g. I think it’s sexy when…)
  • Make sure you let them know they still turn you on
  • Remain positive throughout
  • Discuss consent and boundaries
  • Be honest about your desires

If your partner isn’t sure whether tickling is for them, don’t push them into it. They need to be 100% into it for them to consent. Give them time to consider the offer, as letting them think about it is always better than forcing them to give an answer on the spot.

The takeaway

Whether you’re the tickler or the ticklee, adding tickle play into your sex life can improve your sexual satisfaction, give you stronger orgasms, and mix up your routine. Hopefully, this blog has introduced you to something new. Save this page so you can come back to it later!

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