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All you need to know about the number 69

69 is one of those numbers we can’t help but giggle at. But do you know why this number has naughty connections?

Today, we’re diving into everything you need to know about 69ing. From the basics to tips to bring more pleasure, we’re not holding back.

Keep reading to master this mutually pleasing position in no time.

Let’s go!

What is the 69 position?

69 is a classic sex position where you and your partner give and receive oral sex at the same time. Named for the fact that the position resembles the number 69, this is one of the most popular positions, especially as it’s non-penetrative and can’t cause pregnancy.

You can still catch STIs while 69ing, though. So, take necessary safe sex precautions to ensure you and your partner are protected.

Can all couples experiment with 69?

Yes! 69ing isn’t only a heterosexual position. Partners of any gender can get involved with this sexy act. As long as there’s double oral stimulation going on, you’re successfully 69ing.

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Variations of 69ing

Curious about the different ways you can 69? We’ve got your back. Here are the most popular ways to get down and dirty:

Classic 69

The classic 69 position (and the one most people associate with 69ing) is where the couple aligns themselves so that each person’s genitals are near the other’s mouth. For heterosexual couples, this usually includes the woman on top and the man on his back.

Inverted 69

The inverted 69 sex position is the exact opposite of the classic 69. So, if the man was on the bottom, he’s now on the top. For queer couples, you should also swap the alignment of each partner.

Sideways 69

If you or your partner doesn’t enjoy the being on top aspect, you can flip the script and both balance on your side via the sideways 69 variation. This is also popular for couples who have difficulty reaching their partner’s genitals.

Standing 69

Ready to show off your physical prowess? The standing 69 position isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s an exciting way to explore it.

For standing 69, you ditch the lying down aspect, and one partner holds the other upside down. This tends to be easier when one partner is petite and one a gym lover.

Why should you explore the 69 position?

69ing is popular for a reason! Here are some of the benefits of this position to help you decide if it’s in your sexual future.

Focuses on oral sex

One of the key perks of 69ing is that it focuses on oral sex rather than penetrative intercourse. Perfect if you’re really turned on by giving or receiving head and want to focus on oral rather than other types of sex.

Works great as part of foreplay

If you want to elongate foreplay or try something new, 69 can be the perfect solution. You can use this sex position to tease your partner and warm them up before moving on to penetration.

Provides mutual pleasure

If you get off on your partner’s moans or enjoy knowing they’re receiving pleasure, 69 could be a great option for you. In 69, both you and your partner get off, which makes the situation extra erotic for those who prefer giving.

Heightened arousal

Many find that they experience heightened states of arousal during and after 69ing. This is great if you’re looking for a way to spice up your love life or simply want to make sex more thrilling than ever.

Gender inclusive

69 is a gender-inclusive position, meaning no matter your or your partner’s gender, you can both get involved and experience some good vibes. As long as both parties consent, you’re good to go.

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Tips for better 69ing

Ready to take your 69s to the next level? Here are some expert tips to enhance your and your partner’s pleasure:

1. Talk about your expectations

As with any sex position, you should have a chat beforehand to discuss your boundaries and expectations. Not everyone enjoys the same things, so knowing your partner’s no-gos before diving in can be extremely helpful.

2. Use lube

Sadly, lube is forgotten when it comes to 69s. But extra lubrication can take this sex position to the next level. Lubricants can make touches more pleasurable and lessen any friction. Just make sure you opt for a good quality lube that contains no allergens.

3. Shower first

Another way to dramatically improve your experience is to shower before 69ing. Like any oral activity, when someone is up close and personal with your genitals, it’s always a better experience if you’re clean.

A pre-69 shower can also help you relax into it, as you know your genitals are washed and ready to have fun.

4. Touch everywhere

Yes, 69ing focuses on giving your partner’s naughty bits some love. But you don’t have to stop there. Use your hands to roam their body and softly caress them while you go down on them. This can add extra sex sensations into the mix, which, for some, can really turn the pleasure up a notch.

5. Add toys

Like lube, sex toys aren’t usually associated with 69, and we think this is a travesty. Toys can brighten any situation, and adding some extra stimulation into the mix is always a great idea.

For example, you might want to experiment with wearing a butt plug while 69ing. You can also add bullet vibrators to the play. These tiny toys are great for hitting all the right spots without taking up too much space. Awesome.

The takeaway

Adding 69 to your bedroom repertoire can help you and your partner both have stronger orgasms and more fulfilling sex life. Getting the hang of 69 can take a little practice, but with clear communication and a calm atmosphere, you can achieve simultaneous pleasure with ease.

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