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Working as a stripper online: The world of online strip clubs

These days, the internet has a solution for everything. From ordering groceries to staying connected, you can do everything from home – including visiting a strip club.

That’s right! The world of stripping is now available online, allowing dancers to make money without leaving the house. Perfect for everyone involved.

In this guide, we’re looking at how online stripping works and how these virtual clubs measure up against their in-person counterparts. Let’s get started.

Can you work as a stripper online?

Yes, online stripping is a career option. It’s just not as well known as strip clubs. Thanks to the rise of work-from-home jobs and better technology, making a living dancing from your home is easier (and more in-demand) than ever.

How does online stripping work?

So, there’s no club, in-person punters, or other dances. How does online stripping work?

Online stripping is very similar to webcam modelling. Many online dancers who offer stripping services provide additional webcam services. But you don’t have to if you only want to focus on dancing.

Typically, online strip shows mimic the style of dance you’d see in a club. Sexy lingerie, flexible moves, and even pole dances if the dancer has one at home. Nudity isn’t a requirement, but you can strip down to your birthday suit if you want to give your audience a show.

Alongside group stripping shows, you can offer private calls and one-on-one dances – just like a private dance in a club. Some dancers save the nudity for these sessions to entice punters into buying an individual dance.

Is online stripping sex work?

Stripping falls under the sex work umbrella, but they don’t have to provide sexual services to customers (whether online or in person). You can provide additional sexual shows if you want to, but it’s not a requirement of stripping or dancing.

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Where can you find online strip shows?

Virtual strip shows and clubs are easy to find online. From dedicated stripping websites (like Cool Cats) to websites like Chaturbate, there are plenty of places to watch or start your own show. Many dancers also use Only Fans to post teaser clips of their shows, perfect if you want to combine camming and stripping.

How do you get paid at an online strip club?

How you get paid depends on which route you take. If you sign up for a virtual strip club platform, you’ll receive your payment per show, but the platform will take a cut of the fee. However, there’s less marketing and finding punters when you work with a platform.

If you choose to go it alone and organise your own streams, you can keep all the cash. But you’ll also have to factor in the extra time you spend setting up the show and advertising your services.

Typically, virtual strip clubs charge entry fees to enter each dance stream. The average cover charge ranges from £5 to £20 depending on the popularity of the dancer and the duration of the show.

Dancers can also receive tips from secure payment methods like Cashapp, PayPal, and Venmo. These handy apps make receiving money easy without giving out your personal bank details.

Online stripping vs strip clubs

Though they both offer tantilising shows, online strip clubs and in-person clubs provide extremely different experiences. Here are the key differences you need to know:

  • Online strip shows are open 24/7, whereas in-person strip clubs are only available during set opening hours.
  • You don’t have to get up close and personal with the audience when working at an online club.
  • Sometimes, it’s harder to coax tips out of audience members due to the lack of personal connection in online clubs.
  • You get full control over your show, lighting, costume, and music if you’re running the online show.
  • Strip clubs sometimes have more of a community and network between dancers.

Ultimately, online shows and in-person clubs have many benefits and drawbacks. The best way to know your preference is to experiment with them both. You never know. You might find something that truly works for you!

Pros and cons of working online

Alongside considering the benefits and drawbacks of online versus in-person stripping, you should consider whether working online is for you. Some dancers thrive with the control of online work, whereas others miss the social aspect of club dancing.

See the quick overview of working online below to help you find your way:

Pros of online dancing

  • You can clock in and out whenever you want
  • You’re in control of how much you earn
  • There’s no need to worry about transport fees
  • Working from home is often safer for dancers
  • The option to be anonymous
  • You can connect with thousands of customers and colleagues online

Cons of online dancing

  • There’s still a potential for online harassment
  • Punters may record internet streams
  • There is a lot of online competition
  • You have to manage your finances

Sexy Young Woman Performing Pole Dance on Pole⁠ Online Stripping

How to get started with online stripping

If you’re curious about online stripping, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered some professional tips and tricks to help you kick-start your online career.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality webcam. If you’re dancing on an old fuzzy cam, your audience won’t be able to see your good moves. So, make sure your cam shows what’s going on.

You may also want to spend some money on an interesting backdrop, props, or a pole. While many dancers perform without a set, those with an attractive background often draw in more viewers.

When you start online dancing, give it some time and reflect on your progress before deciding whether it’s right for you. Often, it takes a few weeks before you find your groove or start attracting a loyal audience.

The takeaway

Embracing the virtual club scene is exciting and accessible for all dancers. Hopefully, this article has answered your questions about online stripping and digital strip clubs. There are plenty of routes to explore, but always do your research and weigh the pros and cons before diving in.

Learn more about online and in-person sex work via the Vivastreet blog today.

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