How to become your escort’s favourite client

There are many perks to being your escort’s favourite client. To start, being your escort’s favourite client puts the escort in a better mood whenever you’re on a date. That way, both of you have a much more pleasant experience together.

On top of that, it makes it much easier to book an escort for more meet-ups in the future.

That said, most escorts deal with a lot of different clients. So, if you want to be their favourite, you will have to make an effort.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different things you can do to become your escort’s favourite. We’ll go through what escorts look for in a client, common mistakes to avoid, and other things to remember the next time you meet your escort.

Read on to learn more.

What do escorts look for in a client?

The very first thing escorts look for in a client is respect. It’s really common in this profession for escorts to be treated poorly.

There’s a huge social stigma around sex work, and most escorts deal with unnecessary disrespect regularly. This is why you always need to work a bit harder to show your escort that you respect them and their profession. That way, they will feel much more comfortable working with you.

On top of that, escorts tend to enjoy playful clients. When you meet multiple clients a week, dates can get really boring, really fast. But when clients are playful and have fun with their escorts on a date, the entire experience is much more fun.

Lastly, escorts also make sure that their clients are clean. Whether you’re hiring an escort for special BDSM services or just for a nice dinner date, it’s important to show up looking your best. Remember, the only difference between a date with an escort and a regular date is that you’re paying for their company. So, make the effort to shower, wear nice clothes, and appear nice and presentable during your date.

Now, practising these things with an escort doesn’t ensure you’ll become their favourite client. However, it ensures that your escort feels comfortable and at ease during the date. Remember, the more fun your escort has, the more fun you have. This is why it never hurts to make an effort to have some of the qualities that escorts look for in their clients.

Common mistakes clients make when interacting with escorts

It’s really easy for people to make mistakes when with an escort. If it’s your first time hanging out with an escort, it’s completely understandable if you make a few mistakes. But if you research the common mistakes before your date, avoiding them will be much easier.

For example, many clients make the huge mistake of thinking that dates with escorts are all about sex. Even if you pay them for the service, this doesn’t mean you will start having intercourse the second you see each other. It’s important to take some time to break the ice with your escort, develop some rapport, and just get to know each other.

Another huge mistake you can make when on a date with an escort is not having the payment ready beforehand. At the end of the day, your escort has to make a living. So, ensure you have the payment ready before the day, preferably in cash. That way, you can ensure a smooth transaction, which many escorts appreciate.

Establishing boundaries and expectations with an escort

Whenever you’re with an escort, it’s important to manage expectations and set boundaries. Regardless of the service you’re availing yourself of, you need to set and establish the rules early on. That way, both of you know what to expect from the experience, which tends to leave everyone much happier.

Communicating is the best way to establish boundaries and expectations with your escort. Most escorts are very happy to answer questions about their service. In fact, your escort will very much appreciate it if you take the time to learn about their needs and ask about their boundaries before starting the date. Understanding boundaries is one of many ways how to become your escort’s favourite client.

Tips for communicating and establishing rapport with an escort

The biggest tip we can give you when trying to communicate and establish rapport with an escort is to relax. There will always be tension when meeting an escort, so you should try your best to relax and not add to that tension.

Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with being open and honest when speaking to an escort. Most of them will actually appreciate clients being direct and straight to the point. However, make sure that you don’t come off as rude, as escorts will definitely not appreciate that.

Red flags to look out for with escorts

It’s really easy to find escorts in the Internet age. Most of the time, all it takes is a quick Google search. On the flip side, this also means it’s much easier for clients to get scammed by fake or sketchy escorts.

So, here are some major red flags to look out for when speaking to escorts to keep yourself safe:

  • They offer services that most sex workers never offer (unprotected sex, etc.)
  • No reviews
  • Their phone number shows up on different websites from different countries
  • Seeing the same picture on multiple sites and under different names
  • Finding them on regular dating apps that don’t usually feature escorts

Whenever you deal with escorts, there is always a financial aspect to consider. No escort will offer their services to clients for free. While there can sometimes be room for negotiation, most escorts prefer clients that pay their fee up-front without any bargaining. This is why we highly recommend discussing their fee before the date and preparing your funds before meeting them for a date.

couple on a date with woman feeding her partner pasta

Building a long-term relationship with an escort

Building a long-term relationship with an escort can be tough. However, when you and your escort are a good match, you can benefit from the relationship for a long time. To do this, you need to take time to get to know each other, slowly learn about the best ways to communicate with them, and always pay their fees on time.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be respectful toward your escort. Escorts deal with disrespect in the industry way too often. So, if you want to establish a long-term relationship, start by treating them with all the respect they deserve.

Maintaining a level of discretion and confidentiality when working with an escort

When you hire a professional and experienced escort, you can rest assured that they will treat your relationship with discretion and confidentiality. On the other hand, it’s also your responsibility to ensure you treat the relationship with the same amount of respect.

The takeaway

There are many benefits to being your escort’s favourite client. But since most of them work with multiple clients at a time, it can be hard to make your way to that level. However, as long as you treat your escort with respect, rest assured that both of you will have a lot of fun whenever you meet up! This way you now know how to become your escort’s favourite client.

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