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Set the stage: Hot performance tips for your webcam show

If you’re an experienced webcam model, you know it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help make sure your shows are an unforgettable experience for clients. 

After providing some practical tips for beginner webcam models, we decided to inspire the seasoned pros to help make your cam shows even more enticing.

Take a look at our hot tips to be a great webcam performer and a cut above the rest.

General tips for webcam shows

So, here’s the truth about how to be a good webcam model.

If you want to tick all the boxes and keep turning new clients into loyal supporters, then it’s crucial for your webcam performances to have these two qualities: entertainment and professionalism.  


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Here’s the ultimate webcam model checklist to put this into practice and become a webcam model with incredible service:

Set boundaries

First and foremost, you need to decide what you’re willing to do and not do on camera.

Be warned that some clients will surprise you with their requests, and may ask for services you may not feel comfortable doing; this can be anything from nude performances to explicit acts with sex toys. 

It’s better to decline requests firmly than appear hesitant or off guard, as clients are less likely to pressure you into specific services and you can continue with your webcam show confidently.

Be prepared

Make sure you’re fully equipped and ready before sessions begin, otherwise your lack of preparation can shine through your webcam performances, making it appear amateur.

As well as making sure your physical appearance is up to par, you need to have some adult entertainment planned for clients.

Some clients will be unsure of what they want specifically, but have a desire for quality company and sexual entertainment, so a little script or a lineup of ideas is helpful to keep the show running smoothly in the most exciting way possible. 

Think about sexy topics you’d like to talk about, erotic acts you want to perform, and how you want them to engage in the session.

Remember, clients with specific requests will be expecting a specific service, so be prepared just in case your creative juices run dry.

Be interactive 

As a cam model, one thing that will keep your clients even more engaged is if you socialise with them throughout your webcam performance.  

While keeping the interaction flirtatious and sexy, you can ask questions or entice them into some mutual sexual activity to immerse them deeper into their webcam session.

After all, clients have booked a session for their own gratification, so the more your performance meets their needs and focuses on them, the more satisfied they’ll feel with your service.

Keep good eye contact and speak to them with confidence; nobody expects a cam model to be shy, so don’t be afraid to be sociable while keeping the show lively,  as this is a main sign of professionalism when it comes to webcamming.

Having a verbal conversation is better than typing, as clients have paid to watch you and have human interaction and not to pay attention to your chatbox.

Create a persona 

When your cam show is over, you want clients to feel connected to your personality so they book more sessions. 

Creating a fun and sexy webcam persona that’s true to yourself will give you an edge over the competition. 

Bring out the best side of your personality and come up with some creative ways.

Think about your favourite characteristic traits: Are you funny? Do you have any idiosyncrasies or favourite phrases you like to utter? What about the way you like to sit? What type of client are you performing for? Are they playful or serious? Bring out the sides of your personality they’ll appreciate.

Making yourself appear unique and having distinctive traits allows clients to be attracted to you as a person.


Sexy woman in blindfold biting whip with red lips

Be on time

You might be your own boss, but that doesn’t mean you can show up late to sessions; it is bad for business and can give you a bad reputation. 

Be ready to start at least 10 minutes before your sessions so you can relax and ease into your webcam performance smoothly and professionally without rushing into it or showing signs of stress from what you were doing previously.

Stay on cam a little longer

Why not provide exceptional customer service by staying a little longer on cam to give some clients extra time. 

It makes a great impression while giving you the opportunity to build a deeper rapport with clients. 

The more you get to know them better, the easier it can be to meet their needs and give them a chance to take more of a liking to you.

It gives your performance a personal touch so clients will feel more connected and more likely to return for more sessions.

Set up your camming room

It might be pretty obvious, but you need to make sure your webcamming room is clean and tidy so it’s free from distraction and looks professional.

Make sure the exact spots you will be performing in are not overcrowded with stuff,  ensuring the attention remains on you.

You’ll also need to be in a quiet room where no one will be able to disturb your webcam performance.

Clients need to be able to hear you properly and not have their sessions interrupted, so it’s important to keep your personal life and business separate. 

Also, your webcam room needs to set the mood and you need the right equipment to carry out your performance. 

For example, is the lighting sufficient? Could the bed you’re performing on do with a makeover to set the mood? Is the location of your webcam room able to pick up fast and reliable internet connection?

More information on how to set up your camming room and the tech requirements for live streaming  can be found here.


Luxurious bedroom interior with bed and table lamps

Hot tips to spice up your webcam performance 

Now, let’s focus on the real entertainment that will wow your clients. 

Here are some ways to make your show more thrilling and enticing for your clients.

Invest in camming props 

Although props are optional, a cam show is not a cam show without fun props. It’s the way to go if you want to keep your clients gripped and eager for more. Find the most popular types of props below:

Sex toys

These are the most commonly used props on a webcam show, and are great for sexual fantasies. Here are some must-have sex toys to include in your webcam shows:

  • Vibrators
  • Dildos
  • Butt plugs
  • Cock rings
  • Masturbators

Fetish equipment

In your webcamming career, you’ll come across some kinky individuals with some fascinating sex fetishes. If you’re looking to make more money, it might be a good idea to have a few popular fetish items on hand. Here are some popular choices:

  • Whips
  • Handcuffs
  • Gags
  • Collars
  • Bondage rope

Heels/knee-high boots 

Although this can be considered as fetish equipment, we had to single this out. A killer pair of heels or sexy knee-high boots pays homage to the very common foot fetish. Any colour will look fab, but opting for red or black connotes sex appeal and symbolises BDSM culture, another common sexual fetish.


Sex toys and accessories

Utilise camming attire

If you’re doing a webcam show, you need to look the part. 

As it may be the first time meeting clients, you need to make an unforgettable impression, preferably one that arouses excitement and mystery. 

Here’s a list of some sexiest webcam model garments to wear on webcam that’ll have your clients’ imagination running wild:

Lingerie or underwear 

Donning seductive or erotic lingerie/underwear is a common style for cam models, as it boosts sex appeal and is the ultimate teaser, making lustful eyes wonder what’s underneath.

When picking your lingerie style, think about what parts of the body you’d like to accentuate or create a desired mystery about. 

For example, a gorgeous corset draws attention to the bust and waist while a pair of stockings with a garter belt pulls the eyes to legs. 

The same applies to swimwear, briefs, trunks, and boxers – these are all eye candy in the world of webcamming and should be used to your advantage.


Burlesque girl laying on sofa in white corset


With all the sexual fetishes out there, leather belongs in the fetish hall of fame. It is associated and a predominant part of BDSM culture, one of the top sexual fetishes in the UK

This on-bondage look is considered a strong, sexy and dominant garment that symbolises sexual power. 

Another similar fabric-based fetish is latex, admired for its wet look and tight fit. See-through fabrics are up there too, where many people get aroused by looking at clothing that allows them to have sneak peek of some flesh.

Role-play uniform

Want to get the temperature rising? Another common popular kink enjoyed by clients is role-play, which tends to go a long way with the right matching uniform. 

It’s all about stimulating fantasy and is a great way to amplify arousal and enhance orgasm. 

Popular role-play dress-ups that achieve sexual satisfaction are the French maid, naughty school girl, sexy police officer, hunky firefighter, and playboy bunny, to name a few.

Otherwise, if you feel comfortable, you can give clients a desirable webcam experience and go completely nude. 

You’ll find that many clients are willing to pay extra money to see nude adult entertainment and this can be done in private one-to-one sessions.


Woman wearing a black playboy bunny outfit with ears

Start the show 

With all of our practical tips to be a great webcam model, you’re ready to start your online sex shows.

Don’t expect to get things perfect the first time; webcam modelling is about trial and error, and the more experience you gain the better you’ll get at it.

Once you become more comfortable and skilled with your webcam performances, your client base will increase along with your reputation.

Remember, when modelling on cam make sure you’re always prepared – from your webcam room to your sex acts – and remain sexy, pleasant and interactive. Your clients won’t be able to resist coming back for more. 

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