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Benefits of working online as a sex worker

The internet has revolutionised sex work, and new ways to meet clients and promote your content appear every week. Whether you’re camming, posting saucy selfies, or using social media platforms to meet new clients, technology is a complete game changer.

We’re taking a moment to pause and look at the top benefits of working online as a sex worker.

Let’s dive in.

What are the benefits of online sex work?

From being able to work from home to having access to millions of subscribers, the benefits of using the internet are endless.

Extra safety and anonymity

One revolutionary benefit of working online as a sex worker is a reduced risk of physical violence and the ability to be anonymous.

If you don’t want to meet clients in person, you simply don’t have to. Camming, OnlyFans, and the like connect sex workers with clients for intimate video sessions without the need to meet in person.

Sex workers can also ditch their real identity in favour of an online alter ego. Granted, sex workers have been using fake names since pre-internet times. However, the internet makes it much easier to conceal your personal identity. You don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to!

Endless options to explore

The internet gives us access to a rich plethora of information, kinks, fetishes, platforms, and more. We have more choices than ever in the digital age, and sex workers have leveraged this to their advantage.

From embracing a specific kink to making the most of all sex work channels, sex workers don’t have to fit into a tiny box.

Alongside kinks and platforms, the internet also gives us access to endless sex education and safety information. You can promote healthy client relationships and set up a secure sex work business, all without leaving your house.

online sex work

A community of colleagues at your fingertips

Sex work is usually a solo career, especially when offline. However, thanks to the internet, sex workers can reach like-minded workers and new friends without travelling far.

From meeting on social media to sex worker forums, connecting with others is easier than ever. Sex workers can use these connections to learn more about the industry, vent about work issues, or simply make new friends.

Earning from home

Working from home has boomed in the last few years, but sex workers have been championing this style since pre-2020.

Online sex work has allowed millions of professionals to earn a living without leaving their houses. This unique working style offers more freedom to enjoy life. For example, if you want to invest in your physical fitness, you can. You can take a midday nap if needed. You can even stay in bed all day camming if that’s your thing.

The benefits of working from home are vast, and sex workers have used these to their advantage. Plus, you don’t even have to be in your house. As long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, you can earn money.

You set your own hours

Alongside the above point, online sex work allows you to set your desired working hours.

You don’t have to work early if you don’t want to get up in the mornings! You can work into the night and access clients in different time zones. Similarly, if you’re an early bird, you can get up at the crack of dawn and start working. You’d be surprised how many clients are raring to go in the mornings.

This flexibility is ideal for sex workers with other commitments, such as another job, studies, or even children.

Access to a larger audience

The internet improves connection and communication for everyone, and for sex workers, this means access to a larger audience or more clients.

The internet unlocks a whole new world of fans from different counties, countries, and continents. Sex workers just need to be savvy about tapping into foreign markets. If you want clients in different countries, consider adding captions in their language and posting when they’re awake.

Better overall wages

Wages will always depend on experience, niche, the type of sex work, and demand for it.

However, working online has allowed sex workers to access better wages due to increased connections with high-end clientele. For example, sex workers can position themselves as luxury or high-end providers, attracting clients willing to pay premium rates.

Working online also allows sex workers to better view competitor rates. This way, they can gauge the current market trends and price themselves accordingly. With strategy and planning, sex workers can make lucrative incomes thanks to online research that was unavailable in the industry decades ago.

online sex work

Easier ways to screen clients

Client screening is a crucial step in any sex worker-client relationship, and it’s needed whether you’re working online or offline. But there’s no question that technology has made this step more accessible and quicker than before.

Sex workers can use social media and non-profit databases to check potential client information, including whether their data is legitimate or even if they have any prior incidents against their name.

Potential issues with online sex work

The internet and technology have vastly improved the landscape for sex workers. However, it’s naive to ignore the few disadvantages sex workers still face, even when working online.

Before getting started, sex workers should consider these drawbacks of the online job:

  • Content posted on the internet is tough to remove
  • Clients can still harass you via online messages
  • The industry can be saturated, and accessing the top rates is harder
  • There’s still social stigma and stereotypes surrounding the job

Sex workers and allies are working hard to change the stereotypes of sex work through education, awareness, and legislation, and the internet is crucial in the fight.

The takeaway

Sex workers have more choices and creativity thanks to online platforms. Plus, there are added safety benefits and access to sex education tools. But while the benefits are many, it’s essential to also review the few drawbacks for a balanced picture of the job.

Want to know more? Find sex worker resources and support on our blog today.

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