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The most common mistakes clients make when hiring an escort

Entering your first experience with an escort can be a bit nerve-wracking. While nowadays many people hire escorts for company, there’s still a stigma around the sex work industry, which is why basic rules of etiquette don’t reach clients before their first escort experience.

Clients making mistakes during their first escort experience is very common. But while they’re common, it’s very important to find ways to avoid these mistakes when hiring an escort.

Sometimes, these mistakes can be detrimental to the client-escort relationship and might cause the escort to end the date right there and then.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the most common mistakes clients make when hiring escorts, how these affect the overall relationship, and some of the things clients can do to avoid these mistakes during their experience.

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What are the most common mistakes clients make when hiring an escort?

Look, let’s be real – most people aren’t comfortable talking about sex work. While this stigma is unfair and dated, it’s the harsh reality of our situation. Most people learn about the sex work industry from TV and media, which paints a really inaccurate picture.

This leads to clients making mistakes when hiring escorts that can come off as rude or disrespectful. Escorts provide clients with a great time and an unforgettable experience, but if you want to make the most of the date, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not asking questions

When hiring an escort, you will likely have to engage in a conversation with them beforehand. If you aren’t familiar with the escort and their services, one of the biggest mistakes clients make when hiring an escort is not asking questions when talking to the escort or agency.

Before your date, you need to have realistic expectations about what’s going to happen and where the boundaries lie. And if you’ve never hired an escort before, you may not have the right expectations about what will happen.

This is why we highly suggest asking questions during your first interactions. This allows you to figure out exactly what services the escort provides, what you can or can’t do, and more.


Escorts offer a specialised service at a specific price. While there’s always some room for negotiation when hiring escorts, haggling too much is something that can throw an escort off. When clients try to bargain the price too much, there’s a high chance that the escort will refuse them their services.

When you browse online directories for escorts, most agencies display their prices. To avoid putting off escorts, it’s best to only inquire with agencies that offer services at prices you’re willing to pay.

Being disrespectful

The mainstream media has not painted escorts in the most accurate light. This is why many clients lack respect for their escort, which is a major no in the industry. Remember, whenever you hire an escort, they have the right to leave the date and end their service whenever they want. And if you’re disrespectful to the escort, you can expect them to cancel your date very quickly.

We always recommend that you treat your escort like you would any other date. Of course, the dynamic will be a bit different and maybe unfamiliar at first, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect their boundaries and rules.

Not reading the agency’s policy

Before confirming a date with an escort, agencies usually send you their rules and their policy. This is standard in the industry, and one of the biggest mistakes clients make when hiring an escort is not reading the agency’s policy. Breaking the agency’s policy can result in the escort leaving you and you not getting a refund for the services. So, make sure to read all the details before confirming your date.

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How do these mistakes impact the client-escort relationship?

It’s very important to maintain a healthy client-escort relationship, regardless of the role you play. For escorts, a good relationship usually means clients that come back to them for services. And for clients, a good relationship results in a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

That said, making these simple and common mistakes can be detrimental to forming a healthy relationship with your escort and vice versa. The sex work industry can be dangerous, and it’s important for workers to practice vigilance. So, when workers sense that something is off, they will immediately end the encounter and not accept the client again.

On top of that, if you make these mistakes, you might ruin the chemistry between you and the escort. Even if the escort doesn’t end the date, a weak relationship can ruin the vibe and atmosphere, making for a much less pleasurable experience.

Stories from the real world

The mistakes clients make when hiring an escort can cause a greatly impatient-escort relationship, and they really happen on the streets. Take a look at some of these stories from escorts on Reddit sharing their anecdotes:

When asked about clients who don’t shower:

“It’s disgusting honestly! It’s up to the girls what they do and how they handle it. When I first started I’d just deal with it and vomit afterwards… that’s actually happened a number of times. But now I refuse to. I ask all clients to make sure they’ve showered before we have sex and tell them of course I’ll do the same. “

When asked about weird and unsafe requests:

“This last one wasn’t actually a client because I refused his offer but he asked to book me for a whole weekend, 24 hours a day for three days. That’s tons of money for me so I wasn’t going to say no unless there was some crazy reason for it… turns out there was. He wanted to take me away for a ‘boys’ weekend with his friends, he wanted them all to gangbang me (I’ve done it before and I enjoy it, that wasn’t the problem) and spit in my face, dp me, cut me with a knife, and make me walk around the apartment all weekend naked, tided up and gaged. They wanted me to go out in public wearing really revealing clothes and they wanted to tell everyone I was a whore. If men came over to me they wanted me to have those guys blow jobs. I said hell no and blocked that guy real fast”

So, these mistakes and incidents happen on the streets, and if you don’t want the escort to refuse the date or you want to ensure the best possible time for everyone, it’s best to avoid them.

How to communicate your needs and desires to an escort while respecting boundaries

Communication is key if you want to avoid the common mistakes that clients make with escorts. The first and most common mistake that clients make is not asking questions and talking to the escort before the date. Avoiding a conversation means you miss your chance to communicate what you want or listen to the escort’s boundaries.

Escorts are used to dealing with clients, so you can always let them know about what you expect from the date. And if they can’t or don’t offer that service, they can always refuse you or offer something else.

So, if you want to communicate openly with your escort and respect their boundaries, you have to talk to them. Just remember to approach them respectfully if they refuse something or set a boundary to respect it.

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Tips for clients looking for a positive experience with their escort

We understand that your first experience with an escort can be hard. So, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Always talk to the escort and let them know what service you want and respect their boundaries
  • Approach the escort respectfully
  • Don’t get too personal with the questions
  • Be on time
  • Bring the escort to a clean place
  • Always bring protection
  • Do your research beforehand
  • Read the agency’s policy
  • Bring the exact amount if paying in cash

The takeaway

While mistakes are common while hiring escorts, they can also be avoided. So, if you want to have the best possible experience the next time you hire an escort, follow the tips we mentioned above.

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