woman relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea, the importance of taking a pause as a sex worker, self-care, reflection, and setting personal boundaries within the sex work industry

Why you sex workers should take a pause in the new year

The new year is an exciting time. But it can also evoke stress and pressure for the upcoming months.

Today, we’re pushing back at hustle culture and focusing on how important it is for sex workers to take a moment to relax over the break.

Scroll down to learn why.

What the new year symbolises

Every time the new year rolls around, we take a moment to think about the previous year, everything we’ve achieved, and, more importantly, what we’ll achieve in the next year.

The new year is all about grasping a fresh start. January 1st is a blank slate that we get to control. It’s exciting.

However, it can also be daunting, especially if you’re scrolling through social media and seeing people post their past highlights and big plans for the year ahead. New year can feel intense, but don’t worry – if this resonates, you’re not the only one feeling it.

This year, we’re turning the concept of the new year on its head. Rather than making big plans for the next year, we are urging sex workers to check in with their mental and physical health. If you’ve been healthy, you can tackle your ongoing plans from a better vantage point.

Think of it as a personal MOT.

How this affects sex workers

Everyone should be doing an annual check-in. But it’s extra crucial for sex workers. All types of sex work are physically and mentally demanding jobs, so you need to be feeling your best to ensure your services leave your clients with a smile on their faces.

You won’t be able to give engaging sessions or create high-quality content if you feel 50%. Being burnt out can create a feedback loop where you get stuck in a cycle of feeling mentally and physically exhausted – and the New Year is the perfect time to stop and look at how you’re treating yourself.

woman at a doctor's, the importance of taking a pause as a sex worker, self-care, reflection, and setting personal boundaries within the sex work industry

Top ways sex workers can pause and reflect in 2024

So, without further ado, let’s look at the top ways sex workers can pause, reflect, and improve themselves in 2024. Let’s make next year the best one yet.

Reflect on more than just the business side of sex work

Last year, we spoke about how sex workers can prepare their businesses for the new year. Keeping your business flowing is critical. But it’s not what we’re focusing on today.

In fact, you should put your work out of sight and out of mind for a few days. It’s easy to become fixated on clients, cash flow, and work in general. However, thinking about work 24/7 isn’t healthy.

Take a look back on last year. Did you put work above sleep, health, or socialising? Many of us have been guilty of this before. Long periods of living like this can take a severe toll on health, though.

It’s time to work towards a more balanced mindset. Work is essential, but it’s only one slice of the pie!

Keep a mood journal

If you aren’t sure how you feel or think your mood fluctuates a little too much, starting a mood journal might be the way forward for you.

Mood journals (or trackers) are notebooks that help you follow how you feel over weeks or months. Usually, you enter your mood, the main events of the day, and health factors.

You can then look back on your data and pinpoint events or factors that leave you feeling down. With this information, you can plan around these pitfalls or cut them out of your life forever. This is ideal if you’re on a mission to overhaul your life but don’t know where to start.

While you can buy fancy journals for this, you don’t have to. You can use your phone’s notes app or a scrap of paper for a low-maintenance alternative.

Schedule frequent exercise

The non-athletic among us might scoff at this tip. However, getting frequent exercise into your life is a game changer – especially if you’ve noticed that you regularly feel stressed, down, or lethargic.

Even a quick 30-minute brisk walk can change the way you feel. This is thanks to the release of feel-good hormones; you’ll feel these instantly.

You may also want to make a plan to use exercise as a tool whenever you feel overwhelmed. If a client cancels or you have a stressful day, you can do a quick jog or a gym session to let out your frustration and help to centre your mind.

Be vigilant about sleep

Sleep is another tip we all know about but rarely practise.

Getting steady sleep can be difficult if you work in the evenings, as the darkness can play havoc with your circadian rhythm. However, all of your lovely late-workers need to get adequate sleep at approximately the same time every day for your health. You’ll feel the difference, we promise!

Create a new year nutrition plan

New Year is an excellent time to create plans and lists, so we couldn’t leave this off the blog.

Like exercise and sleep, nutrition is an essential part of life. We’re not suggesting that you pay for an expensive nutritionist. However, making weekly meal plans might make getting those all-important vitamins and minerals into your diet easier.

woman meal prepping, the importance of taking a pause as a sex worker, self-care, reflection, and setting personal boundaries within the sex work industry

Book a doctor’s appointment

If you’re ready to tackle your health but don’t know where to start, a quick appointment with your GP could be the New Year’s move for you. By doing so, you can check your physical health and discuss any worries you have about your mental health in a safe space.

Once you get the all-clear, you can continue your 2024 plans, knowing you’re fit, healthy, and ready to go!

Visit the sexual health clinic

Another critical check sex workers should prioritise is a sexual health STI screening. Everyone should be getting regular STI screenings, but New Year’s is the perfect time to do it if you’re putting yours off. You’ll feel relieved when it’s done!

Remind yourself that there’s more to life than work

Finally, sex workers should also take a break to remind themselves there’s more to life than work.

We’re not saying to neglect your career or take a long time off. It’s important to remember that life won’t end if you have a quieter week – you don’t need to fill all your time with client bookings.

2024 is the year we ditch the scarcity mindset!

The takeaway

Have you taken a moment to pause over the holidays? Or are you already going full-steam ahead? Whatever your plan, we hope these tips have inspired you to slow down and look after yourself in 2024.

Read more about wellness and career tips for sex workers on our blog.

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