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Fursuits, animal personas, and kink: What are furries?

Furries are a divisive topic. You either know and understand the subculture, or you’ve heard rumours and misconceptions. Either way, you likely have questions about this unique community.

Today, we’re answering the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask.

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What are furries?

You may have heard of the term furry, but do you know what it means? Many of us assume it’s a sexual kink that involves getting down and dirty in an animal costume. But it’s not that simple – or sexual (sometimes).

Furries are people who are interested in anthropomorphic/cartoon animals. They strongly identify with them and often have their personalised character.

Is being a furry a sexual fetish?

When it comes to furries, this question usually pops to mind. However, you might not have anyone to talk to about them – but we’ve got you covered.

The true answer is yes and no. Sexual activity isn’t the main focus of the subculture. But like any fandom or culture, there are subsets of fans who have a sexual interest.

Sexual activity between furries is known as “yiffing”, named after the sound foxes make during intercourse. This can take different forms (which we’ll discuss later).

The main takeaway here is that being a furry isn’t a fetish for everyone in the culture. So, don’t make assumptions if you meet a furry.

Do furries think they’re animals?

Another common question is whether furries actually believe that they’re animals. Most furries roleplay as animals but still recognise that they’re human. They do this to escape into another world and indulge in a fantasy.

A small subset of furries believe they’re another creature, and they call themselves “otherkin.”

What is a fursona?

When furries create a personalised character for themself, it’s referred to as a “fursona”. Think of this like a mascot or avatar created to represent you in a video game.

Many furries simply list their fursona traits; others flesh out their character through art. Some go as far as to create their fursona in real life – and this is where the fursuits come in.a group of furries

What is a fursuit?

A fursuit is a custom-made animal costume representing a furry’s fursona.

Fursuits aren’t cheap, though. Prices for a complete fursuit start at £1,700 and can reach heights of £2,500 if they’re incredibly complex.

These are typically made from fake fur, foam, and felt. Expert fursuit makers can use foam padding to create distinct body types, such as curves and six-packs.

Independent vendors are the best place for fursuits, as these businesses have the most experience in the niche. Lemonbrat is the most popular site, but you can also find vendors on social media and Etsy.

You don’t have to commission a full suit. You can save money and opt for parts of a fur suit, such as the head, tail, and paws. Alternatively, you can find second-hand ones on eBay, but these won’t be customised.

What do furries do?

So, now we’ve covered the basics: what do furries actually do? You can divide them into online fans and furries attending real-life conventions.

Here are some typical behaviours and pastimes from the community:

Fur cons

Conventions (also known as fur cons) occur annually or semi-annually. Furries travel from across the country to meet up, hang out, and discuss their love for the culture. If you own a fursuit, this is the time to show it off. Think of a fur con as a Comicon but for furries.

Furry meets

Since fur cons are significant ordeals, they can’t happen that often. However, furries that live closer together throughout the year organise furry meets. These aren’t usually in public due to social stigmas.

Online communities

The majority of furries frequent the online community. There are websites, forums, and social media groups for furries to connect and discuss their interests. Of course, NSFW versions of these exist, too. But they’re not in the majority.


A key aspect of furry culture is using artwork to flesh out your fursona. Therefore, many furries spend time creating detailed drawings of their characters. Some talented artists take commissions from furries to create one-off fursona drawings. And yes, there’s a high price for explicit ones.

Furries and sexual exploration

If you clicked on this article and you’re not a furry, there’s a high chance you’re trying to understand whether being a furry is a kink. There are lots of rumours and misconceptions about furries and sex, and we’ll now explore them.

However, remember that not all furries see their interest as a kink, and many have no sexual attraction to the characters.

Roleplaying online

One of the most common ways for furries to explore their sexuality is through online roleplaying. Fursuits are expensive, and conventions don’t happen often, so online communities are forums that are the best place to meet like-minded people and indulge in some saucy messages.

Experimenting in-person

Some furries have revealed that there are afterparties and swingers parties after the big conventions. However, like anything to do with sexuality, furry sex is personal and can’t be generalised. While some furries do have sexual intercourse in fursuits, many avoid it due to how much the suits cost to make.

NSFW art and images

Alongside online roleplaying, a popular facet of furry sexuality is NSFW artworks. From explicit cartoons to nude models posing in fursuits and furry porn, there’s lots of visually explicit furry content online.

furry convention

How to join the furry community

If you’ve noticed a growing attraction to cartoon animals or want to express yourself through an alternate fursona, it might be time to get involved with the furry community.

The best ways to get involved include:

  • Following furry accounts on social media
  • Joining and being active in furry communities, like r/Furry
  • Signing up for ConFuzzled – the UK’s largest furry convention

You can also keep an eye on FanCon.co.uk’s list of upcoming British furry conventions. There’s always something to look forward to.

The takeaway

The furry world is one of those modern subcultures that’s known in the mainstream but severely misunderstood. But it’s a positive community and a safe space for all involved. Remember, not all furries find the culture sexual, but this kinky subset is there if you want to join it.

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