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6 ways to make more money as an online escort

Are you an online escort looking to make additional profit? You’ve come to the right place.

There are various online ventures you can participate in alongside the usual adult webcam work to generate more money.

Interested in expanding your escorting business? Here are some ways you can make more profit online.

Kinky ways to make money online

Sell nudes and intimate photos

Feel confident to send nudes? Get paid for pictures of your body.

The “nude” business is another type of sex work, and involves the action of buying and selling consensual explicit photos online.

You might not have guessed, but people are willing to pay large amounts of money for intimate and nude photos. Some sex workers in the UK have reported earning more than £20k a month.

As a sex worker, you can sign up to adult platforms that allow you to sell nudes like OnlyFans and BentBox. These types of platforms make selling nudes easier, as they already have millions of willing customers, meaning you can earn faster. 

In order to appeal to the masses, you need to have a professional portfolio of sexy and high-quality model images to sell.

Remember, you are unlikely to generate a huge profit in the first few months of selling nudes, so be patient and understand it’s a work in progress. 

Tip: Sell across multiple sites that offer selling nudes service to reach a larger audience and get more sales.


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Sell pre-recorded adult videos

In the x-rated world, why not take it up a notch and sell explicit video content?

People enjoy watching videos for sexual pleasure, and as an established cam model with a decent fan following, you can make money quite easily from this venture.

There are many clip sites dedicated to selling pre-recorded adult video content and there are even some that support custom content requests, such as ManyVids. 

It’s important to realise that the success of your videos is simply performance-based. You’ll need to shoot a professional and high-quality video using the right equipment, as well as do the right things on camera to appeal to your audience. 

Think about the types of things people want to see on camera. The act of stripteasing, dirty dancing, fetish roleplay, and self-masturbation are just some of the ways you can encourage people to get downloading.

The best thing about video is that it has the potential to generate sales and bring in income for as long as it’s available to purchase. It also has the potential to be sold to thousands of adult cam site users.


Man watching webcam model video clip

Sell merchandise and fetish products

Ever thought about creating a buy-and-sell enterprise? Bring excitement to sex-positives by selling sex merchandise and fetish products.

As an online escort, you have the opportunity to market these products well, as it suits your line of work and your image would be a great ambassador for it.

You can sell products like sex toys and accessories, sensual clothing, massage oils and all forms of sex-related products on your website and social media platforms.

These types of in-demand products can be bought cheaply from thousands of domestic and overseas suppliers spanning the globe. You can make a profit by reselling these same products through numerous online marketplaces, such as eBay, e-commerce websites, and e-storefronts.

Don’t forget that there is a huge fetish marketplace like House of Fetish or Panty Trust, where you can sell all types of personal kinky items that’ll appeal to others. 

Items that often get buyers aroused are used underwear (one of the most popular ways for women to make money online), worn socks or tights, shoes (including images of feet for those with foot fetish), and lots more. 

The best thing about this is you don’t have to spend money, as you already own these items, meaning this avenue is 100% profit. 


Red high heeled stilettos with handcuffs

Fusion marketing with adult brands 

Does the sound of partnering with other sex-related businesses or brands to get more business interest you?

Keep an eye out for fusion marketing opportunities, which involves promoting a brand, product or service with another product or service, such as your videos on cam sites.

There are many businesses out there with similar target markets, prospects and values that may tie in with your escorting business, and may be willing to work with you.

Think about the types of business you want to associate yourself with and want to promote alongside your own services, and preferably, one that will benefit your clients.

For example, let’s say a user downloads your paid video on a cam site, you can bind an additional video as a freebie. It could be a preview click of another popular video or something that will pique the interest of your fans, which can then entice them to purchase this video, benefiting the other business. 

If your adult content is successful, brands can spot this and reach out to you, and before you know it, you could be making a percentage of each sale they make that your adult content contributed towards. 

Tip: Make sure that any product or service you choose to promote is from a brand that has similar values, business goals, and marketing attitudes as you.


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Start a sex blog

If you’ve got a talent for writing, put yourself out there as a sex work influencer and start your own adult blog.

With all the sex-related blogs out there, adult content is a topic that everyone can relate to and has the potential to reach many people. 

You can write about your adult skills, inspire other sex workers by providing useful business advice or share your stories.

So, how can creating a sex blog become profitable? You can earn money through affiliate marketing, which is how most sex bloggers make their money.

Just like we discussed earlier, you can do this by recommending useful products to readers like sex toys for example, and then you can make a commission off each sale.

There are also sponsored posts, where businesses will pay you to mention their products on your blog in exchange for a fee, but that’s if your sex blog is successful.

Being a blogger takes up quite a bit of time and effort but can be very beneficial in the long run, and a great way to build up your escorting brand.


Woman writing in notebook next to love handcuffs

Phone sex operator

If you can get your clients hot under the collar with erotic talk, perhaps becoming a phone sex operator is a route you want to take.

Phone sex is a booming industry, and many online escorts have turned to this to make extra money.

As many people like to be turned on by a provocative conversation, running a phone-sex hotline is a great way to make money online away from the camera.

Mastering an erotic personality and being clued up about fetishes and different sexual interests are essential to getting your clients aroused.

There are also many sites that allow you to offer phone sex services


Phone sex operator laying on bed talking on phone

Make more money online 

As you can see, there are many kinky ways to make money online that are great additions to more traditional online escort businesses like webcamming.

Remember to make the most of your fan base or followers, and make sure you advertise through various platforms including social media to showcase your services and get the most out of them.

The adult cam industry is incredibly competitive, so creating new ways to make money through adult content can be a profitable business venture and a great way to make extra cash. 

Now that you’ve got more ideas on how to make money online, get started with some new business ideas today. 

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