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Why your location matters in escorting

Have you ever considered whether your location when escorting is beneficial to your career? Or have you simply set up shop where you’re based? Where you work can impact your career more than you might expect, and today we’ll explain why.

Keep reading to discover why places matter in escorting, which factors you should consider, and whether you should travel and work.

Let’s get into it.

Why you should consider where you’re based as an escort

Not all cities are built equally. Some attract specific industries, and some are more conservative than others. This is only natural and has been the case since humans started settlements. However, you can use it to your advantage, especially if you want to up your rates and expand your client base.

For example, a vibrant city might be best for you if you want to meet different people and experience a fast-paced work life. On the other hand, if you prefer having a few reliable clients and a slower pace of life, a smaller town could work better for you.

You don’t need to be at the start of your career to make these decisions. You can make a change any time you want, and spending a few weeks in a new location can even help you up your earnings in slow periods.

Scroll down to discover the benefits and drawbacks of different locations when escorting.

Cities vs rural areas for escorting

For simplicity, we’re dividing potential places into cities vs quieter towns and rural areas. Of course, some places won’t fit perfectly into these categories, but you can use these factors as a general guideline for choosing where to escort.

Below is an overview of what to consider when choosing a base. We’ve selected the top five points you need to consider, from demand to legality. Bookmark this page so you don’t lose them.

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1. Demand

No matter your experience or niche, it’s vital to be based in a place with demand for escort services. You could be the best provider in the world, but if there aren’t any eager clients nearby, you won’t be able to make any money.

Big cities tend to have higher demand because they have larger populations. So, in the UK, London and Manchester are great places to start your career. You’ll have access to thousands of clients and accessible public transport.

You don’t need to be in the largest cities in the country to get clients, though. Large towns also have a high demand for escort services.

Extremely rural areas have less demand for escorts as fewer people are there, no outcall locations (e.g. hotels), and fewer transport links. Never say never, though. Some escorts make a living from remote locations, but you might need to supplement escorting with OnlyFans or online sex work.

Pro tip: When in doubt, use online directories (like Vivastreet) to investigate how many escorts are based in your target location. If there aren’t any, there probably isn’t much work available.

2. Prices

Another factor you should consider when choosing a location is the average rate for sex work. Your rate depends on your niche, experience, and personal branding. But it can also be affected by your location, as some places have higher standard rates than others.

Again, you can check out the average baseline rate by comparing other escort adverts. You’ll see that some locations are more expensive than others.

While it might be tempting to go for a place that has higher rates, you should also factor in the average cost of living. For example, you can charge more in London, but rent and bills cost a lot more here. So, your disposable income may even be less than if you lived in a quieter area.

3. Competition

Are you ready to take on some fierce competition? Or do you want to get work without constantly reinventing yourself?

Cities tend to be more competitive as more escorts live in one place. To catch a punter’s eye, you need to stand out from the crowd and offer the best services. Sometimes, fierce competition can even drive prices down, as escorts provide cheap deals to try and undercut each other. However, dropping your prices can lead to burnout. Avoid this where possible.

There’s less competition outside of big cities, which makes it easier to connect with clients. You can get away with spending less on marketing as there are fewer escorts in your neighbourhood, so you’re already one of the top choices.

4. Safety

Safety should always be a top concern, even when choosing where to live.

While cities tend to have higher crime rates, you should always have your guard up and prioritise personal safety – even if you decide to work from a smaller town.

From sharing your location with trusted friends and family to not revealing your home address, there are a range of sex worker safety tips you should use regardless of where you live.

5. Legality

Finally, you should consider the legality of each location when escorting. In the UK, the exchange of sexual services for money is legal (apart from Northern Ireland). However, you can’t solicit clients on the street or in public.

This might change if you’re working abroad. Always research before you move abroad for work.

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Escorting and travel: Should you do it?

You can take advantage of the perks of different locations by meeting clients while on vacation or basing yourself in a new location for a few weeks at a time. This can help you widen your network, access higher rates, and give you more experiences.

However, every location has a different attitude and laws concerning sex work. It may also not be wise to meet clients in a city you don’t know, especially if they want you to visit their home.

Read our full guide to seeing clients while abroad now.

The takeaway

Choosing your location when escorting can be tricky, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Even if you’re not based in the busiest area, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to boost your bookings and elevate your services.

Read more about building your brand and sex work here.

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