Get spooky in the bedroom this Halloween

Halloween is around the corner once again, and this year, it’s time to make it a holiday to remember. That’s right, today we’re looking at how you can “spook up” your sex life and take a break from your usual routine. After all, sex is all about fantasies and having fun.

So, don’t stand outside in the cold this October. Take your costume inside and turn the heat up. In this article, we’re looking at how you can involve Halloween role-playing in your sex life, and we’re counting down some horror-themed sex positions for the more adventurous out there.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why spice it up in the bedroom for Halloween?

Does the idea of getting dressed up to stay in leave you feeling confused? Putting on your Halloween costume and turning the lights out might not make sense at first, but it’s a great way to make a change in your usual sex routine.

As creatures of habit, it’s easy for our sex lives to become repetitive over time. This can be great. Who doesn’t want to do their favourite positions every time? But sometimes, experimenting and trying new things can open you up to a new world of possibilities. It can also help you strengthen your relationship with your partner and practice discussing your desires and fantasies. Positives all round.

How roleplaying can benefit your sex life

Did you know role-play is beneficial for your sex life? Uh-huh, slipping into something creative is great for your libido.

Benefits of roleplay include:

  • The chance to experience a safe space
  • Possibilities to indulge in kink
  • Trying out long-time fantasies
  • Opportunity to play with power dynamics

Roleplay gives you a whole new world of possibilities. Read our full guide to roleplay online here before you get started.

Top 5 Halloween-themed roleplaying ideas

Here are some of the best horror and Halloween-themed role-playing costumes you can use for the party and the bedroom. We promise you’ll be the best dressed.

1. Vampires

Dressing as a vampire is a Halloween classic, and it’s time to take this costume to the bedroom. Opt for dark colours and faux fangs to nail this look. But skip the old-fashioned clothing and overcoat. Instead, embrace some leather or latex pieces to take the classic vampire style up a notch.

2. Zombie doctor or nurse

There’s a reason the nurse outfit is a favourite, so don’t forget it on Halloween. You can turn this role-play classic into a horror version by adding fake blood, creepy contact lenses, or face paint. It’s a great way to put a kinky twist on the original.

3. Sexy witch

Witch or wizard costumes will always be apt for Halloween, but they can work for the bedroom, too. Perhaps skip the panties under your dress or robe. Or pair your witch outfit with a saucy leather harness. You’ll feel fantastic and look magical.

4. Cheetah cat

Black cats may be associated with Halloween, but cheetahs have all the fun. Try out the all-cheetah print look this Halloween to embrace your feline side. A skin-tight catsuit, cat ears, and a tail will have you feeling yourself (and hopefully someone else at the end of the evening).

5. Princess

Being a princess isn’t necessarily scary, but it allows you to dress up and go all out for the holiday. Plus, it makes for a great role-playing costume after the party. Will your prince save you? Or take control of the evening?

Honourable costume mentions

Want other ideas? Here are some honourable horror-themed role-play costumes:

  • Dead cheerleader
  • Spy
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Blood-soaked bride
  • Police officer
  • Any superhero costume
  • Angel or devil

Five spooky sex positions

Spicing up your sex life on Halloween isn’t only about the costumes. Here are some of the hottest sex positions for this cold holiday. Remember, practice makes perfect.

1. The Werewolf

Ready to feel your primitive instincts? In the Werewolf position, you mount your partner facing away from them (like reverse cowgirl) and then have them penetrate you. You can then ride them with the vigour of a Werewolf or take the position to the next level by adding a butt plug with a tail. Don’t forget to use lube.

2. Ghostface

Taking away the submissive partner’s senses is always sexy, and you can turn up the good vibes this Halloween by using a bed sheet to blindfold them. Like Ghostface in the Scream movies, you won’t be able to hear or see, making the experience even sexier. Remember to use active consent and a safeword for this kinky position.

3. Trick or Treat

If you’re a fan of sex toys, the Trick or Treat might be the position for you. Bend the more submissive partner over a desk and make sure they don’t turn around. Alternate between pressing a buzzy vibrator on them and giving them a spank. This keeps them on their toes, as pleasure and pain are mixed without them knowing what to expect.

4. Vampire Kisses

This isn’t a sex position, but add some vampire kisses into the mix this Halloween. The neck is an erogenous zone, and you can spice up your foreplay by kissing and nipping at your partner’s throat. Not only will this make your foreplay hotter, but you might find a new favourite to add to your routine. Bonus points for using costume vampire teeth.

5. Candy Collecting

Sweet treats are at the centre of Halloween celebrations, so don’t leave them out of sex. Stock up on flavoured condoms or lube and add them to your play. A great way to increase desire is to place small dollops of flavoured lube on your partner’s body while restrained. After, slowly eat them up before eating your partner.

The takeaway

Experiment with your sex life is possible all year round. But there’s something about Halloween that makes everything a little naughtier. The options are endless, from trying out a new position to dressing up as a spooky yet sexy character.

Learn more about sex and relationships on our blog here.

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