6 top tips for making friends online

Making friends online has never been easier. Thanks to a wealth of social media platforms, apps, and websites, we’re able to connect with one another worldwide.

Whatever your age, if you spend time online, the possibilities of reaching out and forming new friendships are endless.

Never has there been a better time to start improving your happiness and well-being by searching for like-minded friends and utilising the digital era.

Top tips for making friends online:

  1. Approach Your Friendships Online Comfortably
  2. Look at Potential Ways of Connecting with Others Online
  3. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone
  4. Consider Using Popular Apps to Help You Find Friends Online
  5. Be Honest from the Very Start with Those You Speak to Online
  6. Always Keep Yourself and Your New Online Friendships Protected

Friendships are vital to maintaining a happy lifestyle, and everyone deserves to have someone with whom we can socially interact with, share our feelings with and develop a bond.

Additionally, as human beings, we all need that emotional human contact, which quality friendships offer in abundance.

Fortunately, the potential to make friends online is easier than most people think. Here are six simple but useful tips to help you.

1. Approach Your Friendships Online Comfortably

A considerable amount of people find it difficult to form friendships, especially with those that they meet in person.

Various factors such as age, social status, job roles and indeed a lack of confidence can all become problematic when it comes to forming potential instant friendships.

When you attempt to make friends online, you have none of the awkwardness that is quite often experienced when making friends in person.

More than likely, when you begin talking to someone online, you’ll be doing so through a shared mutual acquaintance, or a love of a particular hobby or interest.

Half of the battle of finding that mutual connection with a potential friend has already been made for you when you talk to others online.

The rest of this process is now a little less painless than it would be if you were face to face.

2. Look at Potential Ways of Connecting with Others Online

There are so many places online which you can access to begin talking with others and start forming the groundwork for potential friendships.

These are just a few of those areas where you can strike up many meaningful conversations that could lead to making friends online:

  • Gaming rooms                                        
  • Chat rooms
  • Website forums
  • Blog posts
  • Comments sections of web pages
  • Social media platforms
  • Apps
  • Specific niche websites

Look at these simple starting points as areas where you can begin sharing your interests and hobbies with others, thus building up your confidence online.

3. Be Prepared to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

With the ability to reach anybody online, no matter where they are in the world, the possibility of increasing your friendship circle online is vast.

However, it holds much more potential when you consider expanding your search that little bit further and opening yourself up to new experiences.

You could be looking to make an entirely new friendship group from those with totally different music tastes to yours.

Or maybe you want to focus on finding a small group of friends with experience in a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn.

4. Consider Using Popular Apps to Help You Find Friends Online

If you feel ready to start making friends online straight away, but are wondering exactly where to start, several successful sites and apps can help you take those first steps and make some quality connections in the process, including:

  • Vivastreet: With just a few quick details you could be searching through hundreds of potential friendships using this community-based app
  • Meetup: Sign up to find people with similar interests to yours at a place nearby to suit
  • Bumble BFF: Download the BFF App to discover new friends in your local area
  • Nextdoor: Talk to those online who live near you and want to connect locally.

5. Be Honest from the Very Start with Those You Speak to Online

All friendships work well when an element of mutual trust is immediately established.

Making friends online should be no different in this respect, so it’s worth approaching all friendships you make online with honesty from the very beginning.

Building your online friendship on mutual trust allows you to be yourself and start the friendship as you mean to go on.

It’s so easy to create an exaggerated persona when you first start talking with someone online, but over time it will not stand you in such good stead when forming a meaningful friendship.

6. Always Keep Yourself and Your New Online Friendships Protected

As with all online connections, safety should be your first and foremost concern, and such online protection doesn’t just apply to teenagers, but to all age groups.

For any online connection to work, it must be safe and secure.

Go at a pace that suits you but don’t feel pressured to reveal too much personal information early on and never part with anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Should you wish to take your online friendship that one step further and meet up, once again, these safety rules can be applied here, making sure you initially meet in a public place.

Let someone close to you know where you’ll be, especially during the first few meet-ups.

Make Long-Lasting Quality Friendships Online

Some people feel reluctant to begin new friendships altogether.

However, by limiting our friendship group or refraining from getting to know others, we risk isolation, depression and a less satisfactory lifestyle as a result.

While no one can deny the need for regular physical contact with the outside world, there’s also no reason why anybody can’t simultaneously connect and make quality friendships online.

Fortunately, with over three billion people spending a significant proportion of their time online, there’s bound to be at least one person with who you can forge an online friendship with.




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