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Spice up your uni life while being safe: 9 best sex positions for your tiny uni hall room

There’s no doubt that university is a time for exploration and new experiences, but when it comes to sex, some students can feel a bit apprehensive about getting creative in their uni room.

Fear not, we’ve got some fun, safe sex positions specifically designed for your university dorm. So get ready to spice up your love life – and stay healthy and safe while you’re at it. No matter if you’re getting ready for a quickie or shower sex, these positions are sure to take your sexual experience to the next level.

What is safe sex?

Safe sex is an activity engaged in by couples or individuals to prevent contracting STIs during sexual intercourse. It usually involves using condoms, dental dams, or other barrier devices to protect against the exchange of bodily fluids.

Safe sex is an important aspect of sexual health, and it is recommended for people who have multiple partners.

How to protect your sexual health?

In order to protect your sexual health, it is important to be proactive and informed about the risks. First, always use protection. This means condoms for vaginal, anal, and oral sex and barrier methods like dental dams and gloves.

Second, in case you have more than one sexual partner, get tested regularly and know your status. This way, you can take steps to protect yourself and your partner if you test positive for an STI.

Finally, be honest with your partner about your sexual history and get their consent before engaging in any sexual activity.


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What is sexual consent?

Sexual consent is an agreement between two people to engage in sexual activity. There is no right way to ask for or give consent, and it should be clear and direct that all parties involved are willing to go for it.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time, and both parties should feel free to change their minds about what they do or don’t want to do. In order for consent to be valid, all parties must have the mental capacity to understand the implications of what they agree to.

If someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may not be able to give valid consent, and the other partner should not take advantage of the situation. Sexual consent should always be discussed before any sexual activity, and all parties should feel comfortable communicating their boundaries.

What sexual health services are available?

There is a range of sexual health services available, depending on your needs. Your GP is a good place to start if you need general advice or information.

GPs can provide you with information and support on various sexual health issues. If you need more specialised advice or treatment, there are also Sexual Health Clinics that can help.

Universities also offer students confidential and professional sexual health services, including contraception, STD testing and counselling.

On top of that, in the UK, you will be able to find GUM clinics. These clinics offer several services, such as giving free condoms, hepatitis B vaccination, HIV testing, guidance about abortion, and much more.

All in all, whatever your needs and questions, there are sexual health services available to support you.

How to enjoy consensual sex in your small room

We’ve all been there, you’re working on an essay or trying to get ahead on some readings, but all you can think about is taking a break to have some fun with your partner. These are the best positions for your uni room.

Doggy style on the desk

You maybe already tried doggy style in the past, but doing it on the desk brings a whole new experience and allows you to save space in your room. Just make sure you’re both comfortable with being close to each other before getting too carried away.

That’s not all; doggy style is the Brits’ favourite sex position, with 85% of women and 89% of men preferring it. So there’s really no way for it to go wrong.

Standing-up sex

For positions in a small room, standing-up sex is an ideal choice for both partners, especially if the penetrating partner is fit. They can hang off your shoulders with their arms and wrap their legs around you if you lift them from the thighs. Most likely, you’ll need to move them up higher before slowly starting the penetration.

Be sure you have a very firm grip and keep it safe, as there is a chance that you could both get injuries if you drop your partner. Of course, with standing-up sex, the active partner must be fit enough to be able to lift the passive partner for an extended period of time.

The chair

When you only have a small space available, having sex on a chair is oftentimes more than enough. So why not try the squatting cowgirl position while on a chair? The receiving partner leaves one foot on the ground and keeps one on the seat, allowing for deeper penetration and different angles.

The edge of the bed

This is a classic for a reason – the edge of the bed provides support for your partner when they need it and leaves plenty of room for movement. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to grab onto each other and go for a ride. Just be careful not to fall off.


Spooning is a great sex position that can be easily done on the bed, and it doesn’t matter if you have limited space.

Both partners lie down on the side, the “big spoon” holding and penetrating the “little spoon” from the back. To make things easier for both, you can keep their legs apart as it will allow you to enter them more easily.


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The Cowboy

Another great way to enjoy yourselves is doing the cowboy. This position takes a little more space than others, but a bed is comfortable enough, especially for those on top.

The receiver lies down on the bed with their legs slightly bent and semi-closed, and the giving partner comes on top of them, straddling them and penetrating them. This allows for a tight penetration which creates an out-of-this-world experience.

Froggy style

If the doggy style appeals to you, but your bed isn’t big enough to enjoy it, then the froggy style is your best alternative. In addition, froggy style is perfect for those who like to have control of the situation.

To start, have the giving partner sit at the edge of the bed; the receiving partner will then bend over and control the movement. While it doesn’t sound as comfortable, you should try it, it will get much naughtier than you ever thought.

Use your sofa

Your sofa can be one of the best places to have sex at uni, and you’ll be able to use its back instead of your bed. You could try several different positions and never get bored – cowgirl, cunnilingus, doggy style, and even missionary if you like stable positions.

Lastly, you could try fingering your partner, which is a great way to get comfy on the sofa while enjoying it fully.


While technically not a position, masturbating with each other, or in front of the other partner is an original, exciting, and comfortable take. Sitting side by side, in front of each other on the bed and couch, or even standing up, the possibilities are endless.

And why not try masturbating with each other in the mirror? There’s surely no way to make it hotter.

Always be safe

Whatever positions you choose to spice up your life while at university, make sure that you and your partner are both enjoying yourselves and always practice safe sex. These were the best positions you could think of when at uni, from doggy style to cowboy to spooning and more, and we’re confident you know a lot more about safe sex as well.

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