Complete guide to anal toys

It might not be spoken about as much as other types of sex, but anal play is one of the nation’s secret favourites. Don’t believe us? Look at the anal section of your local sex shop. There are plenty of anal toys, proving this exciting act is a popular one.

Anal sex isn’t just penetrative intercourse. There are many specialised sex toys to help you add anal play into foreplay or to get used to anal play before you dive into penetration. However, it’s best to know which toy is suitable for you before you get the lube out and dive in.

This Ass Day, we’re looking at the many types of anal toys, what each is best for, and how to find the right one. You’ll be an expert in minutes.

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Anal toys vs other sex toys

Yes, there’s a difference between anal toys and vaginal sex toys. Anal sex toys are specifically designed for anal use. Therefore, they have slightly different shapes and textures to standard vaginal toys.

This is extra important for a beginner, as you’ll want to use thinner or smaller anal toys. If you use a standard dildo, you might not be as comfortable.

Anal toys are also designed to stimulate different places. For example, anal beads aren’t great for vaginal stimulation, yet they feel great when used in your behind. So, for the maximum pleasure, make sure you use a specialised anal sex toy.

Types of anal sex toys

The world of anal toys is vast and varied. Get to know the most common and the lesser-known options below.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are one of the most popular types of anal toys, and they’re a great starting place for beginners. Plugs are short with a flat base, and you can find them in different sizes. These are designed to be inserted on their own or during intercourse and can heighten the arousal and orgasms for the wearer.

Unlike anal dildos, you don’t usually move them once inserted. Instead, you can slowly go up through different sizes to increase the feeling of fullness for the wearer. This is a great way to start anal training before you move on to anal sex.

Anal beads

Anal beads are another recognisable toy that’s designed specifically for the bottom. These are strands of circular beads connected by a silicone or nylon string. They’re smaller at the bottom and larger by the handle. Anal beads should always have a handle or loop that allows you to pull them out.

These exciting beads offer different sensations and intensity to any anal romp. Some sexperts suggest they should be pulled out during orgasm to make it feel even better, but you don’t have to do this.

Anal beads are a great choice for a non-phallic anal sex toy, so consider these if you don’t want a penis in your sex toy kit.

Anal dildos

Anal dildos are the best pick to experience a thrusting sensation. Unlike plugs left to sit in the anus, an anal dildo is made for penetration. These are slimmer than vaginal dildos but don’t think that they don’t offer strong sensations. Anal dildos are designed with sensual ridges and textures to blow your mind.

An anal dildo is another great way to prepare yourself or your partner for penile penetration. If unsure, start with the smallest size around and use lots of lubricant. More is best in this situation!

Anal probes

If you’re not ready to try anal sex but want something larger than a butt plug, consider the humble anal probe.

An anal probe is a long, narrow toy designed to bridge the gap between plugs and dildos. These are very thin and tapered at the end for easy insertion. Once you’re comfortable with these, you can slowly move on to larger models and then anal dildos.

Vibrating anal toys

Like vaginal sex toys, anal sex toys also come in a variety of vibrating models. You can find vibrating plugs, dildos, beads, and probes. No matter what your go-to toy is, there’s a version of it that shakes.

Vibrating anal toys add more intensity to anal play. Rectal muscles are very tight, and a vibrating toy can help to relax them and heighten arousal. Plus, you can use the vibrating toy on other areas of your body for extra foreplay sensations.

Prostate toys

Prostate anal toys are designed to stimulate the male prostate. Massaging or stimulating the prostate results in stronger orgasms, so don’t ignore these optimised toys if you’re a prostate owner.

You can find these toys in many different forms. For example, some anal dildos have textures or shapes designed to stimulate the prostate. Some butt plugs also come in curved angles to touch the P spot, and you can also find probes with prostate-activating shapes.

Want to take it to the next level? Try a vibrating prostate toy.

Which anal sex toy is best for you?

Now you’ve got the lowdown on the many types of anal sex toys. Which is the best for you?

If this is your first time exploring anal play, it’s best to go with smaller toys — i.e. beginner butt plugs. Then, slowly move up through size and thickness. Always remember, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, stop and move back to a smaller toy. Learn more in our beginner’s guide to anal sex here.

If you’re a pro, why not go for some of the more adventurous toys? Anal beads or vibrators are a great way to introduce new sensations to anal play with a partner or in solo play. Just remember to take it slow when inserting the toy, and don’t push yourself if it doesn’t feel pleasurable.

The takeaway

Experimenting with anal sex toys can be a big jump, but it’s the best way to add new orgasmic feelings to your sex life. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about these weird and wonderful toys. Will you be trying these out? Let us know today.

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