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17 ways to turn a woman on & get things going

Men and women are very different when it comes to getting turned on. 

Many guys may not admit this, but knowing how to turn a girl on isn’t always a walk in the park. 

The good news is that there are ways you can arouse a woman. These top sexual turn-ons are guaranteed to have her weak at the knees and swooning into your arms. 

Make her feel attractive

It can be quite flattering when you know someone finds you attractive, right? Letting her know that you think she looks lovely or giving her genuine compliments about her physical appearance or personality traits can boost her confidence and play an important role in romantic attachment. It can be as simple as saying “you look nice today”, “you have beautiful hair”, or “you’re really smart”.


Woman blushing at a restaurant on a date with man


Be confident around her

It gives the impression that you’re comfortable in your own skin and you know exactly what you want in life – including the woman you’re pursuing. That doesn’t mean acting arrogant and boastful, but showing confidence through your body language and voice, such as looking into her eyes while communicating, standing up straight, keeping your chin up and speaking in an assertive tone.

Spruce up

A well-groomed man is a top turn-on for women. It shows self-care and caring about how you’re perceived by others. That doesn’t mean you need to don a flashy suit or flaunt designer garments – being hygienic and having a presentable physical presence is enough. If you want to sway her even more, a lovely-smelling cologne will do the trick.


Man grooming himself in the bathroom mirror to get ready for date


Behave like a gentleman

Bad mannerisms are by far unattractive. A good demeanour is more pleasurable to women than looks. Being friendly, polite and approaching a woman gently is one of the many ways to her heart. Avoid dirty jokes, vulgar comments, and sexual innuendos, while keeping your language respectful. Arrive early on dates, showcase manners, compliment her throughout the date, and make sure she gets home safely. Opening doors and offering to pay during the date (although she may prefer to pay for herself, which is also fine), might give you extra brownie points.

Be patient

There are many guys out there that rush into intimacy and sex. While you’re both under no obligation to keep your sexuality contained, some women prefer to wait until they have reached a specific dating milestone. The key thing here is to be patient, read the signs she’s giving, and take time. Rushing into things can appear selfish and look like you’re just interested in sex, which for many women is a turn-off.

Get your flirting game on

Without being too full-on, have a little flirt with her to make the occasion more exciting. This can involve frequently smiling, dishing out genuine compliments (don’t overdo it), making regular eye contact, and being playful.


Man flirting and turning woman on at cocktail bar


Start with gentle touches

Once you’re both more comfortable with each other, don’t be shy to ask if it’s okay to show a little physical affection. It gives the impression that you’re bonding well and you feel at ease around her. This can involve tapping her arm while speaking or briefly placing your hand on her shoulder. You can do this while watching a movie or show, during an activity, having a chat at the bar or when you’re waiting around for something. It can also indicate that you’re interested in a little more.

Hold her hand or put your arm around her

It will invoke positive feelings between you and give you both a feel-good buzz. This intimate connection can also make her feel more safe and secure around you. It’s also another way of showing her that you’re proud to be with her and you don’t care who’s watching.


Man holding woman's hand as they explore the city


Caress her a little

Embrace her and stroke her arm, brush your fingers over the side of her face, give her a head or neck rub, fondle her leg, or play with her hair. You can even interject some light kisses to make her feel extra special. Just make sure not to touch any personal areas, such as her breasts or genitals – yet.

Give her a sexy kiss

This is generally the first step in taking intimacy levels up a notch. Find the right time and place to do it, preferably where there is privacy. If you’re concerned about your breath, keep it fresh with some gum or mint. When kissing keep your lips loose and go light on the tongue action. That will certainly get her hot under the collar.


Man and woman attempting to kiss


Touch her in intimate areas

But that’s only if you have consent. Always ask if it’s okay before doing so. When it’s the right time, arouse her by sensually touching her buttocks, breasts or other private areas. If you’re not too nervous, look into her eyes while doing it. It’s passionate and sexy and one of the top turn-ons for women.

Tell her what you want

Be open about your sexual needs and fetishes, and ask her what turns her on too. Not all women are the same, so showing an interest in what makes her tick can be quite thrilling as she’ll be looking forward to what’s going to come next.

Leave her craving more

If you really want her missing you, then here is another reason not to go overboard with intimacy just yet. Get her aroused, and tease her by pulling away to not seduce her for long. She’ll likely come back for more.

Indulge in foreplay

It’s a great way to get a woman in the mood for sex. But, it also allows you the opportunity to understand her body so you know what specifically turns her on. With her consent, start experimenting and use different techniques when kissing and touching her. Does she enjoy wet kisses? Is gripping her body more appealing to her than stroking? When you’re not together, sexting is a form of foreplay too.


Man kissing woman's breast to turn her on


Tap into erogenous zones 

At this point in your relationship, she might let down her barriers and let you explore her most intimate erogenous zones. If you haven’t yet, focusing on stimulating areas like the clitoris, nipples and anal region will drive her crazy, and even lead to a more intense orgasm.

Give her an erotic massage

If you’re looking to get her highly aroused, sensual touches and erotic massage techniques will get her worked up. It’s a chance to unwind and destress in preparation for sex while you enjoy the sensations of her body.

Use sex toys

Sex toys bring a new dimension of excitement in the bedroom. Not only does it show that you’re spontaneous and fun, but that you’re eager to satisfy her sexually and enjoy being intimate with her. You can even add in a few erotic sex games too.


Man using sex toy handcuffs on woman to turn her on


Now that you know what turns women on, the sky’s the limit. 

Remember to avoid rushing into anything. Take your time and ensure she is comfortable and willing at all times. 

Let us know which tips above worked for you in the comments below.


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