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The beginner’s guide to sex toys: Navigating the pleasure aisle

Looking to add a bit more spice to the bedroom?

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, sex toys are a great way to add a new dimension of pleasure to your sexual experiences. But if you’ve never bought a sex toy before, you may be wondering where you should start.

There are tons of sex toys out there, and with the rise of internet shopping, your options are endless.

So, we’ve made this complete guide to sex toys that includes the different types of toys, the various materials used for them, and how you can find the best toy for your sexual needs. If you’ve been looking to buy your first sex toy, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dive in!

What sex toy should you get?

The first question people ask when buying a sex toy is usually what toy they should get. While this sounds like a simple question, it doesn’t have a simple answer. There are so many sex toys on the market right now, so it will take some time before you determine the best toy for your needs.

Finding the best sex toy for you starts with learning about all the options available. So, before we look at materials, brands, and customer reviews, we need to determine the types of toys available. From there, it will be easier to figure out which one fits your needs the best.

Types of sex toys

You won’t run out of options when looking for sex toys nowadays. Companies make toys for just about every sexual preference or kink out there. So, all you really have to do is put in the effort to look for the sex toy that suits your sexual needs and preferences.

To get you started, here’s a list of some of the basic sex toys you’ll find on the market. These are far from all the options available, but they are some of the main categories that you need to know when looking for sex toys.


As the name suggests, vibrators are a type of sex toy that vibrates. These toys come in various forms, but the defining characteristic is that they vibrate and pulse, allowing the user to stimulate themselves sexually. There are vibrators designed for external use, like bullet vibrators and magic wands, which are designed for clitoral stimulation, while there are also penetrative vibrators, like g-spot vibrators and prostate massagers, that are designed to go inside a person.

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Dildos are designed to stimulate the feeling of a penis penetrating a person. These sex toys come in many sizes, but most are phallic-shaped and allow the user to insert the toy inside themselves. There are also vibrating dildos that are designed to vibrate while penetrating the user. Some dildos attach to the wall, some are designed for couple use, and some even look like objects that aren’t phallic.

Anal toys

Anal toys are sex toys that are designed to go up a person’s anus. There are some that are designed to stay inside the anus, like a butt plug and anal beads, while there are also some anal toys that are designed to vibrate, like some prostate massagers. Dildos can be used for vaginal and anal penetration, so they can also be considered anal toys.

Couple’s toys

These are sex toys designed to be used by couples. For example, a double-ended dildo is designed to penetrate two people at a time, making for a very intimate experience. However, there are other toys like vibrators with remote controls that allow your partner to control the intensity and speed of the vibrator. Other couple toys also include rings that a person with a penis is supposed to wear that can vibrate, make erections last longer, and more.

Masturbation sleeves

This is one of the toys specifically designed for people with penises. Masturbation sleeves like Pocket Pussies, Fleshlights, and strokers are designed to mimic the feeling of penetrating a vagina or a mouth. Some of these toys have electric components that make the toy stroke the penis for the user, providing them with a lot of pleasure.

Bondage & BDSM gear

Since BDSM is one of the most common kinks nowadays, there are many toys and tools designed for BDSM play. This includes whips, ropes, handcuffs, blindfolds, and more. Since BDSM encompasses a wide range of sexual activities, you’ll find many toys designed for this type of play.

Nipple toys

Another type of toy available on the market right now is nipple toys. These are sex toys that clamp, suck, or vibrate on the nipple, providing a unique type of stimulation.

Sex furniture

These toys are designed for couple’s use and take up a lot of space. A good example of sex furniture is a sex swing, which hangs from the ceiling and allows couples to get into unique positions in the bedroom.

Choosing the right materials for your sex toys

When choosing sex toys that go into direct contact with your genitalia, it’s important to select body-safe materials like silicone. That said, some people have sensitive skin and allergies, so they need to avoid certain materials. This is why it’s critical to read the materials used in making the sex toy to make sure that it’s compatible with your body.

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How to find the best toy for your needs

Everybody has their personal preferences when it comes to sex toys. So, it may take some trial and error before you find the sex toy that brings you the most pleasure. That said, it’s important to take time to explore yourself and discover the things that your body likes. From there, it will be easier to find sex toys that suit your needs and preferences.

The takeway

Sex toys are a lot of fun and can bring a new element of pleasure into your bedroom. That said, it’s important to choose the one that can bring you the most pleasure possible, and with all the options on the market, it can be hard. So, feel free to go back to this guide whenever you need help figuring out which sex toy you should get!

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