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Should you see clients while abroad?

Your holiday is coming up. You’re ready to relax and unwind by the pool. But a little voice tells you to book a few clients while you’re away. After all, what’s the harm? You enjoy your job, and meeting new people could help you learn about the culture. Unfortunately, escorting in another country isn’t always this simple.

  • Why should you see clients abroad?
  • What to consider before booking escort sessions abroad
  • How to put safety first while escorting abroad
  • What to do if a client asks you to travel abroad?
  • The takeaway
  • In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about escorting abroad. From factors to consider to safety tips, this complete guide will help you navigate this exciting decision.

    Why should you see clients abroad?

    Seeing clients while on holiday can widen your network, help you develop your skills, introduce you to a new culture, and you can pad your bank account with more cash. It truly is a way to broaden your horizons and enjoy the new country.

    But for every positive, there’s a drawback to consider. Working in another country leaves you vulnerable to language barriers, different laws, and general harm. Scroll down to learn more about this business decision.

    What to consider before booking escort sessions abroad

    Considering a working holiday? Don’t do it without some heavy research. Here’s everything you need to consider before escorting abroad:

    Check out the local laws

    This is an obvious point, but one to consider, nonetheless. If you do anything, make sure it’s looking at local escorting laws. Countries, counties, and even cities have different laws and regulations. Even if the laws are different from home, you need to respect them.

    If you’re travelling to a country with stricter or more complicated escorting laws, it’s best not to work while you’re away. Getting into trouble may leave you with legal issues, a hefty fine, difficulty travelling in the future, and potential jail time. When in doubt, don’t escort abroad.

    escorting abroad

    How well do you know the area?

    If the country you’ve travelled to is like a second home and you know the lingo and geographical area, you’ll have more confidence while working abroad. This still doesn’t make it 100% safe, but you’re in a better position than someone unfamiliar with the area or language.

    Looking at local sex worker forums can help you learn more about safety. However, it’s not recommended to work in places where you don’t know the regional scene.

    Consider the clients

    Do you know the clients? Or are you looking for entirely new punters? Working while abroad is easier if you’re networking with previous clients. This way, the payment methods, fees, and general boundaries are established. Finding new clients can be challenging, as you must set out your dos and don’ts in a new culture. This may also involve crossing a language barrier, which can be pretty stressful.

    Payment options

    Different countries have different currencies, so you’ll have to convert your standard fees into the currency of wherever you stay. You might also have to change how you accept donations. For example, some eWallets or bank transfers might not be available.

    You should also consider the standard rates for escorts in your new country. Services that cost £100 in one place might be worth more or less than what you expect, depending on the local demand. If you want to entice some clients, you might need to drop your fees to meet local expectations.

    Working while on the road

    Finally, take a moment to consider whether you actually want to work on your holiday. Yes, you can make some extra cash while away. But taking time off should be about self-care, resetting your mind, and relaxing. Working when you should be chilling will leave you with higher stress levels and potentially worse mental health. Self-care is critical, so don’t overwork yourself.

    How to put safety first while escorting abroad

    If you decide to take the plunge and earn extra money in a different country, don’t scrimp on the safety measures.

    Here are some tips to protect yourself when escorting in a new country:

    • Tell someone you trust – Whether you give a friend your location or add a tracker to your phone, make sure someone knows where you are and when the booking is
    • Meet the client in a public place – Don’t meet in private. Choose a cafe or hotel lobby for the initial rendezvous
    • Follow local laws – Again, you must inform yourself about local laws. Following these will keep you safe and out of harm’s way
    • Screen potential clients – You might not be able to use the same screening websites as in the UK but ensure you take time to ID-check your clients
    • Use open communication, boundaries, and informed consent – These are essential to sex worker safety anywhere in the world
    • Carry safety equipment – Depending on where you are, you may legally be able to carry safety equipment. For example, personal defence sprays or alarms
    • Have an exit plan – Plan your booking so that you have an exit. Having a trusted contact on speed dial is another critical safety precaution
    • Trust your intuition – If something feels wrong, it probably is. Don’t feel guilty for bailing due to gut feelings

    Client reg flags

    Watching for client red flags is also essential while working abroad. You should monitor them for aggressive behaviour from the moment you start the conversation.

    Typical client red flags include:

    • Aggressive behaviour
    • Disrespecting boundaries
    • Fake information/refusal of ID checks
    • Lying or inconsistent behaviour
    • Bad personal hygiene
    • Substance abuse

    Explore other common client red flags.

    escorting abroad

    What to do if a client asks you to travel abroad?

    Sometimes, clients make big requests, and asking you to travel out of the country with them is one of these.

    Going abroad with a client is a big step, and the answer differs depending on each case. For most escorts, this is a big no-no, regardless of how well you know the client. This is because your safety always comes first, and there’s no way of guaranteeing it when you’re in a completely different country.

    However, that doesn’t mean every trip abroad with a client is destined for failure. For a few escorts, this is a big perk of the job. It’s more common in the world of high-class escorting, so don’t expect it from all punters.

    The takeaway

    Escorting abroad can be a liberating experience. Who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash while on holiday? However, you must be extra careful about your safety while following local laws.

    Learn more about being an escort and running a business now.

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