How sex games can spice up your love life

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Sometimes, sex lives get a bit repetitive. From doing the same positions to not wanting to leave your comfort zone, there’s a range of reasons your evening routine can go a bit stale. Don’t worry. This is a normal experience, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. However, you don’t have to settle for boring – sex games can turn the heat up in your sex life.

Sex games don’t receive as much love as sex toys or lingerie, but they’re just as helpful if you want to try something new or have a little fun. These cheeky games make foreplay even sexier and help you try new things. Perfect.

In this article, we’re setting out everything you need to know about these naughty games to get started.

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What are sex games?

Sex games refer to adult cards, dice, or board games designed to be played in the bedroom. These games often include different positions or actions to try, allowing you and your partner to explore new sensations and positions. You can buy sex games in sex stores or online.

However, not all sex games require cards or dice. Some sex games can be played without any equipment. For example, many couples enjoy playing the “No Touching But Touching” game, where you can touch any part of their partner’s body, apart from their genitals. It’s a sure-fire way to get steamy without jumping straight into the main events.

How do sex games spice up your love life?

Sex games spice up your love and sex life by allowing you to try something new. It can strengthen your relationship and trust as you jump into the vulnerable unknown together. They often lead to new favourite positions, kinks, and better orgasms. What’s not to love?

Benefits of sex games

Here’s the TLDR on how sex games benefit your sex life and sexual well-being:

  • They help you break the ice when feeling awkward
  • Sex games can help you try new kinks or fantasies
  • The games bring some light-hearted fun to the bedroom
  • They can break up your usual routine
  • Sex games can lengthen foreplay, leading to higher arousal and better sexual satisfaction
  • Improved conversations in the bedroom

Top 5 sex games to try

Give games night a whole new meaning with these exciting sex games.

1. Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice is an oral sex-based game that you can play with any standard dice – perfect if you don’t want to make any extra purchases.

The premise of this game is to roll the dice to see how many minutes you must give your partner oral. You then set a timer and dive in. Take turns to tease each other, and you’ll notice yourself getting more aroused than usual.

Want to make the game even better? Add in two dice for double the time.

2. Sex Position Cards

If you’re tired of doing the same position repeatedly, sex position cards are the best pick for you. As the name suggests, these are playing cards with many creative sex positions. Shuffle them and pick one randomly whenever you feel like trying something new. Most sex position card decks include unique positions that you probably haven’t tried. Bye-bye missionary!

You can even try picking a new one every time you have sex for a month to really experiment with your partner. You’ll also increase your flexibility. Practice makes perfect!

Lovehoney’s Position of the Week Cards is a great way to start.

3. Guess The Flavour

Load up on flavoured lubes and get ready for a tasty treat. Guess The Flavour is a game where you cover your body in different lubes, and your partner has to taste them and guess which flavour they are. You can put the lube anywhere you like, so get in touch with your erogenous zones and test them out.

Popular flavours of lube include:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Mint
  • Caramel
  • Banana
  • Chocolate

You need a few different flavours to make this game exciting, so ensure you have a few options before you start. The more, the merrier here. Will you be able to tell the difference?

4. Kinky Confessions Card Game

Think you know everything about your partner? Think again!

The premise of Lovehoney’s Kinky Confessions Card Game is to help you learn about your lover’s deepest, darkest desires. The aim is to pull a card and have your partner answer the dirty question. This allows you to discuss new fantasies and eventually try out new positions and kinks.

Questions from the pack include:

  • Would you rather have your partner be submissive for a day, or would you be theirs?
  • Would you rather join the Mile High Club or have sex in your boss’s office?

The pre-made pack saves you time, but if you don’t want to spend money, you can also easily make your own. Think of what turns you on and what situations your partner likes, and add them all into the mix. Ideal for a (not-so) quiet night in.

5. Classic Sex Dice

Forget your usual dice. Sex dice are another great way to try something new while having fun.

A pack of sex dice usually includes three dice: one with a place, one with an action, and one with a body part. You roll all three and do whatever your outcome is. For example, one answer could be to nibble your partner’s neck in the kitchen or lick your partner’s leg in the bedroom. Some sex dice even include sex positions or time limits to make the game even more exciting.

This is a great way to get in the mood without following your usual routine. You can find sex dice on Amazon.

The takeaway

Could sex games be on the menu for your future romp? Whether you’re a fan of cards or into dice, there’s an option for everyone. Plus, you can play some games without making a purchase. There’s no excuse now – have fun!

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