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Money-saving tips for sex workers: How to build a secure financial future

Saving and building a secure financial future is essential for everyone.

However, financial advance isn’t always built with sex workers in mind. As self-employed workers, saving for the future can look different from anyone working for a corporation. But with a quick mindset shift, you can easily budget your income and ensure you’re making positive financial decisions.

Learning about money-saving is the first step to better personal finances. In this article, we’ve curated the top money-saving tips for sex workers from building an emergency fund to saving money, you’ll be an expert on all things money-related by the time you’re finished reading.

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Common financial challenges for sex workers

Sex workers face different financial challenges than most employees. Due to the inconsistent nature of the job, social stigma, and other problems, saving and investing can be more difficult.

Being aware of the typical financial challenges can help sex workers overcome them. Here are some issues to be mindful of:

  • Lack of access to banking services or loans/credit
  • Inconsistent income (e.g. slow months)
  • Difficulty investing money/declaring income
  • Potential extortion or exploitation by clients/bosses
  • Judgement/stigma that prevents the ability to access financial advice
  • Limited legal protections on the work
  • Higher costs for health care or legal representation

Overcoming the challenges

The typical financial challenges don’t affect all sex workers. But they are a real issue for many sex workers worldwide.

Understanding the issues is the first step to overcoming them. Take time to research each challenge, and then review your own finances. Does the issue affect you? And if so, what’s the actionable step to navigate the issue?

Once you’ve pinpointed your challenges, you can start to fix them. This could be through more research, contacting sex worker-friendly organisations, or networking with other sex workers.

Keep reading for actionable financial advice for sex workers.

How can sex workers create a reliable budget?

A budget is essential for any adult, but especially anyone with a self-employed income. Due to the nature of self-employed work, your income can change. This is normal, but being prepared for slow months is a must.

Start tracking how much you earn per month. With this data, you can examine when you’re busiest and when work is quieter. This way, you’ll know to save some extra money to cover expenses for slow weeks or months.

Income isn’t the only thing to track, though. You should also record your expenses. This includes rent, utilities, food, and other costs. Is there anywhere you can cut? Many realise they’re spending more on non-necessary items when they start tracking their spending.

If you’re not already, start saving some of your monthly income for retirement or emergencies. We’ll go into the details of these further in the post. But don’t forget to include these in your budget.

Spreadsheets are a popular way to create a budget. However, they’re not the only way. Handy budget apps are also available. For example, Emma is a popular UK-based budgeting app that you can use for free. Here you can track your income and expenses without the stress of a pesky Excel spreadsheet.

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Strategies to reduce expenses and save money

Once you’ve examined your finances, you might want to make some cutbacks and save cash.

Here are some of the best ways to jump-start your savings:

  • Review your budget every month to stay on top of any changes
  • Cutback on any non-essential spending (e.g., entertainment or dining)
  • Opt for discounts or deals when shopping
  • Explore mindful spending and avoid impulse shopping
  • Embrace free or low-cost entertainment experiences
  • Cancel any subscriptions or direct debit services you don’t use
  • Start decluttering and selling any unwanted items
  • Lower transport costs by walking or taking public transport

Some of these tips might seem small. But small changes create significant results. Being mindful of your finances will result in considerable savings in the long term – and the more you review your budget, the more obvious these become.

Creating an emergency fund: Why and how you should save for emergencies

Did you know you should have an emergency fund in addition to your savings?

Sadly, emergencies do happen. From last-minute repairs to car payments, you never know when you’ll next have to dish out some money for an emergency cost. That’s where your emergency fund comes in handy.

These funds sit alongside your regular savings and are only used in emergencies. Start building your fund by allocating a small portion of your income to a separate savings account every month. Experts suggest accumulating three to six months of expenses, giving you a safety net in tough times, and ensuring you can cover unexpected bills.

Remember, emergency funds aren’t built in a day. But you should consistently add to them.

Possible investment options for long-term financial security

Besides saving money, it’s wise to invest some to grow your savings over time.

Popular savings investment strategies include:

  • Bonds and stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Index funds
  • ETFs
  • Dividend-paying stocks
  • Retirement accounts

There’s no correct route when it comes to investment. So, working with a financial advisor or conducting thorough research is essential when creating your investment plan. Personal finance forums and UK finance blogs can help you make sense of the abundant options.

How can sex workers manage debt?

Managing debt is a crucial step on the journey to financial independence. Common types of debt include credit cards or student loans, and it’s easy to let these debts grow. But you should tackle these as soon as possible to be financially secure.

Look at your budget and assess how much money you can allocate to monthly debt repayment. Add these repayments to your monthly expenses, and don’t neglect them.

Dealing with debt can be a stressful experience. If needed, reach out for financial advice. Personal debt assistance is available online and can help you confidently reach your financial goals.

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Financial mistakes to avoid

Want to know what not to do? Here are the top financial mistakes you should avoid:

  • Neglecting retirement savings
  • Spending your emergency fund
  • Overspending on non-essential purchases
  • Ignoring your budget and living beyond your means
  • Failing to plan for major expenses

Don’t worry if you have made these mistakes in the past. Now is the best time to take control of your finances.

Planning for long-term goals and retirement

Retirement often feels like it’s a lifetime away. Yet saving for retirement is something we all need to think about, and the earlier you start, the better your savings will be.

Whether you invest your savings or opt for a retirement savings account, there are many options to help you maximise your retirement fund.

Financial advisors can help you work through your options and find the retirement plan that suits your lifestyle best. However, you should always work with an independent financial advisor to ensure unbiased advice.

The takeaway

Dealing with finances and savings is overwhelming. However, with these money-saving tips for sex workers and once your finances are organised and on track, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted. When in doubt, consult an expert for professional advice or reassess your budget to see what is working and what needs to be changed.

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