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How to prepare to meet a client

What’s your go-to routine for meeting a client?

Do you pamper yourself with a deluxe shower routine? Or are you trying to find out your clients preferred aesthetic to ensure you meet their fantasies? 

Getting ready to meet your clients is sometimes as important as the meeting itself. That’s right. As an escort, your pre-work preparations are critical. From the way you present yourself to the location you arrange, every step builds up the success of the meeting.

If you’re looking to improve your preparations or want to learn how to prepare to meet a client, keep reading. We’ve gathered some top tips from real escorts to help you understand the preparation process.

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Why is it important to prepare before a client meeting?

Preparing to meet a client is super important. If your preparations are good, you’ll be more confident and ready to impress. Whereas if you don’t prepare, you might miss the mark and disappoint your client.

Typical preparations for escorts include personal grooming routines, communication, picking the location, choosing an outfit/aesthetic, and checking safety plans. All of these choices leave you with less anxiety, allowing you to walk in and show your client a good time. 

Escorts who take time to prepare for client encounters provide more professional services. Their prep shows they’re more dedicated to the job, and they’re able to provide high-quality services to clients.

Risks of not preparing

Not preparing well to meet a client can pose some risks, including looking unprofessional, miscommunications, and potential safety concerns. 

For example, unprepared escorts may seem disorganised, and this gives clients a negative experience. In the long term, this can harm an escort’s reputation and ability to book more jobs.

Being unprepared can also lead to miscommunications, including not understanding your clients’ desires. This also creates a low-quality experience, and clients won’t be likely to come back or recommend you to others.   

Personal grooming tips before meeting a client

Cleanliness is a must for any escort, and you shouldn’t ever skip personal grooming before a booking. Personal grooming routines differ from escort to escort, and you should find one that makes you feel confident. 

Typical personal grooming routines include:

  • Showers/bathing – Ensuring you’re clean and fresh is a must
  • Choosing a hairstyle – Ask yourself, “What aesthetic does this client like?” and use these answers to pick an appropriate look
  • Makeup looks Some clients love heavy makeup, and others prefer a natural style. Which works best for your client?
  • Keep good oral hygiene Like showering, you must brush your teeth and ensure you have fresh breath. It’s also helpful to avoid any foods with strong smells
  • Wear deodorant This keeps you fresh after lots of activity

You want to look and feel your best before you meet a client, and your client wants to meet an escort who is hygienic. If not, you run the risk of losing their business. 

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How to effectively communicate with a client before and after the meeting

Communication is a must for escorts, and your communications start way before you meet your client in person.

Once you’ve set a date, ask your client what their preferences are. For example, you’ll want to know their desires, preferred aesthetic, and boundaries. This information will help you decide what to wear and how to act to impress them. After all, you’re catering to their desires, so you want to ensure you tick their boxes. 

Of course, many escorts offer niche services and looks, and you don’t have to change your style on a whim. If you’re a gothic-styled escort, you shouldn’t have to change to a preppy style, as your niche should be obvious from your marketing. Be ready to dress up. Some clients may request roleplaying outfits.

Before the meeting, you should also take time to discuss where you’ll meet, whether it’s an incall or outcall, and set out some overall expectations.

Tips for preparing a client meeting location

If this is your first time meeting a client, you might not know how to set a location.

We’ve found some tips from experienced escorts to help you select a safe and appropriate location:

  • Meet in public first – From a public cafe to a hotel lounge, stay safe by asking to meet in public before going private
  • Use your own transportation to the meeting – Don’t accept lifts from a client you’ve never met
  • Tell someone where you are – If possible, let a trusted friend or loved one know when you’re going

However, if you’re working from home or your workplace, you might want to take extra steps to get the space ready for clients.

Like your appearance, preparing your workspace is key:

  • Set the mood – From candles to dim lighting, set the mood before they arrive
  • Ensure the space is clean – Take time to clean on the day of the booking
  • Have sexy supplies readySuch as lube, condoms, and toys
  • Keep it private – Draw any blinds or curtains for discretion
  • Tell trusted friends you have a client over – Let people know when you’ll be busy

How to mentally and physically prepare for meeting a client

When meeting a client, last-minute nerves can kick in. Here are the top ways to mentally and physically prepare so you can work with confidence and have fun:

  • Eat a nourishing meal and drink plenty of water beforehand. Staying healthy and hydrated helps both your body and mind, and you’ll feel 10/10 and ready to enjoy your workday. Some escorts also work out on booking days to get their endorphins flowing.
  • Try visualising a positive outcome. Visualising is a top tool for calming yourself down and creating a mental strategy. Imagine your ideal client meeting, and walk through every step in your mind to release any anxiety. Yoga and meditation are great mindfulness alternatives if visualising isn’t your thing.
  • Enjoy your personal grooming ritual. Instead of thinking about getting ready as a chore, put on some music and enjoy the preparations. From doing makeup to picking out an outfit, allow your creativity to flow before you meet your client.

woman on a laptop screening a client

Client screening and what to look for

Alongside preparing your body, mind, and location, screening clients is an essential pre-booking step. Client screening is the process of doing a background check on your client. This ensures they are who they say they are and they’re safe to work with. 

When client screening, look for:

  • Any bad online reviews
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Pushback on your boundaries
  • Search their email/number on NUM or the ClientEye app
  • Haggling over price or services
  • ID verification
  • Bad gut feelings – if you don’t feel good, trust the feelings!

Safety strategies when meeting a client

The majority of escort booking pass without any negative incidents. But you still need to prepare safety strategies to ensure you’re safe and ready.

Top safety strategies for escorts include screening clients, carrying a legal self-defence tool, sharing your location with trusted friends, meeting in public places, setting boundaries, and getting consent. Always ensure these points are covered before you meet a new client.

Finally, you should always trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, there’s usually a reason why. Understand this feeling and take appropriate action to protect yourself from potential harm.

Why are safety and preparation important?

Good preparation and safety measures are equally important for escorts when meeting new clients. These factors ensure you’re ready to provide high-quality services and ready to tackle any potential issues if they arise. 

In short, preparing well increases the chances of a successful meeting and decreases the chance of any harm. Plus, it leaves you more likely to get great reviews as your services are fulfilling and professional.

The takeaway

Prioritising preparation and safety are essential for all escorts. Whether you want to calm your nerves, level up your services, or simply ensure you’re safe, these tips are here to boost your client’s success and your personal enjoyment. Always remember, when in doubt, trust your gut feeling and protect yourself. 

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