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Escort safety tips: How to screen your client

If you’re an independent escort, screening clients is a vital procedure for your safety.

Doing so, will help to ensure that you’re not at risk of scammers, and unsafe or dangerous clients.

When screening your clients, you should aim to find out as much about them as possible and gauge their attitudes and behaviours before meeting up with them.

Below are some screening measures you should put in place before you share any personal details or accompany them.

Ask for ID

Check their identity by asking them to provide formal photo identification (e.g., a passport or driver’s license) along with an image of themself.

To be extra safe, you can request for this to be done via a video call. That way you can see if their face matches the photo on their ID.

Make sure that all details are displayed clearly and make a record of their name and date of birth.

Likewise, some clients may also want confirmation that you too are genuine. Age verifying and photo verifying your ads will help to build trust between both parties.


Passport identification for client screening

Ask personal questions

Don’t hold back from asking your client personal questions, such as where they work, what area they live, where they hang out, or where they usually find escorts.

If they have nothing to hide, they should be open and willing to give up this information.

This will help you get to know the person better and determine whether they are genuine or not.

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Check their social media accounts

Whether you pop their name in Google or ask your client directly for their social media accounts, this is another way to learn more about them and confirm that they are who they say they are.

Check their bios, the type of content they are sharing online, and the people they are engaging with to get a sense of their personality.

Don’t forget to check out their LinkedIn, as this is a professional profile that could reveal their working status, current occupation, and past jobs.


Escort checking client social media account for screening

Take a look at client reviews

Make the most of sites and forums that allow escorts and sex workers to review clients, such as SAAFE

Check to see if their name or contact details flag up during your search to find if other escorts have reported them. 

If something appears, you can read the details and decide whether or not this is the type of client you want to meet up with.

Look on platforms that have client blacklists

There are other sites and apps out there that blacklist suspicious clients for your safety and protection. 

The ClientEye App is a great app for escorts to report dangerous clients and known timewasters. Pop their number in the app and see if anything flags up. 

Likewise, if you believe a client is unsafe, notify fellow escorts by reporting them in the app too. 

If you become a member of National Ugly Mugs, you will also be able to get alerts on dangerous clients. This is a great way to avoid these types of clients in the future if you are approached by them.


ClientEye app for escorts to screen clients

Ask other escorts

If it’s not your client’s first time booking an escort, ask them if they can provide you with the name of a previous escort they met up with and where they found them.

You can reach out to the escort and ask them to provide their personal account of the client and what their experience was like to help you decide whether they are safe to be around.

Ask to talk on the phone

You should always initiate a telephone conversation with the client before meeting each other. 

As well as being another way to find out who they are, it’s a way to break the ice, develop a more human connection, and get a feel of the client’s character.

Do not accept calls from blocked numbers. If they are not willing to display their number, this is a red flag.

Talking on the phone prior to meeting up is also a tactic that will allow you to find out if a client is intoxicated. 

If this is obvious, whether they are slurring their words or responding incoherently, do not meet up with this client, as they could be drunk when you meet up with them.


Escort talking on the phone to client for screening

Let them know you accept card payments

Unlike cash, bank cards offer traceable details. Let your client know that you take card payments to test their reaction. 

If they refuse to use this payment method for your services, this could be suspicious.

Take control over transportation

For your safety, we always advise escorts to make their own travel arrangements when meeting up with clients. 

However, should you decide to have your client pick you up after double-checking the destination, you should ask them to provide their vehicle number plate before they arrive. 

Such information will allow you to check up these details to make sure it’s registered to the right person.

Before getting into the car make sure the registration number they have given you and the one displayed on the vehicle match up.

Send it to a friend or family member so they are aware.


Black car parked on street

Trust your gut

You can never go wrong with trusting your gut. 

If you feel uneasy with a client when screening them for whatever reason, don’t allow them to book a service. 

Even if you’re unable to pinpoint what makes you feel uncomfortable, this is still an alert and they should be avoided.

Have them take a COVID test

During COVID-19, there are extra safety precautions you may want to take while working.

As Coronavirus is spread through close contact with a person, we recommend that you screen them by checking if they have been tested for COVID before starting your session.

This will allow you to assess your own risk and decide whether you want to proceed with the booking or not.

Screen your clients

Screening clients make sex work safer and should not be disregarded at all costs.

If a client is non-compliant or refuses or fails to provide some of the information above, then this is a warning that you should stay away from the client.

You should understand that some may be sceptical to provide some details for personal reasons, such as ensuring confidentiality from friends and family.

However, you should find alternative methods for finding out important information or whatever makes you feel comfortable to proceed to do business with a client. 


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