Common sex work myths debunked

There are many myths surrounding sex work. Though one of the largest industries that continues to expand, the sex industry is undoubtedly misunderstood. As a result of this it’s an industry where speculation is rife, leaving many negative first impressions about sex workers in general. Where these misconceptions stem from Why inaccurate testaments are harmful […]

6 types of sex work – A breakdown

Just like the use of apps and the internet to shop online, speak to a doctor, or to meet new people, digital has played a prominent part in changing sex work. When the general public think of sex work, typically ‘street sex work’ comes to mind, with little awareness into how the industry has progressed over the years. In reality sex work is ubiquitous and takes many forms.

How to be safe as a sex worker

When working as a sex worker, it’s paramount that you always remain safe. A result of the growing profession has been the demand for better protection and safety for escorts, and all those working in the sex industry. There has been a rise of UK sex worker projects, which have worked to create safety manuals to ensure the safety for sex workers in the UK.

Yoti age verification – What it is and how it benefits you

Offering a safe and trusted service for our users is of paramount importance. Which is why we have partnered with Yoti’s verification service to encourage our users to age verify their accounts. This means that if you’re an independent professional with an advert in an adult related category you can now have an official age verified ad, to validate that you’re over the age of 18.

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