Diverse people sitting in cafe, participating in speed dating⁠

Fast and furious: Why you should consider speed dating

Want to rip the bandaid off and meet other singles in the same boat as you? Speed dating could be your next adventure. There are barely any cons to this unique dating strategy, but there are a few things to know before you attend.

Keep reading to find out what to expect, the pros and cons, and speed dating etiquette to ensure you’re on top form.

Let’s begin!

What is speed dating?

Speed dating is an organised event where attendees get the chance to meet new potential partners in a short period.

Typically, you will get to go on “mini-dates”, which last anywhere from three to ten minutes, allowing you to break the ice and meet new people without relying on apps or meeting people by chance.

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How does speed dating work?

Speed dating events are meticulously planned to ensure you can meet as many people as possible without chaos. Here’s what you can expect from the event.

Before the event

To get started with speed dating, you’ll usually have to register online or purchase a ticket to the event. Since speed dating involves planning, the organisers need to know how many people attend to balance out the participants and ensure everyone gets enough time to chat.

When you arrive, there will likely be free drinks or food and time to mingle before the dating starts. This allows you to relax and take the pressure off the dates.

Before the event starts, you’ll also receive a nametag and scorecard. The host should also explain how long your dates will last and how many rounds to expect. Usually, participants will also be divided into two groups: those who remain seated throughout the event and those who will move seats.

During the dates

After a short while, the speed dating event will begin. You will be paired with a different partner for each round or “date,” where you can have an informal chat and get to know each other. Unlike long individual dates, speed dating is less intense, and you don’t have to get into deep conversations (unless you want to!)

When the date time is up, the timer will sound, and you will switch to the next partner. You’re also given a few minutes between rounds to mark your scorecard and make notes on your experience. This continues until the end.

After speed dating

After all the dates have been completed, there’s usually more time to mingle where you can spend more time with the other attendees.

At the very end, the organisers will take your scorecards or ask you to fill out a form that shows which candidate you’d be interested in seeing again. The team will tally these up and inform you if anyone you’re interested in would also like to see you. If you have any matches, you can swap contact details and get in touch – like an in-person dating app match!

Where can you find speed dating events?

Speed dating events are more common than most people expect, and you can find an event near you after a quick Google search. Speed dating events are typically held at bars, restaurants, and cafes. After you’ve found one online that’s near your home, you can sign up and reserve your space.

Alternatively, you can try an online dating event if you’re not ready to face an in-person event. These are usually held on Zoom and allow you to meet new people from home.

Pro tip: Before you sign up for an event, check what audience it’s intended for. Speed dating events are usually aimed towards a certain age group.

Pros and cons of speed dating

If you’re not sure about something, assessing the pros and cons is a sure-fire way to make up your mind. Here are the universal benefits and drawbacks of a speed dating event:

Pros of speed dating

  • The chance to meet lots of new people
  • Helps you determine potential compatibility quickly
  • Speeds up the process
  • Saves money on multiple dates
  • Reduces awkwardness since everyone is in the same position
  • Offers a safe space to meet new people

Cons of speed dating

  • Put too much pressure on first impressions
  • Can feel rushed and overwhelming
  • No guarantee you’ll find a long-term partner
  • Can be difficult for introverted people

Diverse people sitting in cafe, participating in speed dating⁠

Speed dating etiquette for a seamless experience

While there’s no speed dating cheat sheet, some dos and don’ts can help you navigate the situation with better results. Note these unspoken etiquette rules before you arrive:

What to do when speed dating

  • Prepare some conversation starters – Having a few helpful icebreaker questions can help you ease anxiety
  • Practice active listening – Maintaining a balance between speaking and listening is critical. No one wants to hear a date speak about themselves the whole time!
  • Be your authentic self – Showing up as yourself is critical when speed dating. Don’t try to become someone you’re not, as this won’t help you make long-term connections
  • Read other people’s experiences – Exploring blogs about speed dating can help you prepare for your event

What not to do when speed dating

  • Speak too much or too little – While no date wants you to hog the conversation, you should also avoid complete silence
  • Rate dates based on looks – Dating isn’t just about appearances. Rate your dates based on your connection and compatibility
  • Act too formal – Though speed dating can feel like a job interview, it’s not. Don’t be too stiff or formal! Loosen up and enjoy a casual conversation
  • Don’t discuss controversial topics – While you might be interested in religion or the latest conflict, you should refrain from speaking about these at a speed dating event

The takeaway

Speed dating is an excellent option for anyone who wants to embrace dating and socialise with new people. So, if you’re feeling drawn to these events, this is your sign to dive in! Hopefully, this guide has prepared you for the big evening.

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