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Sex work and future job opportunities: Does it affect your career?

What happens if a sex worker wants out? Can they switch to a new career? Or is it slightly more complicated?

Today, we’re looking at whether sex work affects your future job opportunities, what you need to know about leaving sex work, and how to protect yourself if you’re starting your career in the adult industry.

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Does sex work affect your employment eligibility?

If you’re reading this article, you might be worried about your future career path. Maybe you’re considering sex work, or perhaps you’re a sex worker looking to try something new. Either way, we’re about to give a frustrating answer.

It depends on your experience, what industry you’re applying to, and your hiring manager.

Some sex workers leave the industry and can swap jobs quickly and without questions. Others struggle to get hiring managers to look past their old careers.

You might have more trouble if you’re a high-profile sex worker or have a large internet following. For example, if someone googles your name and your OnlyFans account pops up, it could decrease your chances of employment. However, if you’ve used a fake name or have a small following, you might be unable to trace your content to your government name.

Of course, we don’t agree with any companies that discriminate against sex workers. But there’s a clear pattern of sex workers having issues when their content pops up after searching their names. Unfortunately, employers do background checks and this won’t change anytime soon.

What jobs do background checks?

These days, most employers will conduct background checks. However, the levels of checks vary depending on the industry.

For casual office work, your employer will usually focus on your CV, your LinkedIn, and maybe search your name on Google. Other industries, such as child or healthcare, will require stringent background checks. This is to check for criminal activity or anything illegal.

Your sex work may pop up in these searches, but it shouldn’t be something they discriminate against – so long as it’s legal and consensual.

woman on her latop typing, exploring the impact of sex work on future job opportunities, aiming to foster understanding and challenge societal perspectives on career choices

All about leaving sex work

Did you know the average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime? That’s a lot of different careers and a whole load of experience.

If you’re a sex worker who’s feeling drawn to another career, it can be challenging to know if it’s time to leave the industry or not. Sometimes, the perceived lack of career options keeps sex workers in the same job.

But it’s important to know that your options aren’t limited. You can start a new career or side hustle if you want to! Whatever you do, as long as you’re safe and enjoying it, you’re all good.

However, if you are interested in leaving sex work, these tips can help you move on to a new career:

1. Make the decision

The first step is the hardest. You must commit to your decision and be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the journey.

2. Build up some savings

Most sex workers are self-employed. While you’re between jobs, you’ll need some savings to live on. So, spend some time working and saving to ensure you have some spare cash while finding your new passion.

3. Examine your skills

Transferable skills are strengths and abilities that can be used in various jobs. Sex workers are equipped with a wide range of skills, and they’re often more transferable than you’d think. For example, you might be a great social media manager. Maybe you’re passionate about customer service or problem-solving.

Look at what you’re best at (and what you don’t enjoy). Use this information to inform your job applications and CV.

4. Use the internet

The internet has a wealth of information on all subjects. Seek out videos and blogs from other sex workers who have left the industry. Or use online interview prep to help you get ready for your upcoming applications. Online preparation will give you a huge advantage, so don’t forget it!

5. Ask for help

Finally, reach out to other sex workers who have left the industry to learn more. Forums are a great place to connect with active and past sex workers. You never know what you’ll learn from others.

Considering sex work? Here’s what you should know

Deciding to become a sex worker is exciting. But many worry about potential long-term effects before starting their career.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You can take some steps to lessen future problems if you decide to change careers. Here are some tips to stay safe and anonymous online:

  • Use a fake/performer name
  • Consider not showing your face or wearing masks
  • Opt for a more anonymous form of sex work – such as phone sex
  • Always keep your personal information hidden
  • Use a secure Wi-Fi connection or VPN
  • Only tell people you can trust

woman greeting and interviewer, exploring the impact of sex work on future job opportunities, aiming to foster understanding and challenge societal perspectives on career choices

What to do if your colleague does sex work?

Have you stumbled upon a colleague or job applicant’s online sex work? Before you message colleagues or respond to their applications, take a moment to stop and think.

Push away your prejudice about sex, and consider the extra skills this side hustle or previous career displays. If they’ve built up on OnlyFans or online following, it shows they’re tech-savvy, good at marketing, and can create content. It also shows they’re familiar with accounting, building a small business, and meeting customer needs.

Being a sex worker involves lots of professional skills that many people don’t consider.

Sex work is real work: Breaking the stigma

Finally, it’s critical to remember that sex work is real work. Though there shouldn’t be, there’s still a stigma surrounding the adult industry. From OnlyFans performers to porn actors, the general public demonises these careers while still purchasing the products and services.

It’s time to speak up and speak out. You can show your support to sex workers and normalise the profession by:

The takeaway

In an ideal world, a history of sex work shouldn’t affect your future job prospects. However, some employers might not be so accepting. Hopefully, this article has provided a new perspective and empowered you to plan your career. Sex work is real work. Don’t forget it!

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