woman dressed as a police officer indulging in roleplay with male partner

What is roleplay sex? Ideas to start roleplaying with your partner

According to research, a popular fantasy for roleplay sex is when both partners pretend to be strangers. The roleplay ideas are endless and for that reason, there’s nothing stopping you and your partner from playing the part of a teacher, a nurse, or anything else for that matter.

But if you’ve never tried erotic roleplay before, what should you expect? Are there rules you should follow and should you act in a certain way?

The results all depend on what kind of kinky roleplay ideas you and your partner want to try.

However, there are a few things you can do to get more comfortable if you’ve never tried roleplaying before.

Keep reading and learn more about roleplay sex and the benefits of roleplay.

What is roleplay sex?

Many people think that roleplay sex is a hyper-kinky thing, but the reality is that although it is a sex kink, it can do a lot to spice things up in the bedroom. Everyone at some point has had a sexual fantasy or sexual fetish. Of course, not everyone has gone out to buy a nurse costume and a whip to bring those fantasies to life, but it isn’t necessary either. 

The thing about roleplay sex is that, because it is all fantasy, you can shape it however you want. Whether or not you want to dress up to bring to life your roleplay scenarios will depend on the desires of you and your partner. Some people find that dressing up in certain costumes such as a nurse’s outfit or a policeman’s costume can be exciting.

doctor and patient roleplay sex

Others might prefer the acting aspect rather than the costume aspect. After all, acting the part can be just as important as looking the part in the bedroom. And, of course, there are different levels of kinkiness that you can play around with when roleplaying. 

Some of the more popular fantasies involve authority figures such as policemen, firemen, bosses, and so on. For the more submissive partner, some roleplay ideas include employees, and nurses (although the nurse role could easily be dominant as well). If you don’t like any of these more traditional roleplay ideas, don’t fret. 

Some people get roleplay ideas from TV shows or books. For example, you might want to pretend that your boyfriend is a rough and tough Viking and that you are a shy milkmaid. When it comes to roleplay sex, the possibilities are endless. 

Why do people love roleplay sex so much?

The reason why people love roleplay sex so much varies. But below are some factors that play a part in people enjoying this kink:


Roleplay sex gives people an opportunity to pretend. For example, a person might be tired and bored of their job as an office worker. But in the bedroom, they can pretend to be a powerful CEO who calls the shots. 

The act of pretending starts at a young age, but once people become adults and get too focused on their jobs and other duties, they forget about the joy of pretending. Pretending and bringing fantasies to life with a partner can make it even more fun. It allows people to become who they want to be.


Roleplay sex also allows people to experiment with different scenarios and different roles in the bedroom. For example, you might usually be a dom, but playing a sub once in a while can be very easy when roleplay sex is involved. This gives people the opportunity to explore different sexual roles. 

Through this sexual exploration, people can discover things that they like that they might not have discovered otherwise. 

Indulge in kink

Roleplay sex also allows you to be as kinky (or not as kinky) as you want. If you want to add whips and chains to the bedroom for a particular scenario, it’s not a problem as long as you tell your partner about it first. 

Another benefit of roleplay is that it is very inclusive. You can see this the most when browsing for certain sexy costumes online. You will find that besides there being all sorts of costumes from a French maid to the CEO, for all desires, body shapes and sizes.

woman blindfolded during roleplay sex games

How to start roleplaying with your partner

When it comes to how to roleplay with your partner, you might be nervous at first. This is a normal reaction for people who are just starting out with new sexual activities. The first step you should take to get more comfortable is to talk about your fantasies with your partner. 

1. Start slow

It’s always best to start slow at first. Talk about what kind of role you might like to take on in your roleplay scenarios and what role you would like your partner to play. If you already have some specific bedroom roleplaying ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with your partner. This way, your partner will have some time to think it all over. It is important not to force your partner into roleplay scenarios that they are not comfortable with. If your partner is on the fence about a certain scenario, you might be able to persuade them to try it, but you should never force a scenario to happen because it won’t be enjoyable for either of you.

2. Communicate

If you are too shy to tell your partner about your sexual fantasies, don’t worry. Communicating via text is a much easier way to do this. That way, you won’t be face-to-face with your partner but you will still be able to explain your fantasies and desires.

3. Invest in preparation

If your partner likes your roleplay ideas, you might be able to start preparing for your first attempt at roleplay sex.

You might want to buy some kinky costumes to start, although again, costumes are never necessary for roleplay sex. Think of them as more of a supplement for your fantasies since imagination alone is already powerful enough. 

Besides the costumes, you might want to buy some props such as paddles or handcuffs to make the scenario more realistic.

Roleplaying ideas to get started

There are endless possibilities when it comes to roleplaying ideas for couples to try, and that’s what makes roleplaying so great. You will never be bored in the bedroom again once you get the hang of roleplaying. But at first, you might not know what kind of roleplaying ideas you want to try. 

Viking sex

As mentioned before, the fantasy of a Viking and a milkmaid can be very exciting. It will allow your partner to be a powerful Viking that can pick you up and toss you around like a ragdoll (in a sexy way, of course).

The village milkmaid’s role, on the other hand, is more demure and shy but still sultry, somewhat like the traditional French maid.

This fantasy allows for some wilder sex. Since the milkmaid’s role is already skilled at milking, it can easily start with a handjob and progress to a blowjob. From there, the scenario can change however you want.

The boss and the employee

Another scenario might be between a boss and an employee. The boss is the more powerful role while the employee is meeker and obedient. For example, imagine that the employee has been late to work for the last few days. 

The boss is not happy about this and says that they might have to fire the employee if they don’t make it up to them somehow. Again, this scenario involves a lot of power play and can be perfect for dom/sub couples. For the employee to make it up to the boss, they can start with oral sex. 

Or, to punish the employee, the boss can spank the employee before engaging in sex. If you have an office at home, you can try playing out your fantasy there to make it more realistic.

woman dressed as a police officer indulging in roleplay with male partner

Safety tips for roleplaying sex

Having a safeword is always important whenever you decide to try out roleplaying sex. Having a safeword will always make sure that you and your partner are in control of the situation. This is especially important if you enjoy rougher and kinkier scenarios. 

You should also remember that it’s alright to feel awkward when you first start roleplaying. However, you will find that after a few times of roleplaying, you will become more and more comfortable. 

After a while, you will be able to find your flow and you will be able to get into your role without any trouble at all. After all, it isn’t as if you’re competing for an Oscar, so there’s no need to be nervous. 

The benefit of roleplay sex is that it has no end. You can pretend to be a naughty nurse one day and then become a vampire or werewolf the next day. Roleplay sex can allow you and your partner to express your fantasies like never before, in a safe and consensual way.

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